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Let Us Usher in a Golden Age of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth Movement KIM JONG UN

Kim Jong Un

Let Us Usher in a Golden Age of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth Movement

Speech at the 9th Congress of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League:
August 28, 2016

Dear youth delegates,
Feeling satisfied that the Ninth Congress of Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League, which is held in the stirring period when young people across the country are expediting general onward march to implement the decisions of the Seventh Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea, is doing its work successfully, I warmly congratulate all the youth delegates attending this congress.
I also extend warm thanks and militant greetings to young people across the country, who are working miracles and feats at the posts of national defence and at the sites of building a powerful socialist country and thus fulfilling their honourable mission and duty as the young vanguard of the Party.
I congratulate the members of the overseas Korean youth delegations attending the congress, and offer my warm compatriotic greetings to the overseas young compatriots, including those in Japan, and the youth and students in south Korea who are struggling for the independent reunification of their motherland and the prosperity of their nation.
The Ninth Congress of Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League constitutes a landmark event in defending and adding eternal brilliance to the great Comrades Kim Il Sung's and Kim Jong Il's idea of and exploits in the youth movement and developing the youth league into invincible vanguard ranks as required by the new era.
As a reflection of the unanimous wish and desire of young people across the country, the congress has decided to rename the youth league Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League. This is a great event that laid an unshakeable cornerstone for developing the organization of our young people into a youth league of the great leaders for all ages; it is also a source of great honour and happiness for the youth league organizations and young people.
This is a congress of loyalty that has demonstrated the faith and will of the young vanguard to inherit and accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche under the Party's leadership by carrying forward the glorious history and fighting traditions of the youth league, a congress for general onward march that has inspired young people to the grand struggle for building a powerful socialist country, and a historic congress that has set up a new milestone for the victorious advance of the Juche-oriented youth movement and the development of the youth league.
As I stand on the platform in the venue of this meaningful congress, a watershed in the development of the Juche-oriented youth movement, I feel my heart filled with infinite gratitude to and reverence for the great Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il who trained our young people to be splendid and reliable successors to the revolution and built the proud youth power.
The 70 years of the youth league is a history of brilliant victories of the great leaders' original idea of prioritizing young people and their wise leadership. It is also a history of the ardent loyalty and patriotic devotion with which the young people of Korea have supported the Party, the leader, the country and the people.
Having made a start of the youth movement early in the flames of the anti-Japanese revolution, Comrade Kim Il Sung expounded the Juche-oriented idea of the movement and guided it at its every step, lavishing great trust and affection on young people.
By dint of the line of prioritizing young people and his outstanding and seasoned leadership, Comrade Kim Jong Il developed the youth league into an organization that is unfailingly loyal to the Party and the leader and trained young people into reliable successors in carrying forward the lineage of Paektu, into warriors in accomplishing the revolutionary cause of Juche, thus opening a new heyday for the youth movement.
That they regarded prioritizing young people as the most important of all state affairs and made it a strategic revolutionary line in the whole course of leading the revolution, and, by wisely leading the implementation of the line, gave a perfect solution to the youth problem for the first time in history and built a youth power without parallel in the world is an outstanding exploit performed by our great leaders.
Indeed, the youth movement of Korea is the glorious Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist youth movement pioneered and developed by dint of their great ideas and wise leadership, and ours is Kim Il Sung's and Kim Jong Il's youth power built thanks to their ennobling trust and affection.
The proud decades of victorious advance of the Juche-oriented youth movement are associated with the invaluable blood and sweat and heroic exploits of the young people who fought self-sacrificingly for the Party, the leader, the country and the people.
The first generation of the young people of our revolution took up arms following Comrade Kim Il Sung and fought the bloody anti-Japanese struggle, thus achieving the historic cause of national liberation. In the days of the fierce Fatherland Liberation War young people fought under the leadership of Comrade Kim Il Sung, dedicating even their youthful life without hesitation for their dear motherland, thus creating a miracle of heroic Korea in achieving victory in the war and defending with honour their motherland against the imperialists' aggression. In the arduous postwar days our young people, who were faithful to the call of the Party and the leader, performed brilliant feats of labour in reconstruction, and stormed ahead in the spirit of Chollima, thus working a miracle of heroic Korea of building in a short period a socialist state that is independent, self-supporting and self-reliant in defence.
