Sunday, 22 May 2016

DPRK Sends Letter of Protest to Park Geun Hye

Pyongyang, May 22 (KCNA) -- The DPRK Emergency Measure Committee for Rescuing Abductees sent a letter of protest to Park Geun Hye on Sunday as regards the south Korean side's continued detention of DPRK citizens who were abducted in group.
    As already known, the Intelligence Service of south Korea allured and took away to south Korea women citizens of the DPRK in group on April 5, who were running a restaurant in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province of China.
    The letter said that the abduction of those citizens conducting legitimate business activities overseas is a violation of the DPRK's sovereignty and a heinous politically-motivated provocation to its ideology and system.
    Branding the case as a hideous, premeditated and organized international terrorism committed under intervention of the south Korean authorities from A to Z, it said:
    It is the unanimous view of people at home and abroad that such "defection", made in few hours via third country, would have been impossible without direct involvement and control of the authorities.
    Your side has kept each of our citizens in a solitary cell, completely isolating them from the outside world and gagging the press. It is another proof that the recent case was committed in an organized way under the direction of the authorities.
    Your side's group abduction is an unethical act of destroying the harmonious families and ruthlessly violating human rights.
    More than 40 days has passed since the DPRK girls were abducted and taken away to south Korea.
    Our side had already and strongly demanded through several channels that your side make an apology for the group abduction and unconditionally return our citizens and inflict a severe punishment on those involved in the abduction case or hand them over to the DPRK's court.
    We had also repeatedly urged your side to take a prompt working step so that the abductees' parents can go to Seoul through Panmunjom and meet their children face to face, as desired by them.
    But, your side has persistently refused to accept our just demands under such shameful sophism as "free will" and "reflection of yearning".
    We again and strongly urge your side to apologize for the unprecedented group abduction, return our citizens without delay and condition and severely punish or hand over to our legal institution those involved in the case and its wire-pullers.
    Your side should also clearly assure us and the international community that such abduction will never be repeated.
    For the present, you should take a practical measure at once so as to enable parents of the abductees to go to Seoul via Panmunjom and meet their children face to face and bring them back home.
    The letter warned that if the south Korean side continues to deny the hideous crime and detain the abducted citizens of the DPRK for no reason, Park Geun Hye, the chief executive of south Korea, will be held wholly accountable for the grave consequence arising therefrom. -0-

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