Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Strangler of Democracy

The Park Chung Hee-led military gangsters grabbed power through the May 16 military coup, 55 years ago.
At that time, south Koreans desire to live in a democratic society free from foreign force and fascist autocracy was stronger.       
In 1960, the south Korean people eventually overthrown the Syngman Rhee dictatorial regime through the April uprising against the US military presence in and colonial domination over south Korea. 
The May 16 military coup staged by the Park Chung-hee military fascist junta under the wire-pulling of Washington was an unpardonable criminal case aimed at stamping out blooming democracy in south Korea after the April 19 popular uprising and wresting power.  
The despotism of Park Chung-hee was a great tragedy that sunk south Korea to a theater of fascism, desert of human rights and democracy.
Park declared anti-communism as a primary state policy and manufactured more than 2 000 evil fascist laws including the anti-communism law. He set up the south Korean Central Intelligence Agency, one of fascist suppression tool, to turn south Korea as various kind of information network and stopped the ears and mouths of the south Koreans.   
He, not contented with it, dissolved parliament at the point of bayonet in October 1972 to take the reins of authority including executive, legislative and judicial powers, neglecting segregation of powers that had been existing as the yusin constitution for forms sake.   
South Korea was reduced into a desolate wasteland in which politics, democracy, human rights and press turned to dust and ashes.
Due to frequent proclamation of martial, garrison law and contingency, month of counter-espionage, crime prevention and exposure of disturbing elements, the south Koreans had to live in constant fear.    
To keep his fascist regime he terrorized everyone who is impedimental to the yusin autocracy. In the long run, he met a violent death by his one of confidants, the director the Central Intelligence Agency.
Though much water has flown under the bridge since the demise of the yusin despotism, now the south Koreans suffer misfortune and pain by the reckless political suppression of sitting chief executive and unheard-of violation of democracy reminiscent of the past yusin dictatorship.   
 The south Korean chief executive has reorganized all fascist machineries yusin despotism in the past. She has branded the progressive democratic forces demanding independence, democracy and reunification as enemy-benefiting and pro-north forces, and harshly quelled the people requesting their right to live.  
The current situation shows to build a new society free from foreign force and fascist monocracy, the long-cherished desire of the south Koreans, they should overthrow fascist tyranny regime by concerted efforts of themselves.

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