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Reply to the Critics of Juche and the UK KFA ,the Juche Idea Study Group of England and Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK


A most scurrilous ,mendacious and defamatory attack has been made on UK KFA , the Juche Idea Study Group and its chairman by the website "Red Youth " under the ludicrous title "Fight Flunkeyism !" . They do not even know what flunkeyism means  ! Flunkeyism means sycophancy and subservience towards big powers  (such as the US , Japan , China , Russia and other big countries)  .Comrade KIM JONG IL ,explained that " The struggle to establish Juche and oppose flunkeyism towards big powers"  is a key task How on earth can the JISGE, UK KFA and ASSPUK which uphold Juche be flunkeyists ? Surely the only flunkeyist organisations in the UK are those that continually praise China and Russia(or the US for that matter ) and make excuses for Chinese revisionism and the capitalist regime in Russia that have actually imposes sanctions against People's Korea at the behest of US imperialism.  Our organisations condemned the Chinese sanctions(and the EU and UK ones) against the DPRK but our critics in a certain party tried to hide the fact from their own members that the PRC had not only voted in the UNSC for the sanctions but were imposing them. We ask who are the ones acting as flunkeys and indeed puppets and agents of a big power?
     We did not indulge a "secretive email correspondence" (whatever that really means) but simply took issue with some low level members of a particular party,the CPGBML, making anti-Juche videos. An attack on the Juche idea and Songun idea, which are defined in the constitution of the DPRK as the guiding ideology of the DPRK  is an attack on the DPRK . It is our duty to expose such attacks on the DPRK and also inform comrades that we are working with of such anti- Juche, anti-DPRK, anti-socialist slander as well as those who impede our work  . If we did not we would be failing in our duty. In fact we did publish several refutations on facebook of the tendentious rubbish including the one below;

Well fellow Juche Idea followers and comrades this week has seen some attacks on the Juche idea by certain elements . Shaun Pickford has answered some of these on his own page and also come under attack for defending the Juche Idea . Some people claim that they showing so-called "critical solidarity " with the DPRK. However the DPRK in its constitution and the key documents of the party and state defines the Juche idea and Songun idea as the guiding ideology ,therefore the constant sniping at Juche is basically being anti- DPRK . It aids US imperialism and world imperialism in their ideological offensive against the DPRK , the homeland of Juche. The Juche idea is the most anti-imperialist idea and a weapon for the world revolutionary peoples.
Those of us with a long memory can remember the wealthy Trotskyist Jon Halliday ( married to a Chinese dissident and anti-communist ) writing a number of profoundly anti-DPRK articles and essays but claimed he was giving " critical solidarity " to the DPRK . How does the approach of certain people differ from the likes of Halliday ?
We can also remember how some people who had worshipped the USSR , Hungary , Poland etc and had also supported 'perestroika' to the end , used to flick through DPRK publications trying to find fault and quoting sentences out of context with grunts of " they cannot say that " and "wor this is dodgy " . These people never had a problem with anything the Soviet Union did but a small East Asian country like the DPRK was seen as needing close scrutiny etc. Sadly we are seeing this nitpicking approach been taken again !
The so-called " criticism " of Juche has been based on spurious arguments and distortions . It is has been claimed that Juche is not class based . This is nonsense in my recent discussions with Professor Kim Chang Gyong of the Korean Association of Social Scientists he made it clear that the Juche Idea and Songun idea are class based ideas , they are revolutionary ideas of the working class . KIM JONG IL pointed out that "The remoulding of man’s ideology is a far-reaching revolution. It is a struggle to eliminate the remnants of the old society in the sphere of man’s ideology for good and arm all the working people with the progressive idea of the working class, the communist idea. It constitutes the basic form of class struggle in socialist society where the exploiting classes have been liquidated" Juche is profoundly very anti-revisionist as KIM JONG IL says "By laying down the principle of creatively approaching the existing theories and experiences, the Juche idea makes it possible to apply and develop the preceding revolutionary theories to suit the requirements of revolutionary practice in our time. In particular, it maintains the position of firmly defending and realizing the independence of the working class and other working masses, and thus makes it possible to accurately identify and eliminate all kinds of opportunism, including revisionism which gives up the cause of revolution halfway or denies class struggle, and uphold the class principle and the spirit of uninterrupted revolution in the revolutionary theories of the working class."
It is also claimed that Juche rejected Marxism Leninism and dialectical materialism but no where does either KIM IL SUNG , KIM JONG IL or KIM JONG UN say " we reject dialectical materialism " , nowhere . Some people have twisted quotations out of context. In fact KIM JONG IL pointed out "The theoretical activities of our Party that has originally clarified revolutionary principles and ways to meet the demands raised by the revolutionary practice of our time, constitute a brilliant example in adhering to the revolutionary principles of Marxism-Leninism and developing the revolutionary theory of the working class onto a new, higher plane."
It is also claimed that Juche is "idealist " . Idealism in philosophy means that the idea the world is controlled by a supernatural force standing outside of it . However Juche asserts that Man is the master and decides everything , which is the complete opposite of idealism .
As to the charges of revisionism . We all know that revisionism destroys socialist countries and communist and workers parties both ruling and non ruling . If Juche is revisionist why hasn't the DPRK collapsed ? How could it survive both internal revisionism plus the hostility of the US and south Korea and the pressure of China ? In fact the DPRK is the only country standing up to US imperialism maintaining a staunch anti-imperialist stand and adhering to socialist principles . This is thanks to the Juche idea .
This will be our last word on the subject.