In the trying days of the anti-imperialist, anti-US showdown that would decide the destiny of socialism, our young people stood in the vanguard of supporting the Songun-based revolutionary leadership of General Kim Jong Il, thus safeguarding the lifeline of the Juche revolution and socialist country death-defyingly, overcoming the hardships and trials and opening an era of making a turn in building a powerful socialist country.
In the new era of the Juche revolution our young people, with the faith and courage that they can lift even the earth when they are trusted by the Party, built the marvelous Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station through a fierce struggle with nature, thus creating the legendary tale of heroic youth and demonstrating to the full the heroic mettle of the young vanguard of the new generation educated and trained by our Party. The Paektusan hero youth spirit displayed by the Paektu youth is the revolutionary spirit of defending the Party Central Committee and implementing its policies to the death and the offensive-oriented, revolutionary spirit symbolic of our present era.
Their heroic struggle for and exploits in steadfastly defending the Party, the leader and the country and powerfully propelling socialist construction through generations on the sacred revolutionary road will shine for ever in the annals of our Party and of building the Juche-oriented youth power.
In the gigantic and worthwhile struggle for achieving the country's prosperity and people's happiness, our young people have been educated in a revolutionary way and trained spiritually and physically, and have developed into a large, matchless contingent forming a thousand-fold, tens-of-thousand-fold fortress around the Party.
Our young people are patriots and heroes whom we can be proud of before the world; that they have a large contingent of such trustworthy young people is a great blessing for the Workers' Party of Korea and a source of pride for Korea, and this assures the great strength of our dignified state and its bright future.
I pay tribute to the young people of the preceding generations, who dedicated their one and only valuable youth to the sacred cause for the Party, the revolution, the country and the people, and extend once again, on behalf of the Workers' Party of Korea, warm, militant greetings to the young people across the country, who are performing shining youthful exploits in translating the Party's plans and intentions into reality.
Today the youth league is faced with the heavy yet honourable task for ushering in a golden age of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist youth movement by developing itself into the eternal youth organization of the great leaders as required by the new era of the Juche revolution and displaying its might as the Party's advance force and wing in the efforts for implementing the decisions adopted at the Seventh Congress of the Party.
If the youth league is to fulfil the sacred mission and duty it has assumed for the times and the revolution, it should model itself on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.
Modelling the youth league on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism means holding up the great Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il as eternal leaders and advancing the Juche-oriented youth movement victoriously guided by their revolutionary ideology.
This is a mature demand of our developing revolution and youth movement which have reached a new high, and the militant banner the youth league must hold fast to in the struggle to accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche.
Young people are the successors to the Juche revolution, and the youth league is a reliable reserve force of our Party. The future of the Party and revolution and the destiny of the country and nation depend largely on the role they play, and the youth league shoulders an important task to perform in implementing our Party's programme of modelling the whole society on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.
The great General Kim Jong Il said early that the youth league, together with the Party and the army, has an important role to play in the revolutionary struggle, and that we have nothing to fear if the Party, the army and the youth league are strong. When the youth league, together with the Party and the army, is modelled on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism true to the General's ideas on the Party, the army and the youth league, the might of our revolutionary ranks will be increased to the maximum. Modelling the entire youth league as well as the entire Party and the entire army on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism is the path our revolution should follow and the basic guarantee for accomplishing the revolutionary cause of Juche.
The youth league should safeguard and add brilliance to the great leaders' idea of and leadership exploits in the youth movement, and establish the Party's unified leadership system within itself thoroughly, holding aloft the banner of modelling itself on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.
It should ensure that all its officials and other young people devote loyalty of the highest degree to upholding Comrades Kim Il Sungand          Kim Jong Il as eternal leaders. It should take the great leaders' idea of the youth movement as the banner of victory for the youth movement, a fundamental guideline for strengthening itself, and should ensure that all its undertakings are geared to safeguarding the leaders' idea and leadership exploits and death-defyingly implementing the instructions they gave in their lifetime.
It should constantly intensify the work of establishing the Party's unified leadership system as demanded by the period of making a leap forward in implementing the revolutionary cause of Juche, and establish strict discipline and order whereby all matters arising in its building and activities are dealt with according to the unified conclusion of the Party Central Committee and the Party's decisions and directives are conveyed and disseminated in time from its Central Committee to its lowest echelons and carried out immediately.
It should hold fast to ideological education among young people as its main task and fully prepare all of them as genuine Kimilsungists-Kimjongilists.
