Thursday, 29 September 2016

Main Contents of the Report to the 7th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea Delivered by Respected Kim Jong Un

The 7th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea was held in splendor in Pyongyang from May 6 to 9, 2016.
The 7th Congress noteworthy in the history of the WPK is the Congress of glory that held respected Kim Jong Un as the Chairman of the Party and the significant one that laid eternal foundation for the consummation of the revolutionary cause of Juche associated with the sacred life of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.

1. The Great Victory of the Juche Idea and Songun Politics

In the first part of the report, respected Kim Jong Un clarified how the WPK has strived during the period under review to advance the cause of socialism and mentioned the successes and their fundamental secret.
Respected Kim Jong Un said.
During the period under review the Workers’ Party of Korea, holding  fast  to  the  banner  of  the  great  Juche  idea  and  the Songun-based  revolutionary line, mobilized Party members and all other people to carry out the cause of the Juche revolution.
The Juche idea served as the ever-victorious banner guiding the Korean revolution along the road of Juche in the face of worldwide political upheavals and manifold hardships, and Songun politics served as the priceless sword of victory enabling our Party and people to perform miracles of history in overcoming the severe difficulties.
Thanks to the great Juche idea and Songun politics of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the devoted struggle of service personnel and other people in the DPRK who are unfailingly loyal to the Party, proud victories have been achieved in socialist construction and lasting foundations for accomplishing the cause of the Juche revolution have been laid.

1) The Struggle for the Victorious Advance of the Socialist Cause

Socialism is a scared cause for realizing the demand and desire of the masses of the people for independence; it is a revolutionary cause that advances amid a fierce struggle against imperialism and all other counterrevolutionary forces.
During the period under review the Workers’ Party of Korea, in the face of the unprecedented ordeals and hardships, waged a struggle to advance the socialist cause.

The WPK has victoriously advanced the socialist cause under the banner of modeling the whole society on the Juche idea.

The WPK has laid solid foundation for hastening the complete victory of socialist cause in accordance with the Party’s programme of modeling the while society on the Juche idea.
The WPK,  by pushing ahead with the efforts to  model the whole Party and the entire army on the Juche idea and revolutionize, working-classize and intellectualize all members of society in  line  with  the  programme,  put  forward  by  the  Sixth  Party Congress,   of   modeling   the   whole   society   on this idea, strengthened the motive force of the socialist cause.
It held fast to the   strategic   line   of   putting   the   national economy on  a Juche-oriented, modern and scientific footing and mobilized the people in the effort to implement it. In this way great progress was made in attaining the ten long-term objectives for socialist economic construction.
The WPK has defended and advanced the socialist cause in the fierce circumstance of anti-socialism and counter-revolution.
The struggle of the Party and people in the DPRK to achieve the complete victory of socialism under the banner of modeling the whole society on the Juche idea was confronted with a grave challenge when the anti-socialist and counterrevolutionary whirlwind blew across the world at the end of the last century.
In the international arena socialism collapsed in one country after another owing to the manoeuvres of the imperialists and renegades of socialism. Taking underhand advantage of this tragic turn of events, the imperialists concentrated their anti-socialist offensive against our country, the bulwark of socialism.
To cope with this grave situation the Workers’ Party of Korea organized and conducted a daring struggle to defend and advance the socialist cause with a resolute determination to smash the imperialists’ counterrevolutionary offensive by means of a revolutionary offensive.
Through the revolutionary ideological offensive our Party succeeded in safeguarding the socialist ideology and ideals from the imperialists’ onslaught and abuse and in firmly consolidating our politico-ideological position.
And it sustained the original features of socialism in all fields of socialist construction and  social  life  and  gave  full  play  to  the  advantages  of  the socialism of Korean style.

The WPK has led the socialist cause of Juche by dint of Songun politics under the leadership of Kim Jong Il.

Under his wise leadership the Workers’ Party of Korea firmly maintained the Songun-based revolutionary line, the ever-victorious path of the Korean revolution, and enforced Songun politics in a comprehensive way.
Songun politics is the main socialist political mode of Comrade Kim Jong Il’s style. It  gives  precedence to  military affairs above all else on the principle of attaching importance to arms, the principle of prioritizing military affairs, strengthens the motive force of the revolution with the Korean People’s Army as the core and main force, and advances the socialist cause victoriously by relying on it.
It embodies the fundamentals of the Songun revolution that the dignity of the country and nation and the victory of the revolution hinge on the arms of the revolution, and    incorporates both the spirit    of self-reliance and self-development in which one makes revolution by one’s own efforts, building    up    one’s strength and our Party’s thoroughgoing stand of anti-imperialist independence, as well as its revolutionary principles.
While comprehensively  building  up the People’s Army, the main  force  of  the  Songun  revolution,  the WPK  established a system of state administration in which national defence is given priority and reorganized and readjusted all fields in line with the principles and requirements of Songun.
The WPK, on the principle of prioritizing and giving precedence to military affairs, channeled primary efforts into developing the defence industry.
The  Juche-oriented defence industry created by Songun   politics constituted a guarantee for foiling the imperialists’  aggressive moves and safeguarding the security of the country  and the bulwark of socialism.
The Workers’ Party of Korea has firmly maintained the stand of anti-imperialist independence and socialist principles   in the whole process of implementing Songun politics.
Experience of the WPK proves that in present era, the era of confrontation of strength with imperialism, the stand of anti-imperialist independence and socialist principles can be maintained and adhered to not by words or writings but by dint of force of arms.
The Workers’ Party of Korea has victoriously led the struggle to defend the destiny of the country and people and safeguard and advance socialism on the strength of invincible arms.
The WPK smashed the mounting military pressure and aggressive manoeuvres of the imperialists and their vassal forces at every step by relying on its powerful military might.
The WPK, by thwarting the imperialists’ ceaseless moves to start a war and saving the people from the holocaust of war, fulfilled its mission and duty as the protector of the destiny of the country and people.
At present various parts of the world are still being devastated by war and people in a number of countries are still wandering in search of a means of survival. But the gunfire of war has not been heard in the DPRK for several decades, and the Korean people, though they are not well-off, are leading a peaceful and stable life, free from war. This is entirely thanks to Songun politics, and herein lies the greatest achievement of the WPK.
The WPK set the ambitious goal of building a powerful  socialist  country  and  steadily  strove  to  advance  the socialist cause to a new stage.
The building of a powerful socialist country was the intention of Comrade Kim Il Sung and is the ideal and desire of the Korean people.
The WPK put forward a new line of economic construction in which the defence industry would be developed on a priority basis while boosting light industry and agriculture simultaneously, which was in keeping with the requirements of the Songun era, and mobilized our service personnel and all other people for a general onward march to build a powerful socialist country.
The WPK corroborated the truth that we can build the DPRK into a world power in any adversity by relying on the force of arms, and it opened up a new, higher stage in the independent development of the nation and the fulfillment of the socialist cause.
It is a miracle of history, and also a great victory for the Juche idea and Songun  politics, that the army and  people in the DPRK,  under the leadership  of  the  Workers’  Party  of  Korea,  could  safeguard socialism and  victoriously advance the  socialist cause, standing single-handedly against the US-led allied imperialist forces.