  Some people even though their arguments had been torn to shreds continued arguing and  resorted to personal insults against the secretary general of the JISGE(even attacking him for being of working class origin ) . Now that is malicious and cowardly !
     Our organisations , the Association for the Study of Songun Politics  UK , the Juche Idea Study of England and the UK Korean Friendship Association are the only organisations in the UK that support the Juche Idea and Songun idea  and study them actively.
   We are the only organisations to hold pickets of the US and south Korean puppet embassies. Since 2009 we have held over 12 pickets of the US and south Korean embassies. Footage of one of our pickets is included in a video of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front of south Korea. One of our pickets was harassed by the "NK News " (CIA front) reporters and also a so-called "defector " 'Joo Il Kim' .
Solidarity the hard way !

  Our record of work is impressive. Since the beginning of April , we have held one public meeting and seminar , 2 regional meetings , 1 Sunday afternoon seminar  and a skype meeting . We have issued over 40  statements  including ones attacking UK and EU Sanctions against the DPRK and on the expulsion (our critics have been silent on this matter) . Many of our statements are carried on KCNA.  We have published the book " Songun Politics A Revolutionary Anti Imperialist Form of Politics Suited to the Demands of the 21st century " and published  a  2nd edition of "In Defence of Songun " . We have written several articles  as well.Some of our articles have been carried on the website of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front of south Korea. A delegation from our organisations visited Pyongyang during April. What did our opponents do during that period , absolutely nothing !(except to go to a reception at the DPRK Embassy ). 
just a few of our excellent publications

   Moreover when the DPRK took the resolute and decisive measure against the modern factionalist clique in December 2013 our organisations were amongst the first to support it and defended the actions of the DPRK. Our critics in Red Youth and CPGBML maintained a deafening silence on the issue ,we wonder why?
      Our record speaks for itself. Some members of UK KFA, the JISGE and UK KFA point out that is very easy to say "Long live the DPRK " with a glass of wine in your hand at the DPRK embassy but the real test is to defend the DPRK outside the Yankee imperialist embassy and the south Korean fascist puppet embassy ! We have received no support for our activities from the leadership of the CPGBML and Red Youth and now we see the truth in black and white that they actually oppose our activities !
   Dr Dermot Hudson who is the principal target of abuse and slander in the Red Youth article was actually attacked in the media and  victimised in his former job for his consistent work in support of the DPRK and Juche and forced to take early retirement on a poverty level pension . So far our detractors have not suffered victimisation ,largely because they do not anything.
   Our record of work is indeed a long one . The Juche Idea Study Group of England was founded  in Hampshire in 1985 and re founded in 1990. Since the foundation of the group our members have visited the DPRK many times and participated in different international events for the study of the Juche Idea including the World Juche Congress in April 2012. In the 1990s when the imperialists and reactionaries were spreading lies about "starvation " and "famine " the Juche Idea Study Group of England , issued a statement  against these lies and we the only organisation in the UK to do so(years later we published " Behind the Mirror of Lies -The Truth About the Democratic People's Republic of Korea ") . The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK  was founded in 2003 to promote the Songun idea . The ASSPUK has established close links with Songun idea followers in other lands and is represented on the International Committee For the Study of Songun Politics.

   Members of the JISGE welcomed the formation of  Korean Friendship Association (KFA) in December and worked to establish the UK Korean Friendship Association as part of KFA .  The KFA upholds the militant slogan  " Defend the D P R Korea " Today KFA is acknowledged by friend and foe is the sword and shield of the DPRK in the world, defending the DPRK day in day out  24/7 .The work done by KFA President Alejandro Cao De Benos is superb. KFA now has well over  15,000 members worldwide and is actually in terms of registered members the biggest DPRK  friendship and solidarity body in the UK. Rather than attack and criticise UK KFA , CPGBML and Red Youth should be supporting us 100% and 1000% !
  The  Red Youth article betrays the fact they are really hostile to the Juche Idea and basically take issue with us for portraying the DPRK an independent ,self reliant and Juche -based socialist state. The publications of the CPGBML rarely if at all mention Juche or self-reliance nor is the self-development first idea of  chairman KIM JONG UN mentioned.