The youth league is an organization for ideological education, and its basic duty is to conduct ideological education of young people. If the youth league organizations neglect their basic duty of conducting ideological education of their members, busying themselves with ceremonial events or economic and other business-like affairs, they cannot prepare young people to be stout successors to the revolution. This will result in shaking the foundation of the youth work and making the youth league itself inviable.
The ultimate objective in educating young people is to train all of them into genuine Kimilsungists-Kimjongilists.
Our Party's revolutionary ideology and the revolutionary spirit of Paektu provide essential nourishment for doing so. The youth league should implant the Juche idea, our Party's revolutionary ideology, and the revolutionary spirit of Paektu deep in the minds of all our young people. By doing so, it should train them to be strong in ideas and faith and ready to fight staunchly in the spirit of self-development with loyalty to the Party's cause, and ensure that all the places where they live and work seethe with the soul and mettle of Paektu.
The youth league organizations at all levels should hold fast to the five-point education put forward by the Party, regarding it as what constitutes the major contents of the ideological education geared to training young people into Kimilsungists-Kimjongilists, and conduct it effectively by making use of all forms and occasions of the ideological education work.
They should lay great stress on educating young people in the greatness of our leaders with the aim of preparing them as the young vanguard unfailingly faithful to the Party and the leaders. They should also step up education of young people in Kim Jong Il's patriotism, revolutionary faith, anti-imperialist and class consciousness, and socialist morality, so that all of them become true patriots with ardent love for their country, hot-blooded fighters with indomitable revolutionary faith and unwavering anti-imperialist and class consciousness, staunch champions of the class struggle and cultured social beings with a high degree of cultural attainments and ennobling moral traits.
They should effectively run the education system including study sessions and lectures and raise its efficiency to the highest possible level. In this way they can make sure that wherever there are young people, the Party's intentions are given uninterrupted publicity and they imbibe our Party's revolutionary ideology all the time, just as they breathe fresh air.
They should conduct education of young people in a novel and aggressive way as suited to their characteristic features. They should decisively eliminate the tendency towards emphasizing how many times the ideological education work is done or following any set formula in conducting it. Instead, they should adopt a novel, energetic and militant approach towards this work, in conformity with the characteristics of young people and the requirements of the times. They should strive hard to find and use sincere and highly effective methods of education that will inspire the masses of young people with youthful vigour.
The youth league organizations and young people should become the vanguard and shock brigade in building a powerful socialist country.
To build a powerful socialist country is a sacred cause of developing the country into a mighty socialist state, a prospering people's paradise, according to the plans of the great leaders and the Party. To achieve breakthroughs in the vanguard of the struggle to this end is the basic duty proper to our young people who make up the Party's militant reserve and the most vigorous of our social forces.
All our young people, upholding the militant tasks advanced by the Seventh Congress of the Party, should honour their valuable title of heroic youth in our era, in the worthwhile struggle to build a powerful socialist country.
"Let us fully demonstrate the resourcefulness and gallantry of the heroic youth in the general offensive for building a powerful socialist country!"-this is the militant slogan the youth league and young people should hold high in the present times.
Young people should be the death-defying corps in the struggle to defend their socialist country, faithfully supporting our Party's Songun-based revolutionary leadership.
They are the advance force in carrying out the Songun revolution and the main force in safeguarding the country. All of them, bearing in mind our Party's idea of prioritizing arms, should regard national defence as their most sacred duty and the highest expression of patriotism, and valiantly turn out in the struggle to defend the socialist country. The young service personnel of the Korean People's Army and the Korean People's Internal Security Forces, as befit the combatants defending the outposts of the anti-imperialist military front, the lifeline of our revolution, should firmly grasp the weapons of the revolution and the class and safeguard the defence lines of the country and its socialist system. At any time in the future we will surely confront the US imperialists, the sworn enemy of our people; they should create a new miracle of achieving victory in this life-or-death showdown.
Youth and students should all cultivate ardent patriotism and a staunch spirit of defending the country, and take part in military training with a sincere attitude. In times of emergency they should take up arms and turn out as one in the all-people resistance to defend their beloved country, native homes and workplaces against the aggression of the enemy and their destructive and subversive moves.
The struggle to defend socialism is a military showdown with the enemy; at the same time it is a confrontation in ideology and spirit. Today imperialists and reactionaries, setting our young people of a new generation as their target, are resorting to vicious schemes in trying to deprave and corrupt them and undermine our socialism from within.