The Workers’ Party of Korea, true to Kim Jong Il’s ideas and intentions, organized and led the struggle to create a new turning point in fulfilling the socialist cause

At the historic Fourth Party Conference the WPK made clear its revolutionary faith and will to hold the great Comrades    Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in the highest esteem as the eternal leaders of the Party and revolution and to maintain    the great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism as its eternal  guiding ideology.  It has also mobilized its members and other people in a campaign to implement the instructions they had given in their lifetime.
In line with the requirements of the cause of the Juche revolution, the WPK further strengthened the Party organizationally and ideologically as befits the guiding force of the revolution, waged an intensive Party-wide struggle to root out abuses of power, bureaucratism and corruption, and established iron discipline and order within it. In this way we increased the Party’s fighting efficiency and might in a comprehensive way.
The Workers’ Party of Korea, as required by the prevailing situation and developing revolution, set out the strategic line of simultaneously promoting economic construction and the upbuilding of the nuclear forces, and made strenuous efforts to this end.
The Party’s new line is not a temporary countermeasure adopted to cope with the rapidly-changing situation, but a strategic line to which we should hold fast permanently in view of the supreme interests of the Korean revolution
Thanks to the vigorous struggle waged by the army and people in the DPRK to implement the Party’s strategic line, a strong guarantee has been furnished for putting a final end to the anti-imperialist, anti-US showdown and hastening the final victory of the cause.
The Workers’ Party of Korea, as the great leaders had planned and wished, launched a general all-people onward march to build the country into a thriving people’s paradise, thus ushering in a new era of national prosperity.
The WPK made sure that Party organizations and  government organs  held  fast  to  the  principle  of  giving  the  highest  and absolute priority to the people’s interests and comfort and strove with devotion to bring all the benefits of socialism to the Korean people, the finest people in the world.
The army and people in the DPRK, fully supporting the Party’s leadership, staged a daring campaign to carry through the leaders’ lifetime instructions and defend Party’s policy. By thus creating a new Korean speed in socialist construction, they have ushered in a Mallima era in which they reduce ten years to one by racing against time.
The  socialist cause of Juche is a science, and  invariably adhering to and thoroughly embodying the revolutionary line and mode of independence maintained by the great leaders is precisely the  way to achieve the victory  of  the Korean revolution and eternal prosperity of the nation–this is the basic conclusion to be drawn from the struggle of the WPK and the people in the DPRK for advancing the socialist cause during the period under review.

2) Splendid Successes made in Building a Thriving Country

During the period under review brilliant victories were achieved in socialist construction and lasting foundations were laid for the prosperity of the country.

It is a proud success of the WPK and the people in the DPRK in building socialism that they established a politico-ideological power based on single-hearted unity.

