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April 7th our delegation formed by Dermot Hudson, Raluca Maroiu and myself in representation of ASSPUK, JISGE and KFA UK, arrived at Pyongyang.
This was the first time that me and my partner have visited the Land of Juche invited by KASS the treatment and hospitality was unbeatable.
One day before arrival at Sunan airport in Pyongyang we had to transit in Revisionist China which has approved sanctions against DPRK's sovereignty at the United Nations.
A country that calls itself socialist and still shielding in that old Marxist theory that to build socialism the capitalism needs to end in its historical role and that socialism would only be possible in an industrialized society. Today the bourgeois class that created these measures are CPCh members and its central committee. It is ridiculous to hear excuses from people who defend that China didnt make sanctions against the DPRK.
In approving these sanctions attacking the sovereignty and independence of a people who are industrialized and developed its socialism, created impressive infraextructuras and high quality of life of their country with the greatest weapon in the world the Ideological concience because in DPRK unlike other countries the Popular Masses have achived independence of bourgeois social classes. And therefore they are masters of their own destiny.
The first impression at the Beijing Capital Airport and the airport road to the hotel for the night was no different than London. KFC, HSBC, STARBUCKS, BURGUER KING MACDONALS.....flooded the airport.
When we arrive at the new Sunan International Airport inaugurated 1 year ago. I was surprised of the big difference between the socialist Korea and Chinese revisionism. There was no capitalist propaganda, just 100% korean socialist stores, no Macdonals or starbucks. Also we could see some cultural posters.
We got a great welcome by Comrade Kim Ho Sok Head of the European section of KASS and Comrade Choi translator and guide. Upon arrival we took a picture of the delegation for the newspaper and we set off.
I could see numerous monuments and buildings and daily life of DPRK people in the suburbs and in the city. I could see socialist people who until now I had only seen in pictures and videos.
We arrived at Pyongyang Koryo Hotel when we went upstairs to our rooms we were so impressed that our room almost looked like a flat. With an impressive large closet, bedroom and a living room with sofa, table and TV plus bathroom. A room that I could never pay anywhere in the world.
After leaving our stuff we attended a welcome dinner with Mr Kim and Madam Choi.
The reception was worthy of kings abroad but this time for foreign workers. It was a great welcome and a great honor to be finally in DPRK.
Comrade Dermot had a different programm from us the first days to prepare his doctorate.
In the morning professors from KASS camed to attend training lectures and meetings.
During our trip we gave lectures with three different professors about issues such as youth aducation, history of leaders, the Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism Party guiding Ideology.
Two days we been with Professor Moon, a woman who was orphaned after the Korean War Against the US Imperialism. An orphan who grew up, study and became a professor of Philosophy and respected member of the KASS.
The Orphans grow in Korea as any another child, the Party and the State takes care of them, offer them a center where they can live, grow ,study and form themselves. The DPRK always put young people first because for the Korean people the youths are the Vanguard as they were in the past present and future. the DPRK leaders President Kim Il Sung, Chairman Kim Jong Il and Marshal Kim Jong Un always attached great importance to the proper training of orphans and disabled, visiting schools and places of residence. In a visit of President Kim Il Sung in high school of orphans, seeing the place where they slept and eat and he wanted to improve their conditions such as the Pilow were too hard for them or when he walk into the kitchen he said that the youths should receive nutritious food for good health and should have musical instruments and accessories to develop their creativity so that someday may be musicians, philosophers, doctors, teachers ...
Perhaps for all these principles and reality and the history of Korea as a big family we can understand why the Korean people considered the leaders as parents.
The education in the DPRK is linked to creativity, very important concept in the Korean socialism. When young people develop their creativity such as when playing an instrument or when trying to learn something they like, the state helps them to develop that creativity with all means. In the capitalist society a very low percentage of children get to develop this creativity, and to develop a skill you need money, if you want to become a musician, actor, painter everything, with or without capacity ... You'll need to go to a great school and spend time and money .. something that very few people can afford. Korean youth have huge palaces and centers where they can fully develop their creativity free with all available means like the Mangyondae Children Palace with playing areas, dancing areas, artistic areas a lot of free of charge assignatures. These centers only in capitalist society are for children whose parents have a high purchasing power.