All our young people should resolutely counter the enemy's schemes for ideological and cultural infiltration with great ideological and mental strength and unshakeable revolutionary faith, and take a tough stand to prevent any alien ideology and culture and unnatural lifestyle from penetrating our interior. The youth league organizations should intensify ideological education and ideological struggle among young people, so as to root out, at the first signs, any poisonous elements of non-socialist and alien practices appearing in the garden of our style of socialism.
Our country, now developing by leaps and bounds, calls on young people to strive for the building of a powerful socialist country. The vibrant sites where the Mallima speed is being created in a race against time, are theatres of activity for our hot-blooded young people.
They should uphold the self-development-first banner on all fronts for building a powerful socialist country and display their valiant offensive spirit and youthful courage in achieving new miraculous and innovative successes one after another.
In implementing the Five-Year Strategy for National Economic Development they should raise fierce flames for collective competition, thereby setting new standards and new records and overfulfilling their daily, monthly and quarterly quotas for the national economic plan.
The youth league organizations should push ahead with the Songun Youth Torch Prize movement, the youth shock brigade movement and other mass movements, the advantages and vitality of which have been confirmed in practice. They should launch vigorous campaigns in which one overtakes and learns from others and swaps experiences with them, and raise fierce flames for performing great exploits. Then new miraculous and innovative achievements will be made wherever young people are working, and youthful vigour will pervade the entire country.
The youth league should carry out with credit major construction projects that will make a significant contribution to developing the economy and improving the people's living standards, fully demonstrating the might of youth shock brigade. The Party Central Committee is planning to place the youth shock brigades, along with the construction units of the People's Army, in the vanguard of the struggle to usher in a great golden age of construction. Young people should display the courage and spirit of moving mountains and filling up seas at a go at the sites of grand socialist construction in answer to the Party's appeal, building on this land larger numbers of monumental structures that are named in honour of them.
The more vigorously young people advance in response to the Party's call demonstrating the might of the youth construction units, the more vibrantly the entire country will be seething and the greater progress will be made in implementing the cause of building a powerful socialist country.
Young people should become the vanguard and pioneer in building a sci-tech power.
In the present era of science and technology the competition of national strength is precisely the one of science and technology, and the future of our prosperous country depends on how hard our young people are striving, who are sensitive to the new and overflowing with creative wisdom and verve. They should stand in the vanguard of the competitions of the mind and of technologies to build a sci-tech power and glorify the days of their youth with valuable creations and feats, so as to bring forward the future of their prosperous country.
Young scientists and technicians, keeping their feet firmly planted on this land and looking out over the world, should devote their creative wisdom and enthusiasm to the campaign to surpass the cutting edge, with a view to raising our country to the status of a sci-tech power as soon as possible. Young people should take the lead in making all the people well-versed in science and technology, and become masters of invention and technical innovation, rendering a positive contribution to modernizing the production lines and ensuring the domestic production of raw materials, fuel and equipment. Students should learn hard and accumulate knowledge, always holding books in their hands, and thus prepare themselves to contribute to promoting national prosperity by developing cutting-edge science and technology.
Young people should become creators of socialist civilization and the vanguard in building a civilized power.
They should play the core, vanguard role in building our country into a civilized socialist power as soon as possible by developing art and literature, sports and all other sectors of socialist culture in a comprehensive way.
All of them, cherishing national pride and self-confidence that our own culture and lifestyle are the best, should hold dear all tangible and intangible heritage achieved by the preceding generations, and add lustre to our style of socialist culture. As demanded by the era when the general offensive for building a powerful socialist country is gaining momentum, they should bring the culture of heroic youth into full blossom and make the songs of revolution and struggle resound wherever they live and work.
They should make strenuous efforts to tighten moral discipline. They should all respect their revolutionary forerunners, teachers and seniors, promote communal unity and family harmony, and observe public morality and order of life on a voluntary basis.
They should contribute to economic construction and defence building with a sturdy physique developed amid the wind of mass-based sports and defence sports, and take the lead in turning the whole country into a socialist fairyland.
They should wage a proactive struggle to achieve the independent reunification of the country and global independence.
It is the young people, the sons and daughters of the nation and the future of the country, who ought to stand in the vanguard of the effort to accomplish the great national cause of putting an end to the long-standing suffering of national division and building on this land a dignified and prosperous reunified country.
All the Korean young people in the north, in the south and abroad should hold aloft the banner of national independence and great national unity, join their minds and purposes on the patriotic road of reunification and fight in solidarity and collaboration. In this way, they can smash the obstructive moves of the US imperialists and other anti-reunification forces and open up a broad avenue to national reunification.