Ideology and politics play a leading role in social life. Accordingly, it is a primary task in building a powerful socialist country to solidify the politico-ideological position of socialism and strengthen its politico-ideological might.
By embodying    the Juche-oriented ideological theory, the revolutionary philosophy of single-hearted unity and  the political line of independence, the Workers’ Party of Korea turned  our  country  into  a  dignified  socialist  country  that  is powerful politically and ideologically.
Today the DRPK is demonstrating its might as an invincible ideological power.
During the period under review our Party consistently held fast to ideology as a key element and gave decisive precedence to ideological   education   and   political   work,   thus   training its members and all other people into staunch revolutionary fighters with the firm faith that their Party, system, ideology and cause are the best in the world.
The whole society which is imbued with the Juche idea and the Songun idea, and whose service personnel and all other people, equipped with the thoroughgoing spirit of safeguarding the revolution and the resolute spirit of defending socialism, are creating a history of changes on the strength of the great spirit of Kim Il Sung’s nation.
The great success and exploit achieved by our Party during the period under review are that it realized the single-hearted unity of the whole society in which the entire Party and all the people are firmly rallied around the leader in ideology, purpose and moral obligation.
The WPK, having raised the slogan “Everything for the people, everything by relying on them!”, made sure that the whole Party loves the people, serves them with devotion and works by relying on them.
Its politics of love for the people, its benevolent politics, deepened their trust in it, guaranteed political stability in society and consolidated the harmonious whole of the Party and people.
The invincible might of our country as a politico-ideological power is clearly manifested in the supreme brilliance it has added to its national sovereignty and dignity; it has achieved this by means of independent politics embodying the Juche idea.
We solve all the problems arising in the revolution and construction in the interests of the Korean people and in keeping with the specific    situation in    the DPRK.
The WPK firmly adhere to revolutionary principles and the stand of independence in Party and state activities.
The WPK proudly exercise our country’s authority and  influence as a dignified political power in the international political arena.
In the whole course of its leadership over the revolution, the Workers’  Party  of  Korea  has  maintained  the  strategic  line of prioritizing young people and trained them as staunch successors to the revolution who carry forward the lineage of Juche. In this way it has built the youth power in the world.
It channeled great efforts into the education of young people, on the basis of the view that their ideological education is essential in settling the youth problem. It put them forward as the masters of the times and gave the youth league immense assignments so as to train them into stalwarts in the practical struggle.
That they have been fully prepared as the reliable vanguard and giants of creation who defend the prestige of the Party and advance in any difficulties in response to its call, is a clear demonstration of the validity and vitality of  the WPK’s idea and line of prioritizing the young people.
The building of this youth power has enabled the DPRK to   give fuller play to its might as the viable and promising Juche-oriented politico-ideological power.
The remarkable success achieved by the Workers’ Party of Korea  during  the period under  review is that it developed the DPRK into an invincible military power by implementing the Songun-based revolutionary line, the self-defensive military line.
Under the leadership of the Party, our People’s Army was prepared as the main force in carrying out the cause of the Juche revolution and as a powerful revolutionary army.
The People’s Army today has developed into a force of true comrades and comrades-in-arms who are firmly united around the   Supreme Commander on the basis of revolutionary comradeship and moral obligation;
It is demonstrating its might as an elite combat force in which a revolutionary military climate and steel-strong discipline have been established and which has assumed the features of a splendid regular armed force.
The People’s Army was strengthened into an invincible revolutionary armed force that is equipped with modern means of attack and defence of the Korean style.
By giving full play to the revolutionary soldier spirit, it is making a breakthrough on every major front of socialist construction for achieving national prosperity and improving   the people’s well-being; it is demonstrating the mettle and might of a powerful revolutionary army that does not know the word impossible.
By giving full play to the revolutionary soldier spirit, it is making a breakthrough on every major front of socialist construction for achieving national prosperity and   improving the people’s well-being; it is demonstrating the mettle and might of a powerful revolutionary army that does not know the word impossible.
The Korean People’s Internal Security Forces grew in strength as a revolutionary armed force that is faithful to it and into the dependable defenders of the country and people, thus fulfilling with credit its mission and duty of defending the leader, system and people.
During the period under review the defence industry and sector of defence science and technology made rapid progress, to the admiration of the world.
The sector of defence industry has been turned into an independent one that produces and provides cutting-edge military hardware of the Korean style as it wishes.
The nuclear weapons research sector succeeded in three rounds of underground nuclear tests and the first hydrogen bomb test. In this way it achieved a proud victory by placing our country in the front rank of world nuclear powers and ending the history of the US imperialists’ bloody aggression and nuclear threat.
The climate of prioritizing arms, military affairs, was established throughout society and a turn was brought about in rounding off the combat preparedness of our paramilitary forces.
It is a source of great pride for the Party, army and people in the DPRK that they have built an invincible military power admired by the world, by tightening their belts and working hard in such difficult conditions and environment. This is a historic exploit that has made it possible to provide a sure military guarantee for the country’s prosperity and for the victory of the cause of the Juche revolution and to safeguard peace on the Korean peninsula and in the region.

During the period under review great progress was also achieved in developing the economy and culture.

The Party and people in the DPRK have strove to implement the strategic line of socialist economic construction, so as to solidify the material and technological foundations of the independent national economy and provide a springboard for building an economic giant.
Proactive efforts were made to put the national economy on a Juche-oriented, modern and scientific basis.
The raw materials, fuel and power bases of    the self-supporting   economy were consolidated, Juche-oriented production lines established in key sectors and the industrial infrastructure   further improved.
The Anbyon Youth Power Station, Huichon Power Station, Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station and other large-, medium- and small-scale power plants were built, and promising coal and ore mines developed.
The Juche-based system of producing iron and lines for  producing fertilizer  and  vinalon  were  built,  and  new  production bases established in different sectors of the national economy, further consolidating its independence and Juche character.
Factories and enterprises pushed ahead with the modernization of their equipment and production lines and the national economy reached a higher standard in terms of its overall technical equipment.
Modern machine-building bases and production bases for  electronic and automation elements and instruments  guaranteeing  the  country’s  economic  development were built, with the result that our industry attained such a high level of development that it can produce cutting-edge equipment in reliance on domestic resources.
Innovations were achieved in developing telecommunications, and production lines, technical equipment and the means of operation were further modernized in the transportation, building-materials and other sectors.
During the period under review our Party devoted the greatest importance to the people’s livelihood and put great efforts into the struggle to improve their material and cultural standards of living.
In the agricultural sector guarantees were provided for increasing the production of cereals by launching a campaign to improve seeds, making a radical turn in potato farming, two-crop farming and scientific farming, realigning over 320 000 hectares of farmland as befits the land of socialist Korea, and building some 10 000 km of gravitational waterways.
Modern animal husbandry bases, fish farms, vegetable greenhouses, mushroom cultivation bases and vast stretches of “youth” orchards sprang up across the country under the leadership of the Party; these are invaluable assets for improving the people’s living standards.
In the fishing sector a breakthrough for its further development was made in the course of the struggle to implement the Party’s plan for creating a new history of “gold seas.”
Factories  and enterprises  in  light  industry,  by  making proactive efforts to upgrade themselves    technologically and make the use of domestically-produced raw and other materials, became able to turn out quality consumer goods in larger quantities.
A large number of monumental structures of the era of the Workers’ Party which embody the Juche-oriented idea on architecture were built, according to the Party’s grand plan for construction.

Notable achievements were recorded in the development of socialist culture.

