Tuesday, 27 September 2016

April Spring Friendship Ar tFestival Successfully Held


The 30thApril Spring Friendship Art Festival was held from the 11
thto the 17thof April in Pyongyang the capital city of the DPRK on the occasion of the Day of the Sun amidst greatexpectation and concern of the Korean and world progressive people.
Participated in the festivalwere art troupes, dance groups a
nd circus companies composed of the noted prizewinners in the world and home contests and known actors and actresses, the arttroupes of overseas compatriots and Korean artistes.
The performers staged various items of instrumental music, dance and circus on a high andbeautiful artistic level, which they prepared with great sincerity and admiration for the great menof Paektusan.
Put on stage were various other artistic itemsreflecting the aspirationof the Korean and theprogressive people of the world aspiring after the new world free from war and subjugationunder the ideal of independence, peace and friendship.
The festival was closed on April 17 with due ceremony and awarding of prizes.
The gold trophy, gold and silver prizes and diplomas were awarded.
Amidst an enthusiastic applause of the festival participants a letter was adopted torespected Marshal Kim Jong Un, the First Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the FirstChairman of the Defense Committee of the DPRK.
The 30th festival which wrote another brilliant chapter in the history of the April Spring Friendship Art Festival greatlycontributed to strengthening the ties of friendship among theworld peoples and artistes aspiring after a genuine artistic development under the ideal ofindependence, peace and friendship to demonstrateits excellent tradition,noble ideas and great vitality

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