Holding high the three charters for national reunification, the historic June 15 North-South Joint Declaration and the October 4 Declaration, provided by the great leaders, as grand programmes for national reunification, the youth league and young people should stand in the vanguard of the struggle for the independent reunification of the country and render positive support and encouragement to the struggle of the youth and students in south Korea for anti-US independence and national reunification and to the patriotic struggle of the overseas young compatriots.
The youth and students in the south should wage a dynamic struggle to thwart the moves of the United States and its followers for aggression and war, who are attempting to bring a nuclear holocaust to our nation, and to have the historic agreements common to the nation respected and implemented. By doing so, they can open up a new phase for the development of inter-Korean relations and national reunification.
Those in Japan and other overseas Korean young people should, with pride and self-respect of being members of the dignified Korean nation, render characteristic contributions to the patriotic cause for the independent reunification of their country and prosperity of their socialist motherland.
The youth movement of Korea is closely related to the world youth movement, and the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League is faced with an important task for contributing to securing genuine international justice and realizing the cause of global independence by strengthening unity and cooperation under the unfurled banner of anti-imperialist independence with the progressive young peoples of the world, who champion independence.
The youth league should apply the idea and principles of our Party's foreign policy to cementing anti-imperialist solidarity, friendship and unity with the world's progressive young peoples and proactively contributing to the development of the world youth movement. It should be a good example and the vanguard in the struggle of the young peoples to achieve independence and justice, and make dynamic headway, demonstrating to the whole world the might of the Juche-oriented youth power.
In order to usher in a golden age in the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist youth movement, the youth league should strengthen its organizations and enhance their militant functions and role in every way possible.
The youth league is a political organization that trains young people to be a reserve force of the Party and successors to the revolutionary cause of Juche; it is in direct charge of the youth movement. Only when its organizations are powerful and their militant might is displayed to the full can they advance the youth movement vigorously true to the Party's ideas and intentions.
It should launch a strong drive for strengthening its organizations so as to ensure that its organizations at all levels are developed into those strong in organization, discipline, unity and fighting capability, into elite youth ranks.
A revolutionary work system and discipline should be established across the youth league organizations.
It should establish a well-regulated work system and order by which its organizations at all levels carry out its decisions and directives for implementing the Party's policies and report the results promptly and organizations at higher echelons keep up-to-date with the activities of their subordinate ones and take appropriate measures. It should establish strict discipline across itself, from its Central Committee down to its primary organizations, by which all their undertakings are conducted as required by the Party's policies and the Rules of the youth league.
The major link in the whole chain of the efforts for developing the youth league is to strengthen its primary organizations, which are its grass-roots organizations and basic combat units. The youth league committees at all levels should go down to the primary organizations on a regular basis, improve the qualifications and capabilities of the primary officials and help them in a responsible way so that the officials can work with the youth league members effectively. In particular, city and county youth league committees, the guidance units at the lowest level, should properly get acquainted with the work of their primary organizations, effectively guide them and give them positive help.
Youth league organizations should intensify the organizational life of their members so as to ensure that this life is turned into a course of a school in which they are educated and trained in a revolutionary way.
The organizational life in the youth league is worthwhile and valuable political life for young people to add lustre to their political integrity as befits the members of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League.
The youth league organizations should establish a revolutionary climate of organizational life among their members, so as to encourage them all to treasure their organizations as a parent body of their political integrity and take a voluntary part in their organizational life. They should put the organizational life on a regular footing and establish strict organizational discipline to ensure that no young men and women take part in their organizational life lackadaisically or live divorced from their organizations. They should bring the organizational life close to fulfilling revolutionary tasks, ensuring that the outcome of the former is expressed in the latter.
The youth league should direct great efforts to strengthening the organizations of the Children's Union, its successor, and educating the union members properly.
Children's Union members are pillars who will shoulder the future of our country, and strengthening the Children's Union is an important task entrusted to the youth league.
What the enemy fear most is that the lineage of our revolution is being steadily carried forward. Youth league committees at all levels should regard guidance over the work of the Children's Union as one of their tasks, and ensure that school education, family education and social education are closely linked for educating the Children's Union members. In this way they can prepare all the members and organizations of the Children's Union to be the children's vanguard faithful to our Party.
It is important to build up the ranks of the youth league officials and further enhance their sense of responsibility and role.
