Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Supreme Commander Leads Songun Revolutionary Cause to Victory

Now voice of admiration is high for respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who leads the Korea-US showdown to victory with his unrivalled courageand strong will and builds up the Korean People’sArmy into an invincible revolutionary army.
Atanas Iwanov, a Bulgarian politician, said:“When the bellicose forces of the US and south Korea were staging large-scale joint military exercise against the DPRK in March 2012, Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un inspected Panmunjom and noted there that if they dare to start a war the army and people of Korea will bring them to their knees to put a sign not to anotherArmistice Agreement, but to an instrument of surrender. The absurd dream of the imperialists who were hoping a ‘shift of policies’ in Korea was shattered completely.
Nobody on earth can subdue the Korean army andpeople who are determined to advance toward justice and socialism under the leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Un.”
The home page of the Nigerian National Committee for the Study of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism emphasized in an article entitled “Features of Kim Jong Un’s Politics” as follows:“Leader Kim Jong Un threw the US on the defensive in the confrontation with it with his unfathomable resources. When the US was staging a large-scale war game in south Korea increasing the danger of a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula, he appeared all of a sudden at Panmunjom where the enemy was entrenched under the very nose to put a damper on him.
Besides, he went aboard a wooden vessel to the islet defense unit located at the hot spots in the southernmost part of the southwestern frontline.His super tough approach is driving the US mad in its war provocations to the frustration. The world is struck with wonder at his invincibility in the Korea-US showdown.”
The Syrian Newspaper “Al-Baas” lauded him in an article entitled “H.E
Kim Jong Un, Father ofSoldiers”: The KPA Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un holds the masses of soldiers dearer and morepowerful than any sophisticated military equipment and builds up the single-hearted unity of the whole army and military power with the love to and trust in them. His journey for the on-the-spot inspection to the military units is continued not only to the strategic points and concentrations of modern striking groups and means, but also to all the posts where soldiers stand to defend. He is father of soldiers.
Whenever he pays a visit to a military unit he would not fail to look round the billets, dining rooms,storehouses for non-staple foodstuffs and washrooms and bath rooms with great care and get acquainted with their life scrupulously. He says that the soldiersare the sons and daughters of the same blood and comrades –in-arms sharing the same will and destiny

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