Friday, 13 May 2016

Give up war rehearsals against north Korea!

Members of the Korea Solidarity for Independent Reunification and Democracy staged a surprise protest in front of the US embassy in Seoul on May 2.
They carried a placard written US should depart from south Korea with their anthrax! and chanted slogans Stop war games against north Korea!, Conclude Pyongyang-Washington peace pact!, Resign, Park Geun-hye! and No pressure on the KSIRD! in front of the embassy, while distributing publications to passers-by.
They averred that ceaseless war games of the US, the cause of Koreas division, frighten the south Koreans.
They noted that any kind of war exercise bringing the dark clouds of nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula should not be launched and demanded the US troops withdrawal from south Korea.
The pro-American and bellicose Park regime, a cats-paw and marionette of the US, should consult the will of the public shown in the general election and retire from the presidency, they asserted.
It is quite natural that the solidarity has launched 18 demonstrations in front of the American embassy to demand independent reunification and democracy.
No matter how desperately the defunct Park regime may suppress the solidarity they would not yield to the regime, they will continue the action to win genuine democracy and achieve independent reunification to the end.
On the day, the mobile police forces offered violence to the protesters and took them to the police station.
On April 29, a seminar denouncing the south Korean chief executive who is escalating inter-Korean confrontation and tension was held in front of American embassy in Seoul under the sponsorship of the Korea Solidarity for Independent Reunification and Democracy.
The largest-scale two-months-long military games with involvement of hundreds of thousands of troops are criminal act showing US hegemony over the Korean Peninsula, Lee Cheon-jae, advisor to the South Headquarters of the Pan-national Alliance for Koreas Reunification asserted.
After the seminar, they marched to the government office building, chanting slogans against the US and south Korean government.

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