Whether or not the work of the youth league is correctly carried on as intended by the Party depends entirely on the role of officials of the youth league, masters of youth work. When they become the engine and skilful political workers that guide young people to always advance straight ahead and with vigour following the Party, the five-million-strong youth ranks can become a steel-like vanguard unit without any duds.
The youth league, to suit the realities in which one generation of its officials is continuously being replaced by another, should replenish and renew in time these ranks with the hard-core young people who are politically and ideologically sound and have been trained in the practical struggle. It should channel great efforts into training its reserve officials.
All the youth league officials should be well aware of their tasks in the struggle to usher in a golden age of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist youth movement, and execute them creditably.
They should become fervent advocates, active disseminators and thorough implementers of the great leaders' and Party's idea and line of prioritizing young people.
They should equip themselves fully with this idea and line, carry on youth work on the basis of the leaders' instructions and the Party's idea, and implement the Party's policy of youth work to the death.
They should become dedicated fighters, infinite enthusiasts and persevering men of action, who are ready to devote heart and soul to developing the work of the youth league.
They should always have the development of the league's work under their consideration and devote their wisdom and passion to achieving it, and organize and carry on the work in a fresh and innovative way with unyielding fortitude and enterprising work style. They should arrange all undertakings in a way big enough to make the youthful hearts beat high, and whatever they do, they should give a strong push to it with unshakeable courage and stamina that they will finish it, come what may, and bring it to fruition without fail.
They should become the standard-bearers in the struggle, standing in the vanguard of the ranks to make breakthroughs on the advance, and models of rank-and-file members in all aspects.
They should immerse themselves in the seething workplaces, tackle difficult and labour-consuming work ahead of others, and influence their members in practice, not in words, to arouse them to struggle and achieve feats. They should be a good example for the members to emulate in implementing the revolutionary tasks and conducting the organizational life, and be simple, modest and upright in everyday life.
They should become dear "elder brothers" and "elder sisters" of the members who love and look after them as they would do their own flesh and blood and share weal and woe with them.
With fervent comradeship, they should take responsible care of the political integrity of their members and share sorrow and joy with them. They should work devotedly and selflessly for the good of their members and help and lead all of them to advance straight ahead following the Party without any laggard.
They should be all-round and versatile men, who know much and are possessed of high organizing ability, vigour of activity and rich cultural attainments.
By studying hard and by making strenuous efforts they should acquire knowledge in various fields, become proficient in the practical work of the youth league, and acquire the methods and best way of educating and enlisting the members. They should be good at singing, dancing and making motivational speeches.
Party guidance over the work of the youth league should be further improved.
The work with young people is part of Party work, and positively helping the youth league in its work and leading it along the right path is an important task of the organizations and officials of the Party.
They should bear in mind the intention of the Party Central Committee to prioritize the work with young people and intensify their policy-oriented guidance and political leadership in order to ensure that the work of the youth league in their respective regions and units is conducted properly in line with the Party's ideas and intentions.
They should spare no efforts for the education of young people, love and treat them in an unbiased manner with scrupulous maternal affection, and take good care of them in their work and life.
Particular concern should be directed to the work with the youth league officials.
The organizations and officials of the Party should educate them in a responsible way and provide them with good working conditions so that they can focus on the work with young people. They should admit exemplary youth league officials into the Party and appoint them as Party officials on a preferential basis, so as to ensure that all the officials of the youth league feel great honour and pride and devote all their wisdom and passion to its work.
A Party-wide campaign should be launched to create model, exemplary units in Party guidance over the work of the youth league and generalize their experience so as to make sure that loving young people and rendering positive support to the work of the youth league becomes a trait of the Workers' Party of Korea.
The climate of prioritizing and loving young people should pervade the whole country.
The work with youth and children is an undertaking of overriding importance that has a bearing on the future of our Party, our state and our style of socialism, and training them should be the concern of the whole country and all the people. Not only Party officials but all other officials and working people should become educators and parents of youth and children, properly educating them and actively assisting in resolving the problems concerning the work with them. Then our young people of a new generation will grow into dependable successors to the revolution under the guidance and with the help of the whole country and the whole society.
A broad vista is open before the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League and our young people storming ahead along the course of the Korean revolution indicated by the Party Central Committee, and the eternal brilliant future of the youth movement of Korea is assured.
Let us all struggle dynamically for the accomplishment of the Juche-oriented socialist cause, for the modelling of the youth league on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism and towards the bright future of the youth power.
Glory to our resourceful, heroic and trustworthy five-million-strong young vanguard!

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