Outstanding scientific and technical personnel were   produced, the material and technological foundations of the scientific research sector were consolidated and epochal progress was made in science and technology, despite the severe economic difficulties in the country.
Our dependable scientists and technicians  frustrated the   vicious obstructive moves of the US imperialists and their vassal forces, and achieved  world-startling miraculous successes in the core, basic  technology,  space  technology and other   branches of cutting-edge science and technology.
During the  period  under review fresh  progress was made in education, in line with the requirements of the IT era, including the introduction of universal 12-year compulsory education and the establishment of a distance education system.
The splendid Sci-Tech Complex was built as a great place of learning for all the people in the 21st century and a centre for disseminating the latest science and technology, and Mirae digital libraries and other sci-tech learning spaces were set up across the country, providing the launching pad for a leap to the pinnacle of a sci-tech power, a talent power.
Thanks to our Party’s Juche-based idea and policy on public health, medical services for the people were improved.
Such modern medical institutions as the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital Breast Tumour    Institute, Okryu Children’s Hospital   and Ryugyong Dental Hospital were built and a nationwide telemedicine system was set up.
In accordance with the Party’s policy of prioritizing sports, a powerful sports wind was raised, sports facilities were renovated and a fresh turn was brought about in the development of sports in the country.
The dependable sportspeople in the DPRK exalted the honour of Juche Korea in international competitions including the Olympic Games and world championships, inspiring the people with strength and courage.
Great successes were made in the art and literature.
A model of Songun culture was created in the People’s Army; the State Merited Chorus, a pride of our state, and many other art troupes played their part as buglers on the revolutionary advance; the multi-part feature film The  Nation  and  Destiny,  and  the  grand  mass  gymnastics  and artistic performance  Arirang were produced,  becoming  hits of Juche-oriented art and literature and  world-class masterpieces; mass cultural and artistic activities were conducted  briskly among the service personnel and working people, with the result that the whole  society was brimming with revolutionary optimism.
A nationwide campaign was conducted to turn towns and countryside, streets and villages into a socialist paradise.
And several magnificent scenic attractions and facilities for cultural and leisure activities were built in order to improve the conditions and environment for the people to lead a cultured life.
The   proud successes our army and people achieved in socialist construction by faithfully following the great Juche idea and the Party’s Songun-based leadership and giving full play to the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and fortitude and patriotic ardour are the invaluable wealth of the nation. Being associated with the precious sweat and blood of the service personnel and all other people, they are priceless assets guaranteeing that a powerful country can be built and the socialist cause accomplished.

3) Brilliant Succession to the Revolutionary Cause

The revolutionary cause of the masses of the people, the socialist cause, is a sacred one which is launched and advances under the guidance of the leader, and a long-term one  that continues from one generation to another.
Victory in the revolution and the future of a country and nation hinge on whether or not they are guided by a great leader and whether or not the cause of the leader who launched and advanced the revolution is invariably carried forward through generations.
Recorded in the history of the struggle of the masses of the people for independence is the serious lesson that a party without a great leader cannot emerge victorious in a revolution and the party that fails to carry forward the cause of its leader properly is bound to degenerate, resulting in frustration of the revolution.
The secret to all the victories and successes achieved by the WPK and the people in the DPRK in the course of implementing the cause of the Juche revolution during the period under review lies in the fact that they held the great Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in the highest esteem as their leaders and worked hard under their wise leadership, and that they brilliantly carried forward the revolutionary cause of the leader from one generation to another.

President Kim Il Sung is the great leader of the Workers’ Party and the people who created the immortal Juche idea and led the cause of the Juche revolution along the road of victory.

After embarking on the road of revolution in his teen age he   led the Korean revolution through numerous difficulties and ordeals along the road of victory for a long period, thus exalting the dignity and honour of the nation, and built on this land a   socialist state that is independent in politics, self-supporting in economy and self-reliant in defence.  In this way he laid strong foundations for victory of the cause of the Juche revolution.  Experiencing all manner of hardships from the historic time when he fought for national liberation in the forests of Mt.  Paektu to the final moments of his life, he worked energetically, only for the people’s well-being, the country’s prosperity,   national reunification and the cause of global independence, and did everything for his country, people and nation.

Chairman   Kim  Jong  Il  is  the  outstanding  leader who strengthened and developed the Workers’ Party of Korea into a revolutionary party of Juche and guided the cause of the Juche revolution along the road of victory by faithfully continuing the ideology and cause of Comrade   Kim Il Sung.

He  made  it   his  lifelong   mission  to  carry  out the revolutionary cause pioneered on Mt. Paektu and wisely led our Party, state, army and people to create a new history of miracles and change in all fields of the revolution and construction; during the unprecedentedly grim years  for  our  revolution  he saved the revolution, country and people from crisis with his original Songun-based revolutionary leadership and ushered in a new era of national prosperity, a new golden age in the implementation of the cause of the Juche revolution.
His revolutionary career was the most brilliant life of a great revolutionary, one who performed undying exploits for the times and revolution, the country and people, by battling his way along the thorny path, holding aloft the red flag of the revolution; it was the noblest life of a peerless patriot and great man, one who devoted his whole life for the good of the country and people, as Comrade Kim Il Sung had entrusted him.
Chairman Kim Jong Il held up Comrade Kim Il Sung as the eternal leader of our Party and people, consistently defended and added lustre to his ideology and cause and thus originated the cause of immortalizing the leader. He instilled in the service personnel and all other people the belief that Comrade Kim Il Sung will always be with them, and ensured that they added eternal glory to his great revolutionary career and immortal exploits.

The Workers’ Party of Korea, on the basis of its steadfast revolutionary faith and moral obligation, holds Comrades   Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in the highest esteem as the eternal leaders of our Party and revolution, and is faithfully carrying forward their ideology and cause.
The Workers’ Party of Korea saw to it that the Kumsusan  Palace of the Sun, where the great leaders lie in state, was developed more solemnly, as befits the supreme sacred place of Juche, and that bronze statues of the leaders and portraits of them in beaming smile were set up with reverence in all parts of the country, so that they will always be with our people and live in  the hearts of our people and progressive mankind. He ensured that all sectors and all units implemented their ideas and intentions thoroughly and without any deviation or concession by regarding the struggle to carry out their lifetime instructions as their main task, so that their sacred revolutionary history could keep   developing, along with the country’s prosperity.

2. For Accomplishing the Socialist Cause

1) Modeling the Whole Society on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism

Respected Kim Jong Un said.
“In order to accomplish the socialist cause and realize the full independence of the masses of the  people, the whole  society should be modeled on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.
Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism is an integrated system comprising the Juche idea created by Comrade Kim Il Sung and developed in depth by Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, and the theories and methods of the revolution and construction elucidated by this idea.
Modeling the whole society on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism means advancing the Korean revolution with this great ideology as the sole guideline and, on this basis, building and perfecting an ideal society for the people. In other words, it means training every member of society to be genuine Kimilsungists-Kimjongilists and transforming politics, military affairs, the economy, culture and all other fields in line with the requirements of this ideology, thereby realizing the people’s complete independence.
It is the revolutionary continuation  of modeling the  whole society on Kimilsungism, which Comrade Kim Jong Il  put forward in his early years and worked to translate into reality, and its comprehensive development onto a new, higher level.
The major task facing us today in modeling the whole society on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism is to complete the cause of building a powerful socialist country.
A powerful socialist country means the best country in the world, one with great national strength that is ever-prospering and whose people are living happily without envying anyone in the world.
The building of a powerful socialist country is a historic phase   in   the   struggle   to    model the whole   society on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.

