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On the great self-development first idea of great Chairman KIM JONG UN

    The self-development idea first of the respected Chairman KIM JONG UN is now attracting greater attention from the world's people and even the imperialist media are commenting on it .
      In his New Year address for 2016 dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN the Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea stressed the need for self-development  and self-reliance saying as follows  "self-development alone is the road to sustaining the dignity of our country and our nation and to paving a broad avenue for the revolution and construction". Chairman KIM JONG UN identified it as a key task for the Korean people to develop self-reliance in the economy and put an end to dependence on imports. During 2015 he criticised the tendency to rely on imports. In response the Korean people strode ahead in the spirit of  self-reliance .Workers in the aircraft industry produced a plane with domestic resources and the workers of the Kim Jong Tae electric locomotive complex produced a tube train using indigenous resources and technology .

     Recently inspecting the exhibition of products presented as gifts to the historic 7th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea respected Chairman KIM JONG UN reaffirmed the self-development first idea ,putting great emphasis on it  "we should root out the proclivity to import without fail and put a definite end to it..we should root out the proclivity to import without fail and put a definite end to it....    We should in the future, too, strengthen our own force by our own efforts and with indigenous technology and resources and uphold the self-development-first principle, the revolutionary spirit of hewing out our way, he noted, adding: Only our own strength is what we can believe in.  This bold and decisive statement shows the way forward for the Korean people defying the sanctions of the imperialists and other dominationists.          
    The self-development first idea of dear respected Chairman KIM JONG UN is a development of the principle of self-reliance of the Korean revolution. At every stage of the Korean revolution  the principle of self-reliance has been applied . In the 1930s when the anti-Japanese revolutionary war was raging , some anti-Japanese guerrillas hoped the USSR, the first workers and peasants state would supply them with  a grenade factory but no such factory was forthcoming.So instead the anti-Japanese guerrillas produced their own hand grenade the Yongil bomb . Visiting the Pyongchon revolutionary site in April this year we saw several Yongil bombs and were told that President KIM IL SUNG himself had researched the question of making the Yongil bomb. It was here at Pyongchon that the foundation of the DPRK's self-reliant munitions industry was laid. President KIM IL SUNG made sure that rather than importing weapons or just assembling foreign made ones the DPRK made its own weapons. By the end of the 1940s the DPRK was producing its own rifles, tommy-guns and mortars.  Later the revisionists and big power chauvinists tried to force the DPRK to join the CMEA or COMECON but upholding self-reliance and the line of the independent national economy  President KIM IL SUNG declined it . In 1967 President KIM IL SUNG made the the historic speech to the Supreme People's Assembly "Let Us Embody The Revolutionary Spirit of Independence, Self-Sustenance and Self-Defense More Thoroughly in All Fields of State Activity"  in which he said "Self-reliance is a completely revolutionary stand for a people to accomplish the revolution in their country relying mainly on their own forces; it is an independent stand of building up their country through their own labour and with their own national resources.
   In 1978 generalissimo KIM JONG IL put forward the slogan "Let Us Live OurOwn Way !" in response to the pressure of the US imperialists, great power chauvinists and modern revisionists ,saying that  "The situation we are in today demands that we display to a high degree the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance. At present no country is willing to help another nor is any country in a position to help another, even should she want to".
   Essentially Marshal KIM JONG UN's self-development first idea fully encapsulates the idea  of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG on self-reliance and the independent national economy  as well as Chairman KIM JONG IL's idea of 'living our own way . The self-development first idea is  based firmly on the principle of  the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance which o remarkably redouble one's strength by dint of the driving force and to hew out one's future by oneself.  
   The line of self-reliance and building the independent national economy has produced great dividends in the DPRK .The country is able to launch its own space satellites with its own rockets instead of paying other countries to launch their satellites. Korea a country which a hundred years ago could only produce simple rifles is now a proud independent nuclear power that has carried out 4 nuclear tests. Moreover the DPRK economy upholding self-reliance grew at an amazing rate : between 1956 and 1960 the value of industrial output increased by 36.6 % per annum and between 1956 and 1970 the DPRK grew at a rate of 19.1 % one of the fastest rates of growth in the world . At present the US imperialists , big power chauvinists and restorers of capitalism are piling sanctions,blockades and pressure on the DPRK and even resorting to underhand schemes to impede the socialist development of the DPRK but the DPRK is racing ahead at a new Korean speed, the speed of Mallima(Mallima being a legendary horse than cover  10,000 in day ). Buildings have gone up one after the other, not just buildings but whole streets such as Mirae Scientists Street and large scale complexes such as the Sci tech complex. As the statement of  the DPRK National Defence Commission of the 3rd of April "Nobody Can Block DPRK's Advance" said " The brigandish U.S. imperialists and their allies' barbarous "harshest sanctions" to completely stifle the DPRK economically turned Juche Korea into a matchless great power based on the principle of independence, self-reliance and self-development"

   The self-development first idea is based on brilliant but simple logic. If a country does not rely on its own resources but relies on imports  then it has to spend a large amount of money on imports which is a huge drain on resources. The money saved on imports can be then used to build schools, hospitals, houses etc. Self-development and self-reliance are the way to true and lasting prosperity.
When we visited the Mangyondae Schoolchildrens Palace we saw a wonderful performance  which showed how the squirrels had resolved to build a Hydro electric power station by their own efforts but the lazy bears insist on importing a power station only to be confounded by the fact that the Elephants who are supplying the power station demand more fruit in return for the power station.
    Some third world countries have tried to build economies with the so-called "aid " of imperialism which is in reality is a just a lever for the plunder , exploitation and oppression of imperialism.  Some countries have imported products from the Western countries which then have to be paid for and in order to do so they have to take loans and end up with huge debts . Many countries are saddled with debts that they will never pay back and are impossible to pay back. South Korea is an example it is has a total external debt of  $425,353,000,000 or $7,567 per capita.
  Self-development makes it possible to thoroughly defend and advance socialism . The imperialists, capitalists, revisionists , hidden enemies of socialism and traitors all hoped for the DPRK to 'open up ' and "reform' which would destroy socialism by stealth but  respected Chairman KIM JONG UN's idea of self-development has confounded this by developing the DPRK rapidly without outside assistance . Some would love to see the bloodsucking imperialist banks, those vultures of international finance capital , opening offices in Pyongyang but the DPRK has no foreign banks on its soil , it does not need them. The self-development first idea is profoundly anti-revisionist as it rejects the revisionist concept of building socialism in"partnership " with imperialism.
   The self-development first idea is profoundly anti-imperialist , anti-capitalist and anti globalisation ,it is a banner that inspires those who want to pursue independent development free from imperialism and globalisation.The self-development first idea shows that a country can build an independent economy by itself without the 'aid'  or 'co-operation ' of imperialism . The imperialists and their mouthpieces fear self-reliance more than a 10,000 nuclear tests because it shows that the DPRK does not need imperialism and its banks and multi-national companies . If other countries follow the DPRK 's example of self-development by kicking the imperialists and exploiters and by building self-reliant economies then it will weaken the imperialist world considerably ! . It also makes sense for many countries to adopt the self-development first idea even advanced countries as countries like the UK import many goods  that could be produced at home when there are millions of people unemployed.
   The self-development first idea , which is based on the Juche idea and the traditional Korean mode of self-reliance , a great idea that is the fruition of great Chairman KIM JONG UN's thinking and leadership.
(Dr) Dermot Hudson
President Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK
Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England
Chairman  UK Preparatory Committee For the 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu 
Member and Advisor International Committee for the Study of Songun Politics

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