Friday, 13 May 2016

Juche and national liberation movements

The Juche idea is in fact supported or sympathised with by many national liberation movements. Represented at the 1977 International Juche Idea Seminar were the PLO , Polisario (West Sahara) , SWAPO ,ZANU , Frelimo and the Malawi Socialist League just to mention a few. Visiting the International Friendship Exhibition I lost count of the number of gifts sent by national liberation movements and fighting organisations in different countries. In the Palestinian section there were gifts from the PLO, PFLP and DFLP. The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine organised its own Juche Idea Study Group as did the South West African People's Organisation.
I have a 1975 book which includes a speech on the Juche Idea by a representative of the Pan African Congress as well as some other national liberation movements. Many groups sent people to the Africa and near east seminar on the Juche Idea in 1971
In 1968 the World Cultural Congress in Havana adopted the document “The Anti Japanese Armed Struggle of the Korean People Organised and Waged Under the personal guidance of comrade Kim Il Sung”. Fidel Castro was greatly inspired by the robust independence of the Korean revolution and he stated that ‘The influence of the Korean revolution upon the peoples in Latin America and in other regions is beyond estimate"

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