Sunday, 15 May 2016

south Korean puppets kill abducted woman

[Minjok-Tongshin Urgent Report]
One of the 12 North Korean women kidnapped by South Korean NIS has been killed during the hunger strike demanding their return to North Korea as confirmed by the reporter team of Minjok Tongshin, an internet newspaper today, May 15th. Despite the tragic deveopment, South Korean Blue House, NIS, and the Ministry of Reunification remain silent. [Minjok Tongshin editorial office]
One of the 12 kidnapped North Korean women confirmed dead in the midst of hunger strike.
[Pyongyang = Correspondent Kilnam Roh, Los Angeles = Seyoung Son / Baekho Kim, editors] Miss KyungAh Suh, one of the 12 North Korean women, workers of the North Korean restaurant in China, died during the hunger strike after being forcibly abducted by the South Korean NIS (Korean CIA), as confirmed today (May 15th) by the reporter team of Minjok Tongshin. South Korean authorities such as the Blue House, NIS, and the Ministry of Reunification, are keeping the mouth shut tightly without making any comment. Miss Suh is known to be the youngest of the abducted women.
From the beginning, the incident raised strong suspicion that NIS was attempting to make use of the "defection" scenario to the advantage of the ruling party in the South Korean general election held in April 13. NIS announced the "defection" case 6 days before the election date. Their attempt to draw votes toward themselves taking advantage of the case, as they used to for decades, however, the "BukPoong (Northern Wind)" seems apparently failed in this election after using the same old tactics year after year.
Several South Korean private organizations have been demonstrating in front of the offices of NIS and the Ministry of Reunification, demanding the explanation, but there is only silence. The announcement by Minjok Tongshin on the current development of the incident is anticipated to draw up wide attention from around the world. Correspondent Roh is planning to have interviews in Pyongyang with the families of the abducted women as well as those who could escape the abduction.

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