Monday, 9 May 2016

From Russian paper Rabochi Put Russia tightened sanctions against DPRK

Russia tightened sanctions against DPRK

Russia, together with other bourgeois states,  is actively involved in the strangulation of the people's power in the DPRK. The Russian bourgeois government dutifully takes the resolution of the UN Security Council No. 2270 — the introduction of a new round of sanctions against North Korea just because this country is trying to protect its independence and is developing a defensive nuclear weapons. The Russian foreign Ministry has prepared a draft decree, almost completely freezing financial relations with the DPRK.

"To take the necessary action for closing on the Russian territory of the subsidiaries, branches or representative offices of the DPRK banks, joint ventures with banks in the DPRK, for prohibition of equity participation in the ownership of banks in the DPRK, correspondent relationships with banks in the DPRK within 90 days from 2 March 2016 — the date of the resolution of the UN Security Council 2270", — is stated in the draft decree.

The fact that the Russian authorities are involved in the sanctions stifling the DPRK is understandable. For the Russian bourgeoisie the existence of a state like the DPRK, is a pain: DPRK's existence proves that the people can live happily without the power of the bourgeoisie. Without economic crises, unemployment and poverty that capitalism creates.

Even in the face of a blockade by the capitalist powers, the DPRK gives its citizens a free education, housing, medical care and ensures  employment for all workers. This is only possible under socialism. That's why Russian media is serving "our" bourgeoisie, actively rebroadcasting the lies about the "horrors" of the DPRK. All these false "sensations" are written by the intelligence services of South Korea and the United States in the framework of the class struggle with the people's power in the DPRK.

Alexey Zhivtsov 

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