Friday, 23 September 2016

Why didn’t I die?

Why didn’t I die?
This is hot-blooded outcry that a Korean woman showered upon the US imperialists for her whole life.
Her name is Ri Ok Hui, 73 years old and she has no arms.
In autumn 1950, the US imperialist aggressors moved into Pakchon Country, North Phyongan Province during the period of strategic temporary retreat of the Fatherland Liberation War and cut off her arms.
At that time she was 7 years old.
They intruded into the village, set fire and massacred innocent people and shoot the arms of young girl who was so much frightened and took the door-ring to enter the room.
They were not satisfied with it and cut off her two arms and threw away young girl in cold wind mumbling to die gradual death on account of armless suffering.
Imagine the man who has no arms and hands, specially the woman.
Ri Ok Hui lost even her parents by the US imperialist brutes, took her meal with the assistance of her grandmother and writhed in desperate agony attaining the age of discretion.
Why didn’t I die?”
Life is very precious. This life is created, come into bloom and depended by hands.
The enemies forced more torturous life than death on the woman and were going to dry the last drop of her blood.
But the Korean woman didn’t die and came into new life overcoming the pains.
In DPRK the state specially takes the legal and systematic benefits to be responsible for and take care of disable persons by the war.
Becoming her arms and her parents, her neighbors and comrades helped her.
She changed the sufferings and hatred into strength and courage and studied and graduated from the university.
She married the frontline soldier who wanted to take revenge on the enemy with her forever and served with him at the frontline post.
Without arms she grew up 4 children as the frontline soldiers.
Putting 3 names of her daughters all together, it means to revenge on the enemy and the name of last son was named “Won Dae”, which means to revenge generation after generation.
Today the American cannibals entrant in south Korea is the sworn enemy of the Korean people that forced to imprint the hatred and revenge on the name of children whom the parents wanted to give the most beautiful name in the world.
Now Ri Ok Hui, over 70 years old, works as the lecturer of Central Class Education Hall and informs the world of indelible crimes committed by the U.S imperialists.
She is a Labor Hero of the DPRK.
She screams to the US imperialists with hatred and imprecation.
Why shouldn’t I die? I couldn’t close my eyes to revenge on not only my enemy but also the enemies penetrated on this land, so I live as the avenger today.”
Thousands of Korean people are filled with the swear to take revenge upon the US imperialists who occupied south Korea and make frantic efforts to take by force the whole Korea and enslave Korean people again.

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