Thursday, 29 September 2016

Speech by Thae Hyong Chol, President of KASS to the International Seminar on the Juche Idea for Anti-Imperialism, Independence and Solidarity

Speech by Thae Hyong Chol, President of KASS

Respected delegates,
Dear friends,
On behalf of the Korean Association of Social Scientists, I’d like to, first of all, extend warm congratulations to the distinguished figures of the world and delegations and delegates from several countries who participate in the International Seminar on the Juche Idea for Anti-imperialism, Independence and Solidarity held in Pyongyang greeting the 68th founding anniversary of the DPRK.
I also send my gratitude to the Juche idea study organizations and followers and the progressive people of the world who wish the success of this international seminar and express support to and solidarity with the just cause of our people.
Our people welcome you kindly as our true friends and the reliable comrades in the joint struggle for global independence. This is a clear expression of our people’s warm friendship and firm solidarity with you. We think it happy that we have such dear friends as you in every part of the world and always value the friendship and unity with you.
Today’s successful holding of this seminar is a big encouragement for the entire Korean people who have risen up as one to the implementation of the tasks set forth by the 7th congress of the WPK full of new conviction and optimism.
The 7th congress of the WPK held in May this year elected respected Comrade Kim Jong Un the chairman of the WPK.
In his report to the 7th congress of the WPK, respected Comrade Kim Jong Un clarified ideology and theory for the consummation of the revolutionary cause of Juche and the realization of global independence.
This ideology and theory serves as a powerful and important ideological weapon that encourages the study and dissemination of the Juche idea on a worldwide arena and enables us to realize the global independence.
The revolutionary cause of Juche started and led victoriously by great Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il has been put on a new high phase by respected Kim Jong Un.
The revolutionary zeal and fighting spirit of our service personnel and people who are now advancing dynamically for the comprehensive victory in the building of a socialist power, the desire of the great leaders, in firm unity around respected Kim Jong Un are unprecedently high.
Fellow delegates,
The international arena is now beset with serious confrontation and battles between the world’s progressive peoples who have joined the struggle to defend the sovereignty and dignity of their countries and nations, and the imperialist reactionary forces that are pursuing policies of aggression and war by acting high-handedly and arbitrarily.
The present situation demands that all countries and nations join the struggle to frustrate the imperialist reactionary forces’ high-handed, arbitrary and aggressive actions and their violations of sovereignty, and to defend their own sovereign rights and achieve global independence.
The present reality in which the people’s aspiration and desire for independence get ardent and the independent forces are strengthened in every corner of the world devolves an important mission and duty upon you who are the pioneers of the present era.
It is the prerequisite for global independence to maintain independence upholding the banner of anti-imperialism and independence.
The Juche idea followers of the world should strengthen solidarity with all the anti-imperialist and independent forces to reject the imperialist aggression and intervention, domination and subjugation and accelerate the global independence.
It is the law governing the historical development that can never be checked by any force that world people demand independence and many countries advance along the road of independence.
Our people will invariably advance straight ahead along the road of independence, Songun and socialism and play the vanguard role in the struggle for global independence as befits the champion of independence and justice under the leadership of respected Kim Jong Un.
Availing myself of this opportunity, I’d like to express deep thanks once again to you who always support and encourage our people in their struggle for the independent and peaceful national reunification and the building of a socialist power, and I believe that you will send firm solidarity with our people’s struggle for justice in the future, too.
Convincing that this seminar will be a historic gathering which takes a giant stride in the people’s struggle for independence by exchange fully the successes and experiences achieved in the study and dissemination of the Juche idea and discussing earnestly the practical problems in realizing global independence, I warmly welcome the holding of the international seminar once again.
Thank you.

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