Monday, 16 May 2016

Abominable Collusion

In recent, the Blue House officials bribed one of the ultra-conservative body through the business groups to hold rallies and demos to support its treacherous policies.
The ultra-conservative body has given unquestionable support to the south Korean authorities’ unpopular policies and levied blackmail on the progressive civic organizations. It has been denounced by the south Korean people as it spoke against north Korea.
It branded the south Korean people’s action criticizing the National Intelligence Service’s unlawful involvement in the 2012 presidential election as political propaganda of the pro-north Korean forces and attempt to weaken the NIS. It made desperate bid to check the enactment of special law to investigate the truth of the sunken ferry Sewol.
It pronounced curses on the south Korean people’s righteous campaign to protest against the Park Geun-hye regime’s humiliating agreement with Japan on the issue of “comfort women” for the Imperial Japanese Army as “demagogue” and “enemy-benefiting act”.
However, these rash acts are not voluntary but through wirepulling of the Blue House and staggering amount of money offered by the Federation of the Korean Industries.
The various circle and opposition parties of south Korea ridicule behavior of the current regime struggling to maintain its power punished by the public and assert the parliament should conduct inspection of the administration to probe the truth of illegal acts.
The above-said facts prove the Blue House, a cesspool of evil and crime, has made every conceivable bids to maintain its power and pursue the unpopular policies. 

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