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Liberation and Peaceful Prosperity of African Countries are in Songun

Liberation and Peaceful Prosperity of African Countries are in Songun

Dear friends!
Today I have an honor to make a speech at the international seminar on the Juche idea for the independence against imperialism and solidarity held in the beautiful capital city of the DPRK.
First of all, I would like to congratulate respected Kim Jong Un on being elected as chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK by the unanimous support of all the deputies of the 4th Session of the 13th Supreme People’s Assembly.
Also I would like to express gratitude to all of the organizers who made me understand the great scientific system—Songun politics by paying efforts to organizing this international seminar.
The main points of my speech are as follows.
Chapter one is about the analysis of the international situation, chapter two focuses on the analysis of the experience of the national liberation of the Korean people and the last chapter I made three analysis of the relations between Africa and Songun.

1.     International political environment
Mass destruction and establishment of the dangerous areas inevitably produced by the strengthening of the nuclear deterrent urgently requires the political theories and strategies for development to be once more reexamined. For this reason it is necessary to decide and apprehend the man’s position and destiny in the world, especially the Africans’ position and destiny in the world in a specific way. In fact the wars broken in Africa are usually controlled by the western countries and they are getting worse and worse. The disputes on the border problems and tribal and religious disputes, threats of terror and disruption and extremism affect ominously to the trust and cooperation between the African countries. Most of the colonial African countries are its first victims.
A pure African problem never exists and there doesn’t exist a problem relevant for a country.
For example it is not too much to say the recent crises happening in Kinshasa of Congo are also happening in most countries in the African continent.
At the moment in the Democratic Republic of Congo the national reconstruction under the politics of the modernizing revolution of President Joseph Kabila is being carried on. But as well as the other African countries they are faced with all shades of the imperialists’ intervention being executed under the purpose to obstruct the national independence and to stamp out all the efforts for the development outset by the leaders.
Although the efforts to root out the military disputes are being continuously made we can’t help feeling that the peace of the world has not yet settled.
So how do we have to struggle and what strategies do we have to introduce to achieve the liberation of Africa while not only the serious problems related to the world security but also the disputes on the territorial, tribal and religious problems are becoming more serious? What is the real worth and ethical and moral worth of violence and army? Is there that kind of international standard to regard as an inspiration for the Africans?

2.     The experience of national liberation of the DPRK
1)  Foundation of the Juche idea
The Juche idea founded by President Kim Il Sung bases itself on the philosophical principle that man is the master of everything and decides everything.
This principle carries important truths.
The first one is that man is the master of the world. Referring to the Juche idea this means man controls the world and makes the world serve him. Man can’t live apart from the society and is under the influence of the surrounding nature and social environment. But man doesn’t face the surrounding situation and condition passively. Man changes the social system into favorable one for him. The society as the community where the people live and work together is changed and developed by man. The society can’t exist apart from man and the social system itself and can’t be developed apart from man.
The Juche idea also illuminates that man is the master of his own destiny.
This is the logical result of the first principle. It is because if man is able to control the world he can possibly carve out his own destiny too. So referring to the Juche idea man’s destiny is not predestined but is carved out by man.
The Juche idea consisting of leading and historic philosophical principles gives an important illumination of man’s position in the world.
To guarantee the independent position of man illuminated by the Juche idea we should follow Songun politics.

