Tuesday, 3 May 2016

WPK, Great Guide of Independence, Songun and Cause of Socialism

The Workers’ Party of Korea will soon meet for its 7th Congress in Pyongyang, the capital city of socialist Korea.
The international community focuses its attention on the occasion of the forthcoming Congress to the WPK, a guiding force of the heroic Korean people who are creating eye-opening miracles and displaying their indomitable mettle.
The past 70 years’ course traversed by the WPK is a glorious journey in which it led the people along the road of independence, Songun and socialism.
The independence, Songun and socialism constitute the strategic line and banner of sure victory the WPK steadfastly has held to in the revolution and construction.
The WPK is a vanguard of revolution leading the people to the independence.
The tribulations and misfortune suffered by the Korean people in the past was not the fate of a small nation caused by the geopolitical position, but a tragic consequence brought about by the submission to the stronger and dependence on the foreign forces.
President Kim Il Sung(1912 - 1994), founder of socialist Korea, implanted the soul of the nation and spirit of independence from the first day of his launch to revolution in the mind of the Korean revolutionaries and people and awakened them with the truth of Juche all along that the master of the Korean revolution is the Korean people themselves and they had to build an independent and sovereign state relying on their own strength.   His wise leadership of arming the people with the spirit of independence afforded a fundamental source of power by which the people could build up a strong nation run through with the principle of Juche in ideology, independent in politics, self-supporting in the economy and self-reliant in the national defense.
The WPK is an invincible Party leading the people along the unique road of Songun. Songun is a great force by which the people could build up a citadel of independence and peace on the land of Korea which was war-ridden in the past at the cross-road of competing great powers for supremacy.
The WPK has already established an independent defense industry and consolidated rapidly all-round defense capabilities by carrying out the line of developing the economy and defense simultaneously.
In the historic plenary meeting of its Central Committee in March, 2013 it put forth a strategic line of building up the economy and the nuclear arms simultaneously to set a milestone to build a strong nation.
Since it held fast to the principle of attaching importance to the arms and military affairs, Korea, which fought the nuclear-armed formidable enemy with rifles in the last war, now grew to the great Paektusan nation possessed of nuclear weapons and satellites. The credit of proud tradition of heroic Korea which brought the US imperialists boasting of the world “mightiest” to submission to date since the 50s of the last century goes to the Songun leadership of the WPK.
The WPK is a prestigious Party leading the people convincingly along the untrodden path of socialism.
It expounded in a unique way the scientific accuracy and truthfulness of socialism with the masses of people at the centre. Under the wise leadership of the WPK opening up and guiding the people-centered socialist cause the most advanced social system was established in Korea where the masses of people are masters of all and everything serves for them and the society develops on the strength of the unity of the people. Even at the time of crisis of the country it exercised invariably the socialist policies including the free compulsory education and free medical care for the sake of the people and developed them further.
There are still many things wanted and difficult in socialist Korea. However, bright is the prospect of Korean-style socialism for which all the people united single-heartedly behind the WPK are marching forward to bring into reality the far-reaching goals and ideals.
      Today the WPK is further displaying its invincible might because it is led by Marshal Kim Jong Un.

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