In order to build a powerful socialist country successfully under the banner of modeling the whole society on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.

   It is imperative to fully implement the WPK’s general   line of vigorously carrying out the three revolutions–ideological,     technical    and cultural–while strengthening the people’s   government and enhancing its functions and role.
It is necessary to uphold the spirit of self-development first.
The spirit of self-development first is the revolutionary spirit of strengthening the motive force of a nation and opening up the path ahead of it by relying on its own efforts, technology and resources.
The basis of this spirit is the great leaders’ revolutionary idea that a country must carry out the revolution on its own, and the form of struggle for applying it is self-reliance and fortitude.
The WPK and the people of the DPRK should hold fast to the general line of socialist construction and the spirit of self-development first as the permanent strategic line for achieving great victory in the building of a powerful socialist country, and accomplish the historic cause of modeling the whole society on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.

2) Building a Sci-Tech Power
A sci-tech power is a country whose overall science and technology are at the most advanced level in the world, a country where science and technology play the leading role in ensuring the rapid development of all other sectors, including the economy, national defence and culture.
The goal of building a sci-tech power is to take an honourable place among the ranks of the most advanced nations in the world in the near future in terms of overall scientific and technological strength.

Tasks in the building of a sci-tech power

The sector of science and technology should conduct a vigorous campaign to surpass the cutting edge.
This campaign is an ideological offensive, a talent challenge, to acquire a complete grasp of the essentials of modern science and technology and beat the world in all fields of science and technology.
Science and technology should play the role of the engine in building an economic giant.
Major efforts should be channeled into settling the scientific and technological solutions of the key challenges in building an economic giant, namely energy, iron and steel, chemical products and food.
To raise the status of our country as a sci-tech power, it is necessary to value talented personnel and ensure that all the people are well-versed in science and technology.
It should build up the ranks of scientific and technical talents with a view to them shouldering the future of a sci-tech power, and raise their research and development capability to the world advanced level.
In accordance with the national strategy for the development of science and technology, it should increase more than treble the number of research workers in the scientific and technological sector in the near future.
Ensuring  that all  the people  are well-versed  in science and technology is an important undertaking to prepare all the members of society as intelligent workers with the intellectual level of a university graduate, and as the  developers  of  science and technology.

The ways for building a sci-tech power

The state  needs to carry out proper planning, guidance and management for the development of the country’s science and technology, establish a well-knit scientific research and development system, and provide in full the conditions needed by this sector.
A climate of prioritizing science and technology should prevail throughout society.

3) Building an Economic Giant and the Strategy for Developing the National Economy

The building of an economic giant is the main front on which the Workers’ Party of Korea and state should focus all their efforts at present.
The economic giant the DPRK is building is a country that is strong in terms of its independence and Juche character and is developing with science and technology as the main productive force.
A socialist economic giant precisely means a powerful country  with a self-supporting economy,  a knowledge-based economy,  which produces and supplies by itself the material means needed for defence building, economic construction and people’s  livelihood  improvement,  and  in  which  science and technology are integrated with production and hi-tech industry plays the leading role in promoting economic growth.
The WPK’s strategic line for building an economic giant is to make the national economy Juche-oriented, modern, IT-based and scientific at a high level by maintaining the spirit of self-reliance and self-development and by relying on science and technology, and to provide the people with affluent and cultured living conditions.

Tasks in implementing the strategic line

The independence and Juche character of the   national economy should be consolidated comprehensively.
What is fundamental in guaranteeing the independence and Juche character of the national economy is to ensure the domestic production of raw materials, fuel and equipment.
It is imperative to speed up the building of a modern, IT-based national economy so as to transform the country’s economy into one that is knowledge-based.
The strategic goal in this process is for all production lines to be made remote-controlled and intelligent and all factories and enterprises, fully automated.
It is necessary to orient the country’s economic development towards creating an affluent and cultured life for the people.
The genuine features and essential characteristics of a socialist economic giant are not just that the country is highly developed in terms of productivity and national income; it must also be a people’s paradise which provides its people with an affluent and cultured life.
At the present, the WPK and the people in the DPRK should implement to the letter the five-year strategy for national economic development from 2016 to 2020.
The objective of this five-year strategy is to lay the foundations for the sustainable development of the country’s economy by reenergizing the overall national economy and ensuring a balance among economic sectors.
In this period, it is required to improve the people’s living standards drastically by normalizing the vanguard sectors of the national economy, the basic industries, and boosting agricultural and light industrial production, while holding fast to the Party’s   new line of simultaneously promoting economic construction   and the upbuilding of the nuclear forces, and resolving the   energy problem.

4) Building a Civilized Power

The civilized power the DPRK is building is a country  where socialist culture will develop in a comprehensive way and where the people, possessed of a high level of creativity and  culture, will create and enjoy the highest quality and standard   of civilization.

The tasks in building a civilized power

Educational work and the socialist health service should be developed.
It is necessary to further improve the education system so that our country becomes a talent power and all the people are well-versed in science and technology. The content and methods of education should be consistently improved. The material and technical foundations of the education sector should be raised to the world level through a radical overhaul of the educational conditions and environment.
The Party’s policy on preventive medicine should be implemented thoroughly.
The quality of medical services needs to be improved. Medical science and technology should be developed rapidly, and the supply of materials to the public health sector improved.
Building a sports power is a key task in building a civilized socialist power.
A sports power is a country that enhances its reputation, prospers and grows stronger on the basis of sports.
It is necessary to raise the specialist sporting techniques to the world level as soon as possible, make sports a mass’s concern, everyday activity, and improve the scientific level of sports.
It is important to bring about a general flourishing of socialist art and literature. We should thwart the imperialists’ moves for ideological and cultural infiltration and fully maintain our socialist culture and lifestyle.
Moral discipline should be tightened throughout society.
It is imperative to build larger numbers of, and more splendid, modern bases for cultural and leisure activities, as appropriate to the appearance of a civilized socialist power.