    The DPRK a not creation of either the Soviet Union or China or both or that socialism in the DPRK is the gift of another country. In fact to imply such a thing as our critics is not much different to right wing reactionary anti-communist propaganda  which talks the supreme revolutionary leadership in Korea being "installed  by the Russians" (for example Rupert Murdoch's  Sky News of the 4th of April 2013 "Korea - a history of the north -south split ) . It would appear that rightist and "leftist " critics of Juche agree on one thing. Red Youth by publishing a picture of Soviet troops in Korea and ignoring the 15 year long anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle waged  under the leadership of great generalissimo KIM IL SUNG  Red Youth promotes what are very right wing stereotypes of Korea's history. Our critics actually insult the memory of those anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters who fell in the battles against Japanese imperialism in order to liberate Korea. Red Youth, Lalkar and co conveniently forgot or are unaware of the fact that the USSR only declared 
war on Japan on the 8th of August 1945 some 7 days before Korea was liberated(the USSR had previously concluded a neutrality pact with Japan on the 13th of April 1941). The Anti -Japanese People's Guerrilla Army, later Korean People's Revolutionary Army(KPRA) had fought the Japanese imperialists since 1932 . It had fought battles at Pochonbo , Musan and Taehongdan. During the final phases of the operation to liberate Korea in August 1945 units of the KPRA and local People's Armed Corps liberated towns such as Rajin.
   We are berated over the issue of the supply of weapons to the DPRK during the Fatherland Liberation War against the US imperialists. Again our opponents are falling into the trap of repeating imperialist cold war narratives about  "Soviet expansionism " and "southward advance ".The book "KIM JONG IL Day of Having Korea Reunified " by Kim Myong Chol(Pyongyang  2003) says of the USSR "...Not only that; during the Korean War, it delayed its support to north Korea of ammunition and other weapons"(p52).  The DPRK's refutation of the false claims of the US about the Korean War "US Distortion of the Provocation of the Korean War "(Pyongyang 2003) states "To say that the Soviet Union, which had refrained from taking the opportunity of advancing as far as the southern tip of the Korean peninsula without difficulty when fighting against Japan during the Second World War, attempted to expand the communist sphere in Korea was completely illogical. It is widely known that around 1950 the Soviet Union was reluctant to fight against the United States and devoted its main effort to solving domestic problems without being involved in the United States’war machinations as far as possible,and that during the war the Soviet Union hesitated to support north Korea." Visiting the DPRK in 2008 we told by a Professor of the Korean Association of Social Scientists that the DPRK had not been supplied with enough weapons in a timely manner by the USSR during the Fatherland Liberation War  and for this reason and others the DPRK had learnt not to depend on others.
   The DPRK led by President KIM IL SUNG and guided by the Juche idea hewed out a most rugged , independent and self-reliant course. The DPRK refused to join the CMEA and instead built an independent national economy. President KIM IL SUNG defeated the agents of big -power chaunvinism and revisionism who tried to overthrow the leadership in August 1956. Some flunkeyist blockheads,who absolutise the DPRK-PRC relationship, are unaware that it was not just the pro-Soviet faction that was defeated and purged but the pro-Chinese or Yanan faction was also purged in 1956. The capitulationist behaviour of the USSR during the Cuban Missile crisis of 1962 reaffirmed the conviction of President KIM IL SUNG that the DPRK could not rely on anyone else for their defence so the DPRK opted for the line of building the economy and defence in parallel -a line continued today at a higher level, building the economy and nuclear force in parallel, by respected Chairman KIM JONG UN. The WPK and DPRK strongly opposed modern revisionism and Left opportunism. Guided by President KIM IL SUNG the DPRK took a number of independent ,militant and anti-imperialist actions such as the shootdown of the EC121 , which were disapproved of by the modern revisionists. Some academic commentators in the West have said that the WPK's strategy for the south Korean revolution and the liberation of south Korea was opposed by both the Soviet modern revisionists and the Chinese . President KIM IL SUNG warned against those who put up showy slogans about fighting imperialism but did little or nothing in practice to fight imperialism.
  In the 21st century the DPRK has continued the line of total independence and Juche . It has carried out nuclear tests, missile tests as well as launching artificial satellites in defiance of the US imperialists , the UNSC and also the big powers China and Russia. The DPRK also rejected "reform " and "opening up" that was touted by the imperialists and their acolytes as well the big power chauvinists. We in the ASSPUK, Juche Idea Study Group of England and the UK Korean Friendship Association are proud to support  the Juche Idea and the Songun Idea and promote them .The Juche Idea is the most revolutionary idea for achieving the independence of the popular masses and Songun politics is a revolutionary anti-imperialist form of politics for the 21st century !  Those who attack Juche and Songun are serving the imperialists .
   The vile attack by Red Youth on our work calls into question the motives of Red Youth. Some have cited the  "left gatekeeper" theory in relation to them. However we will not speculate on that .Clearly some do not like the success of our work and are out to slander , defame and diminish it with the aim of suppressing genuine support for People's Korea and the Juche Idea in Britain. Our work will continue and we will not be silenced !


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