Thursday, 15 September 2016

Inveterate Rancor

Inveterate Rancor
Unending is south Koreans action to settle accounts with Japan’s sexual slavery.
The Foundation for Preserving Justice to Settle the Issue of the Sexual Slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army and other civic organizations held a press conference outside the Japanese Embassy in Seoul on August 31 at which they issued a declaration denouncing Japan for concealing the sexual slavery with a petty amount of money and the Park Geun-hye group for submitting to it.
In the declaration, it denounced the south Korean and Japanese authorities inked humiliating agreement in a bid to erase the Japanese past crimes, despite demand of old victims and world who have striven for proper solution to sexual slavery.
The declaration sharply assailed the agreement and servile diplomacy of the Park Geun-hye regime which is going to conclude the issue of sexual slavery of the Japanese army in return for a billion yen from Japan.
The declaration said it is clearly proved that the crimes related to the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army are ones against humanity and serious violence against women committed by the military and government of Japan in an organized and systematic manner. The Japanese government should admit the crimes, make an official apology and legal reparation, probe the truth, teach proper history and punish those responsible for them. This is the demand of the international community.
It demanded the authorities nullify the wrong "agreement" with Japan and dissolve the "foundation for reconciliation and recovery".
The director general of the above-said Foundation for Preserving Justice, addressing the press conference, condemned the Park Geun Hye regime for forcing the victims to receive "money of consolation" paid by the Japanese government while deceiving them.
Then the 1 246th Wednesday rally took place on the same place.
The participants strongly demanded the abolition of the humiliating "agreement", denouncing vicious moves of Japan and the Park clique for covering up historic fact with a paltry amount of money. .
A memorial park for respecting memory of victims of sexual slavery was set up in Seoul on August 29.
The park was set up to remember unethical crimes committed by Japan against the Korean women and cherish the memory of the victims.
The girl statues informing indicting Japan’s sexual slavery are being erected in south Korea and across the world.

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