2)  Songun politics
Chairman Kim Jong Il—a philosopher of politics, an outstanding economist, a great military strategist and a genius of literary and art said.
“The idea and line of giving importance to force of arms and military affairs, advanced and consistently maintained by President Kim Il Sung, constitute the basis and starting point of our Party’s Songun politics.”
Songun means giving importance to force of arms, giving precedence to military affairs as it says.
Respected Kim Jong Un said as follows at the 7th Congress of the WPK.
“Songun politics is the main socialist political mode of Comrade    Kim Jong Il’s style. It gives precedence to military affairs above all else on the principle of attaching importance to arms, the principle of prioritizing military affairs, strengthens the motive force of the revolution with the Korean People’s Army as the core and main force, and advances the socialist cause victoriously by relying on it.”
Songun politics means giving importance to military affairs not neglecting the other sectors of social life different from militarism which transforms all civil society into the army. Referring to Songun politics the Korean People’s Army plays the leading role in the performance of war and securing the peace and in the country’s construction. Army is the core of the motive force of the revolution.
Songun politics of the DPRK bases itself on scientific and revolutionary principles of Songun revolution.
The principles of Songun revolution are that the revolution is pioneered and advanced and accomplished with arms and that the army is the Party, the country and the people.
This revolutionary principle carries two essential contents.
First of all, it is that the main factor of the final victory in the confrontation of power with the counterrevolutionary forces including the imperialists is the arms and the arms also plays decisive role in the socialist construction.
Next, it is that the destiny of the Party and country, the people are decided by the army.
If the army is strong the Party can be rebuilt even if it breaks but if it is weak not only the achievements of the revolution but also the Party can’t be maintained and the country can be broken down and the people are to be doomed to colonial slavery. From this the army is the Party and country and the people.
Songun politics prevented the war and secured the peace and security of the Korean peninsula.
A war is an organized armed struggle to realize the demand of a class, a nation and a country by special means of violence.
Due to the existence of the imperialism which, from its original character, is aggressive, the world is in consistent danger of war.
Songun politics safeguards the people from the disaster of war by smashing the imperialists’ continuous warmongering maneuvers and by strengthening the army politically and ideologically, militarily and technically and by strengthening the national defense capacities.
The Korean People’s Army which is completely armed and prepared in ideology thanks to Songun politics became a powerful army that no one dares to attack, fearing of their unpredictable retaliation.
The might of Songun politics is also highly demonstrated in the diplomatic arena. In diplomacy it is custom to find out the solution to the problems aroused between two or several countries through talks. If talks become an important means in the negotiation, weapons become more important one.
To safeguard the country’s sovereignty and the people’s interests in the diplomatic arena and negotiation, we have to have a mighty military strength.
Those victories achieved by north Korean diplomacy in the negotiation with the US are due to Songun politics. Then what about the situation in Africa?

3.     Africa and Songun politics
Africa is like a patient that fails to attain the desired effects by taking medicine from those who gave disease. The answer is clear. It has to have its cause of disease diagnosed rather than taking new medicine from them. It is because most of those medicines are ones to taboo.
The western countries are turning the attention of African countries to other direction by giving answer to the unasked ones instead of making right prescription suitable for the cause of disease and taking right measures. We call this as “maladjusted nature of the answer to the aroused problem.”
In fact the fundamental problem of Africa is not the struggle against the starvation and poverty, illiteracy and AIDS as indicated in the objectives of thousand years in the future but is struggle against the instability and is an issue related with the dignity and sovereignty.
The best way to maintain the independence is to prepare the self-defense capacities. The self-defense capacities are no other than maintenance of independence and stability.
To safeguard the country’s stability and territory the military affairs and national self-defense should be given precedence and apart from the army and national self-defensive all the political programs for the national reconstruction can’t escape from facing the failure.
The Juche idea is the root of Songun idea and Songun idea is a brilliant embodiment of the Juche idea.
With these two ideas we can model the whole society on a unique idea. This once more proves the idea of respected Kim Jong Un who told that Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism is a scientific ideology that illuminates the future of the struggle for national liberation of the whole world.
Stability is the core of all the current African problems and we should find out the right solution to achieve stability before thinking of other aspects of life. As the other new meaning of the word development is peace turning face away from this problem is refusing the hastening of liberation of Africa. No peace no social development.
To oppose the imperialism and achieve the social stability and peace the Africans should be remodeled in ideology. They should be armed with the Juche idea and Songun idea.
Military force should be developed as the arms. This is important in the struggle against the imperialism and as they are the means that can’t be neglected.
This enables to secure the dignities of the countries. And this is the way the African countries should choose to go for a leap.
In a word Songun politics is a philosophy for the real development different from the other scientific fantasies and is an answer to the issues of liberation and peace and prosperity of the colonial countries especially for the African countries.
In conclusion I want to emphasize once more that Songun politics is a definite selection for the leap of the continent and is the political mode to achieve complete development of Africa.

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