Saturday, 28 May 2016

KCNA Commentary Slams S. Korean Minister of Unification's Confrontational Remarks

  Pyongyang, May 28 (KCNA) -- As already reported, the DPRK proposed the south Korean authorities through various occasions and channels to properly understand the strong will of Koreans to improve the inter-Korean relations and accomplish the national historic cause of independent reunification, and take a responsible and reasonable option at this crucial juncture.
    However, the south Korean conservative authorities are responding to the proposal with extremely provocative and ill-minded remarks, stirring up the atmosphere of confrontation.
    Hong Yong Phyo, minister of Unification, is taking the lead in the confrontation racket.
    All what he is uttering these days is nothing but ridiculous jargons made by a confrontation maniac bereft of elementary sense of reality and ability to judge things.
    It is the stark reality that voices calling for the resumption of the inter-Korean dialogue are heard from the U.S. and the neighboring countries and inside south Korea.
    Nevertheless, Hong is talking rubbish that "this is not a proper time for dialogue", sophism of an idiot.
    He went the lengths of taking issue with the DPRK's proposal for holding military talks between the north and the south, groundlessly terming it "one for evading the responsibility for nuclear development" and crying out for "breaking the north's will to develop nuclear weapons." This betrays his IQ as an under-wit as he is ignorant of what is going on in the world.
    Hence, Hong is talking volumes about leading the north to changes through sanctions whenever opportunity presents itself. This only betrays his true colors as a confrontation maniac and warmonger.
    It is very clear that the inter-Korean relations cannot but repeat an evil cycle as such guy having Cold War-way of thinking and confrontational posture as his inborn disposition holds the post of the minister of Unification.
    No sooner had Hong taken the above-said office than reeled off a litany of provocative remarks against the north only to come under strong public fire.
    At that time the public expressed concern over the fact that the prospect of the north-south relations would become gloomier as the foolish and impudent guy bereft of "ability" and "morality" became the minister of Unification and a member of the shock brigade of Chongwadae.
    No matter what desperate efforts Hong is making, talking gibberish, he can never stem the trend of times toward improved inter-Korean relations.
    The south Korean authorities had better behave themselves, judging with cool heads what tragic consequences will be entailed by their bat-blind act of refusing to accept the most fair and aboveboard and patriotic proposal of the DPRK. -0-

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