Friday, 2 September 2016

Why the DPRK is Not Fascist !!!-special article by Dermot Hudson

The  bourgeois establishment anti DPRK lie machine is merciless and unrelenting . Alongside recycled stories about people being executed by 'anti-aircraft guns' and the usual rubbish about "famine " and " starvation " there are more insidious myths being peddled. Some of these are aimed at the so-called "chattering classes " , people who listen to Radio 4 and read the "Guardian ". One of these is that the DPRK is "fascist ". Of course those of us who had been involved with the DPRK and Juche for years find the very idea patently ridiculous and pretty silly , It is standing the truth on its head . President KIM IL SUNG fought against Japanese militarism which was allied to Nazi Germany and Mussolini's Italy. Indeed the anti-Japanese armed struggle led by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG was a component part of the international anti-fascist struggle . The Korean people lost some of their best sons and daughters in the fight against fascist Japanese imperialism .
  Notwithstanding this the politically illiterate scribes of imperialism, those overpaid vegetated hack writers persist in calling the DPRK the fascist and sadly this nonsense misconception is all over the internet ,polluting people's minds with lies and misinformation. Lets examine the truth.
  What is fascism, it is something that is itself is often loosely defined.Some used to say Maggie Thatcher was a fascist. Most dictionary definitions define fascism as authoritarian , right wing and anti-communist . Well on this definiton the DPRK falls outside the definition as it is ruled by the Workers' Partry of Korea , a communist party . Socialist culture flourishes in the DPRK it is not suppressed. A better , more exact and tighter definition of fascism was given by Georgi Dimitrov ,a great anti-fascist who defied Hitlers courts who was the head of the COMINTERN and first prime minster of the Bulgarian People's Republic. Dimtrov said " Fascism is an open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary, the most chauvinistic, the most imperialistic elements of the financial capital... Fascism is neither the government beyond classes nor the government of the petty bourgeois or the lumpen-proletariat over the financial capital. Fascism is the government of the financial capital itself. It is an organized massacre of the working class and the revolutionary slice of peasantry and intelligentsia. Fascism in its foreign policy is the most brutal kind of chauvinism, which cultivates zoological hatred against other people"
There is no monopoly or finance capital (big business and big banks ) in the DPRK . Fascism and Nazi-ism were actual creations of big business ,bankers and big landlords . It is a plain fact that there would have been no death camps in Nazi Germany if the big capitalist monopolies such as IGFarben not constructed them nor if the banks had lent money to construct them. Monopoly capital and private businesses  do not exist in the DPRK which is a socialist country where the people own the resources . There is no class or social group in the DPRK that could benefit from fascism.
   Fascism in some countries has been associated with extreme expansionism and grabbing others people’s territories . Hitler used to talk about living space . However the DPRK has never tried to seize parts of China or Japan. The DPRK strongly respects the sovereignty of other countries and does not try to invade others people countries. In today's world the most expansionist country is the United States which has bases in hundreds of countries . So some people have looked in the wrong place to find fascism, it is not the DPRK but the US that is
fascist !
  The Juche Idea itself is profoundly antifascist. It was conceived on the battlefields against Japanese fascism.The great leader comrade KIM JONG IL
explicitly condemned fascism and refuted the idea that socialism is 'totalitarian'
and somehow similar to fascism.
   Totalitarianism served as the political idea of fascist dictators. Notorious Hitler in Germany and Mussolini in Italy used totalitarianism as an ideological tool to justify their fascist dictatorship. The fascist dictators stamped out even the most elementary democratic freedom and rights of the masses of the working people and enforced unprecedentedly tyrannical policies, behind the misleading name of “national socialism”, claiming that for the sake of the whole nation and the whole state no working-class movement and no class struggle could be permitted. The reactionary nature of totalitarianism is that the interests of the working people are sacrificed for the sake of the rapacious interests of the reactionary ruling class under the pretence that the individual should be subordinated to the whole. What is meant by the whole in totalitarianism is not the whole of the popular masses but a tiny handful of privileged circles such as monopoly capitalists, major landowners, reactionary bureaucrats and warlords. Calling socialism, under which the popular masses are the masters of everything, “totalitarianism” is, ultimately, a preposterous lie which identifies the most progressive idea that reflects the demands of the popular masses with the reactionary idea of fascist rulers.
 Juche advocates the full realisation of man's independence and creativity.It is  the complete opposite to fascism which stipulates the subordination of the people to the interests of the ruling class.
   People who want to find fascism on the Korean peninsula should look no further than south Korea which is ruled by a descendant of a collaborator with fascist Japan.In south Korea communists are suppressed,the National Security Law imposes jail sentences of 7 years for being a communist or even simply praising the DPRK or having any contact with it.The trade unions are also being repressed with the chairman of the south Korean trades recently being jailed. South Korea is the typical fascist state of the 21st century.
   The idea that the DPRK is somehow  fascist is another myth that has been created in the boardroom of a corporate PR company or deep inside the labyrinth of the CIA. This is a myth that needs to smashed and exposed and progressive people should support the DPRK in its struggle against fascist south Korea and fascist Yankee imperialism.
Dr Dermot Hudson
Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England
President Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK
Official Delegate Korean Friendship Association UK
Member and advisor International Committee For the Study of Songun Politics

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