5) Consolidating Political and Military Might

In order to accomplish the cause by stepping up the building of a powerful socialist country it is imperative to further consolidate the country’s strength as a politico-ideological and military power.
The country’s might as a politico-ideological power should be built up in every way possible.
We should consolidate the political system of the socialist state and give full scope to its effectiveness.
We should build up the harmonious whole of the Party and the masses.
We should invariably hold aloft the banner of Songun and direct great efforts to building up the country’s revolutionary armed forces and defence capabilities.
Great efforts should be directed to developing the defence industry.
We should establish throughout society a climate of prioritizing military affairs, and make preparations for all-people resistance.

3. For the Independence Reunification of the Country

Respected Kim Jong Un said.
During the period under review the Workers’ Party of Korea strove hard to realize the cause of national reunification, the ardent desire of all our fellow countrymen.”

The WPK’s struggle for achieving the cause of national reunification.

Korea must not remain divided; it must be reunified as one Korea without fail in line with the unanimous will and demand of the nation and by its own efforts–this is the Juche-oriented line of national reunification which Comrade Kim Il Sung put forward and to which he held fast throughout his life.
The Workers’ Party of Korea roused all the compatriots to the struggle for national reunification, on the basis of the idea and line of independent reunification and the plan for founding the Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo put forwarded by Comrade Kim Il Sung.
The Party made proactive efforts to ease the tension on the Korean peninsula and create a peaceful environment for independent reunification. At the same time it heightened the atmosphere for national reconciliation and unity by adopting measures for the benefit of all compatriots and through multiple layers of dialogue.
Amid the flames of the nationwide struggle to achieve great  national unity, the Pan-National Alliance for Korea’s  Reunification  embracing  broad  patriotic  forces  in  the north, in the south and abroad was formed, successive reunification events were held demonstrating the nation’s resourcefulness, and the national reunification movement was further developed into a nationwide movement.
The Party’s struggle to implement the Juche-oriented line of reunification made dynamic progress from one generation to another under the energetic leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Il. In this course, solid foundations were laid for realizing the cause of national reunification.
He formulated the three principles for national reunification, the plan of founding the Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo and the ten-point programme for the great unity of the  whole nation, all put forward by Comrade Kim Il Sung, as three charters  for national reunification. He also presented several outstanding ideas and lines, including the five-point policy for great national unity, which illuminated the path ahead of our nation’s reunification movement.
He consolidated the national strength of the DPRK significantly by administering Songun politics for the country and nation. He thereby frustrated the manoeuvres of the anti-reunification forces at home and abroad to ignite a new   war and provided a sure guarantee for independent national reunification.
Under his leadership the WPK developed inter-Korean relations onto a higher plane and ushered in a new era of independent reunification, peace and prosperity. 
Thanks to his noble patriotic desire for reunification and  bold decision, a north-south summit was held for the first time in the history of national division, followed by another; and the June 15 Joint Declaration and its action programme, the October 4 Declaration, were adopted, with the ideal of By Our Nation Itself at their core. These epochal events marked a historic milestone in independent reunification and brought about a turning point in its realization.

Successes made in the struggle for achieving the cause of national reunification and their factor

Inter-Korean dialogue and cooperation, contact and exchange in such fields as politics, the economy and culture gained momentum, producing precious fruits shared by the nation, to the delight of all compatriots, and solidarity and collaboration were achieved between various organizations and personages from every walk of life.
All the achievements made during the period under review by our Party and people in their struggle to promote the national reunification movement vigorously by braving all the trials of history, are a shining victory of the outstanding ideas and lines and reasonable proposals for independent national reunification put forward by Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, and a proud fruit of their tireless, energetic leadership.

Tasks to open up a broad avenue to national reunification

Respected Kim Jong Un said.
We should pull down the barrier of division as soon as possible and open up a broad avenue to national reunification, in keeping with the unanimous desire and demand of the entire Korean nation.

The Juche-oriented line of national reunification should be held fast to open up a broad avenue to national reunification

This most reasonable line is based on the comprehensive spirit of national independence, which holds that our nation must reunify the country not by depending on others but on its own responsibility and through a concerted effort of all the fellow countrymen.
This line is fully embodied in the three charters for national reunification clarified by the great leaders.
In the struggle for national reunification the banner of national independence and great national unity should be held high.
None of the Korean compatriots in the north, in the south and abroad should tolerate the intervention and arbitrary actions of the foreign forces in attempting to divide our nation for ever and lord it over the Korean peninsula and the region. And they must resolve the national reunification issue on the principle of national self-determination and in conformity with the nation’s demand for independence.
The south Korean authorities should make a bold decision to rid themselves of their pro-US, sycophantic tendency and humiliating policy of toeing the US line, and desist from the shameful behaviour of harming their fellow countrymen in collusion with foreign forces.
The might of great national unity should be given full play.
The whole nation should place the great goal of national reunification before anything else, becoming a single united force, irrespective of differences in ideology, ideals and political view.
All political parties and organizations in the north and the south should promote contact, exchange, solidarity and collaboration, and thus create a favourable climate for reconciliation and unity.
They must not tolerate any separatist and divisive acts perpetrated by foreign forces to obstruct reconciliation and the unity of the Korea nation and incite distrust and antagonism among fellow countrymen, or any other acts that abet them.
Efforts should be made to ensure peace and security on the Korean peninsula
The United States should squarely recognize the strategic position of our Republic, now that it has joined the front rank of nuclear powers, and the trend of the times; it should scrap its anachronistic policy of hostility towards the DPRK, replace the Armistice Agreement with a peace treaty and withdraw its forces of aggression and war materiel from south Korea.
The south Korean authorities should put a complete stop to the reckless political and military provocations and war drills that they launch, toeing the  US  line, and which are targeted  against fellow countrymen and pose a threat to peace and security on the Korean peninsula.
Efforts should be made to achieve reunification under a federal system.
The north and the south should recognize and tolerate each other’s existing ideologies and systems and, on this basis, elect to found a federal state
The south Korean authorities should abandon their forlorn hope of the “unification of systems” and switch to federal-style reunification, as they have stated they would at home and abroad.

