Monday, 23 May 2016

Families of DPRK Abductees Send Written Protest to S. Korean Intelligence Service

 Pyongyang, May 23 (KCNA) -- The families of the DPRK citizens abducted in group by agents of the south Korean Intelligence Service (IS) sent the following written protest to the IS on Monday:
    We are the parents of the 12 girls abducted in broad daylight and taken to south Korea by your agents on April 5 while working at a restaurant in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province of China.
    We cannot repress our anger but feel our blood boiling when thinking of our beloved daughters who might be wriggling in tears, ardently calling their parents, brothers and sisters even at the moment in solitary rooms after being taken to south Korea where they have no kith and kin.
    How can this shuddering case occur in peace time, not wartime?
    Do you have even a drop of human blood in your bodies as you made no scruple of masterminding such a hideous and brutal act of separating gullible girls from their parents overnight?
    Don't you have any parents, brothers and sisters?
    You are spouting a string of rubbish about "free will" and "longing" in a sinister bid to hide your thrice-cursed crime but it is no more than sophism insulting our innocent daughters.
    As for our daughters, they are pure-minded girls who grew up in happiness under the loving care of our Party and the Republic, which are so warm that we failed to show more than it.
    It is no more than a far-fetched assertion that our daughters "longed for" the south Korean society where the jungle-law prevails and it is, furthermore, preposterous that they "defected in group from the north."
    If our daughters "defected from the north" at "free will" as you claim, why don't you open to public their stories but "force" them to "defect" through appeasement and coercion after putting them each in a solitary room?
    What is the difference between the atrocious group abduction perpetrated by you and the sexual slavery enforced by Japs after abducting pure Korean women in group by luring them with the promise "to offer jobs" and threatening them at the point of bayonet?
    The whole world was stunned by your hair-raising atrocity reminiscent of human butchery.
    Do not twist the truth behind the crime with shameless sophism any more but immediately make an apology for the inhuman abduction of our daughters with your knees bent.
    Do not inflict mental and physical pain upon our daughters by forcing "defection" but send them back to their parents and hometowns without delay.
    Open the way at once for us to meet our daughters face to face.
    Hand to us the thrice-cursed gangsters involved in the allurement and abduction and those behind it so that we can take a thousand-fold revenge upon them.
    Our rage is running high at the moment.
    If brutes like your agents and dirty human scum hurt even a bit our daughters whom we brought up with so profound love, we will certainly avenge on them even by biting and tearing them to pieces. -0

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