The most pressing issue in achieving the country’s independent reunification is to bring about a radical improvement in inter-Korean relations.

The north and the south should respect each other and, as partners in national reunification, work together to open a new phase in improving inter-Korean relations and reunifying the country.
The north and the south should work to ease military tension and settle all issues through dialogue and negotiations.

The countries responsible for Korea’s division and its neighbours should refrain from inciting distrust and confrontation between the north and the south and should act in ways beneficial to Korea’s reunification.

The  United  States, the main culprit in the division of  our nation and the prevention of its reunification, should discontinue its  sanction-and-stifle  schemes  against  the   DPRK,  and  stop egging the south Korean authorities on to  step up inter-Korean confrontation; in short, it should stop interfering on the Korean peninsula.
Japan should abandon its ambition of reinvading the Korean peninsula, reflect on the past crimes it committed against our nation, and apologize for them. And it must not place obstacles in the way of Korea’s reunification.
Our neighbours should respect the sovereignty of our country and play a positive role in ensuring that the issue of Korea’s reunification can be resolved independently and peacefully in line with the demand and will of our nation.

4. For Global Independence

Respected Kim Jong Un said.
Despite the grave circumstances and complicated international situation, the Workers’ Party of Korea exalted the dignity of the Republic through its principled and energetic external activities, and enhanced its international prestige and influence.”

External circumstances of the Korean revolution

During the period under review great changes took place in the international political structure and in the global balance of forces, and the external circumstances of the Korean revolution became highly complex.
Taking advantage of the collapse of socialism in several countries, the imperialist reactionary forces raised a clamour about the “end” of socialism. They stepped up their campaign as never before to invade the countries aspiring to socialism and anti-imperialist independence, and to interfere in their internal affairs.
Such was the US imperialists’ arrogance following the end of the Cold War that, acting high-handedly and arbitrarily, they attempted to realize their undisguised ambition for world supremacy, igniting one war after another in different parts of the world and resorting to aggressive and underhand schemes aimed at overthrowing sovereign states.
Most notably, they viciously manoeuvred to isolate and stifle our Republic which, standing on the front line of the anti-imperialist, anti-US struggle, is holding high the banner of independence and socialism.

Successes made in the external activities of the WPK and their factors

During the  period under  review our Party has, by means of  its independent politics and Songun-based revolutionary leadership, acted resolutely to shatter the moves of the US-led allied imperialist forces to suffocate the DPRK and the dominationists’ pressure against it, comprehensively strengthening the country’s political and  military  might. In this way it further consolidated the strategic position of the country and demonstrated the strength of Juche Korea. On the basis of its unfathomable national strength, and the hydrogen bomb in particular, our Republic is demonstrating its prestige as the responsible nuclear power of Juche that contributes to establishing a just world order by frustrating the imperialists’ nuclear threat, blackmail, and high-handed and arbitrary behaviour in the international arena.
In the grim period when the international socialist movement was experiencing severe frustration our Party proved the veracity and advantages of socialism in a theoretical and practical way, holding aloft the banner of Juche-oriented socialism. In this way it gave a strong impetus to the international socialist movement.
Under its guidance the DPRK has, by means of its might as an invincible political and military power, made a tangible contribution to defending  peace and security in  Northeast Asia and the rest of the world.
During the period under review our country established diplomatic relations with 66 countries, joined a number of international and regional organizations, and promoted economic and cultural exchange and cooperation with many   countries,   including capitalist ones. In this way it strengthened its ties and solidarity with the progressive peoples of the world who aspire to independence and justice.
The achievements made in foreign relations during the period under review are a brilliant fruition of the wise leadership of Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

Characteristic of the prevailing international situation

The prevailing international situation is characterized by the ever-worsening contradictions and confrontations among the world powers in their pursuit of a greater sphere of influence, and the gradual decline of the US-led imperialist reactionary forces in the showdown between the forces of independence and those of domination.
Facing their imminent downfall, the imperialist reactionary forces are making desperate attempts to maintain the status quo at all costs.
The present situation demands that all countries and  nations join the struggle to frustrate the imperialist reactionary forces’ high-handed, arbitrary and aggressive actions and their violations of sovereignty, and to defend their own sovereign rights and achieve global independence.

Tasks to realize the cause of global independence

An independent world is the one free from domination and subordination, aggression and intervention, where sovereignty and equality for all countries and nations are guaranteed.
In order to build such a world it is essential for all countries and nations to adhere to independence under the unfurled banner of anti-imperialist independence.
It is fundamental in the anti-imperialist struggle to thwart the moves of the United States and its followers for aggression and war and safeguard global peace and security.
We must sharpen our vigilance against the imperialists’ crafty schemes perpetrated under the guise of the protection of “human rights” and “globalization.”
All countries and nations that aspire to independence should preserve their Juche character and national identity; they should harbour neither expectations of nor illusions about the imperialists’ crafty double-dealing tactics and their deceptive “aid.”
It is essential to fight for genuine international justice.
In order to secure genuine international justice it is imperative to strip away the shameless veil of “justice” worn by the forces of imperialism and domination, and to eliminate the old international order whereby injustice prevails under the cloak of “justice.” Instead, a new fair and just international order must be established. International justice never arises of its own accord; it can be achieved only when the anti-imperialist independent countries are sufficiently strong.
The  justice-loving,  progressive countries of the  world should  strive  to  cultivate  their  strength  on  the  principle of self-reliance and self-development, and in this way expedite the building of a new, independent world.
We should launch a vigorous struggle to defend the socialist cause and carry it forward along the road of victory.
The socialist countries should support one another and strengthen their solidarity, cooperation and exchange in the struggle to achieve their common aims and ideals.
The countries that aspire to socialism should uphold the   banner of socialism and anti-imperialist independence and struggle to frustrate the imperialists’ moves for aggression and their high-handed actions, thus promoting the socialist cause.
All the countries and peoples that champion independence should support the socialist cause and resist the anti-socialist moves of the imperialists and reactionaries.
The non-aligned movement must be strengthened and developed.
It should take its proper position as a powerful anti-war, peace-loving force and play its role with credit.
The non-aligned nations should make a determined effort to accomplish the cause of    global independence    under the unfurled    banner of anti-imperialist independence.
They should foil the imperialists’ schemes to maintain and strengthen their aggressive military blocs, and reject all forms of aggression and intervention, subordination and inequality.
They should make a concerted effort to launch a counterattack against the imperialists’ manoeuvres for aggression and war.
The political parties, organizations and progressive countries that champion independence should unite and cooperate with one another under the banner of anti-imperialist independence.
The revolutionary parties, organizations and progressive countries should unite under the banner of anti-imperialist independence; they should refrain from feuding with or being hostile to one another, deceived by the crafty imperialists, and turn the spearhead of their attack against their common enemy, the imperialists.
It is important to create conditions favourable for advancing the cause of global independence by strengthening continental and regional cooperation on the principles of independence, equality and mutual respect.

External policy of the WPK

Independence, peace and friendship are the consistent basis of the foreign policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea, and they constitute the fundamental stand that must invariably be maintained in the struggle to accomplish the cause of global independence.

Tasks and ways of the WPK’s independent external policy

In order to implement our Party’s foreign policy of independence it is essential that we steadfastly carry forward the Juche-based  stand  and  the  principle of independence  which Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il maintained throughout their life, which they regarded as their guiding principles in foreign relations.
We should consistently apply the idea and principles of our Party’s foreign policy in external activities.
Making the whole world independent is our general task.
The WPK and the government of the DPRK will invariably advance straight ahead along the road    of independence, Songun and socialism, regardless of changes in the situation and relations around us, and occupy the vanguard in the struggle for global independence as befits the champion of independence and justice.
We should open up a new phase in developing our foreign relations in line with our country’s status as an independent power, a nuclear-armed state.
We should remain steadfast in adhering to our revolutionary principles and the stand of independence.
We should defend peace and security in the region and the rest of the world by giving full play to the might of Songun.
We should create an international environment that is favourable for our revolution by proactively developing good neighbourly, friendly and cooperative relations with the progressive countries of the world that respect the sovereignty of our Republic and are friendly to us.
We should further enhance the Republic’s international influence and develop our foreign relations in a proactive and multilateral way.

5. For Strengthening and Developing the Party

Respected Kim Jong Un said.
“In the course of blazing a trail in building a revolutionary party the Party developed into a     great and dignified Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist party and led the cause of the Juche revolution along a road resplendent with victory.”

Successes made in the Party work during the period under review

By applying Comrade Kim Jong Il’s idea and theory on party building, it strengthened itself into a genuine party of the leader, a revolutionary party of the Juche type.
During the period under review the Party developed into a powerful body that is ideologically pure and organizationally integrated, an organization that is faithful to the leader’s ideology and leadership.
The Party has developed into a promising revolutionary party which carries forward the leader’s ideology and leadership from one generation to another.
During the period under review it developed into an invincible party with a sound mass basis and solid military foundations.
The WPK led the revolution and construction to victory with the Juche-oriented method of leadership, by which it placed firm trust in the people, the motive force of the revolution, and relied on them in every way.
The Party raised the people to the position of masters of the revolution and implemented the revolutionary mass line in order to cultivate their strength and firmly unite them all behind it. In the course of overcoming severe trials in the revolution together with the Party our people have prepared themselves as the powerful motive force of the revolution, becoming able to carve out their    destiny on the principle    of self-reliance and self-development. They have also developed into the Workers’ Party of Korea’s peerless supporter, adviser and assistant.
The Workers’ Party of Korea maintained it as an iron rule to resolve all problems arising in the revolution and construction by relying on the people.
If abuses of power and bureaucratism are tolerated, corruption and arbitrary behaviour will grow rampant, and this in turn will foster anti-Party elements. A strenuous, uncompromising struggle should be conducted to remove the root cause of abuses of power, bureaucratism and corruption from among officials.

Tasks for bringing about a fresh turn in consolidating and developing the Party and the Party work

If we are to carry out the important tasks for accomplishing the socialist cause, the cause of the Juche revolution, under the unfurled    banner of modeling the    whole society on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism, we must develop the Workers’ Party of Korea the eternal party of Kimilsungism- Kimjongilism and constantly enhance its leadership role.
The general task for building the Workers’ Party of Korea is to develop it into the party of the great leaders.
We should develop in greater depth the work of establishing the Party’s unified leadership system as required by the developing revolution.
It is important to consolidate the ranks of the Party and the revolution and enhance their fighting efficiency in every possible way.
We should bring about a radical change in the Party’s ideological work.
Ideological work is the basic task of the Party; it is the traditional revolutionary mode of the WPK to give definite priority to ideological work and full rein to the mental strength of the masses in solving all problems.
Applying the people-first principle is the intrinsic demand of our Party, which is struggling for the sake of the masses of the people and conducting its activities by relying on them.
“Let the whole Party make selfless, devoted efforts for  the good  of the  great people!”–this is the fighting  slogan the WPK should hold high at present.
It is imperative to improve the Party’s leadership role steadily in the revolutionary struggle and construction work.
The Party’s leadership, policy-oriented guidance and political leadership, over all realms of social life, including politics, military affairs, economic and cultural construction, and the work of working people’s organizations, should be comprehensively implemented.
Party organizations at all levels should radically improve their role in carrying out the great leaders’ lifetime instructions and the Party’s economic policies.
We must get rid of the outdated patterns in Party work and convert it into work with people both in name and reality.
Above are the main contents of the WPK 7th Congress report delivered by respected Kim Jong Un.

The main spirit of the 7th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the glorious congress that held respected Marshal     Kim Jong Un as the Chairman of the WPK, the significant congress that laid eternal foundation for accomplishing the revolutionary cause of Juche associated with the sacred life of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, is to give full play to the spirit of giving priority to the self-development principle under the uplifted banner of great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism and wage a general attack and death-defying campaign and thus accelerate the final victory of the revolutionary cause of Juche.

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