This demonstrates the superiority of socialism as a system where the masses acquire their independence and fail to develop to build the socialist and communist society.
Korean families do not have to worry about the future of their children, of having money to pay a good school and in turn have money to pay for the house, to have money to take their sons to the University and further develop its capacity, for once finished the Universiry to find a job according to their carrier and not having to work in other different work and hang your diploma in the toilet.
In Korea, education, housing, creativity and the right to life. They are free of charge and therefore human.
The childrens go alone through the streets, laughing, playing carefree. Since families do not have the fear of something happening to them like taking drugs or kidnap them or bad things ocurring to them.
Creativity is linked to the progress of the human being, any attempt to create something for the human progress may lead to the loss of money of the 5% who control the big corporations and governments, all these ideas and people just disappear and hopes are destroyed.
In this country it takes years to build a residential building which then will be empty and we can see more people and families living on the street without the right to life, but living in a country they call free, where freedom depends on money in your pocket,
In the DPRK the workers and the army built entire streets in 1 year and later giving free to citizens, I cannot see people living on the streets. In every city and parts of the country they build education and cultural centers to develop culture and creativity as Chairman Kim Il Sung said to achieve a society where every worker, soldier and peasant are intellectuals.
The first day we visited accompanied by Comrade Lee which would be our translator and companion during the trip, the Great People's Study House, an impressive library, where anyone can go and read or study languages, when we went we saw a room of people learning English, another of Japanese and another of Mandarin. Also areas of computers and music appreciation, music and books from everywhere endless and completely free learning culture. We went out to a terrace where we could see the wonderful views of the Kim Il Sung Square and performans of the youths practicing for the 7 Congress of the WPK.
Not only in Pyongyang, but in all cities and towns is having progress and construction to improve people's life, leisure centers such as the Science and tecnology complex an impressive modern center with access to culture and technology and learning from youths to old people and which we had the honor to visit and which operates entirely with clean energy like wind and solar, schools for orphans and disabled the last built recently in Nampo City and we found that they were building a new center in the periphery in Pyongyang, power stations and the use of clean and sustainable energy that do not harm our planet is a key factor, homes giving free to the people and that will never be emty .. recently after floods in Rason city they built new homes in a month to give to those affected.
We visited many sites of the capital as the Juche Tower mecca for followers of this idea and with fantastic views from the top, the monument to the founding of the Party where you can see reliefs depicting the revolutionary struggle, the ideological unity and progress in the generations and the proletarian internationalism
We had the honor to present flowers and pay our respects in front of the statues of the great leaders in Mansu Hill where hundreds of people , youths and childrens were there to offer respects the day before of The Day of the Sun.
On the Day of the Sun we visited the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun where we offered respects to the leaders and walked through the beautiful gardens outside the palace .
After, we visited the Kimilsungilia exhibition and later enjoyed the afternoon in the Spring Art Friendship Festival which is held every two years and where musicians and artists come from all over the world.
Almost every day we went for long walks in Pyongyang , one day from the Munsu Water Park to our hotel , an hour and a half ride watching the normal life of the Korean People, children playing in the street and people in pubs drinking beer after work.
The Korean people seeking self-development for Surviving and Thriving Despite Sanctions of the imperialist and capitalist propaganda Something that is only possible to defense and develop thanks to the Songun idea.
Other examples of self-development that we could visit was the Hosiery factory in Pyongyang, where they produce Footwear and Different clothes not only for the country but also part exported, the second example is the Pyongchon Revolutionary site Demonstrating that a difference in what we know in the West that all the weapons used during the War were from the Soviet Union, they Models built and manufactured weapons for themselves and the independence of the country. This place is definitely a practical example of the Birth of the Songun idea.
Korea demonstrates that socialism and communism is the only way to achieve the independence of the popular masses and the Human Being. Basis of the Juche idea.
The Kimilsungista-Kimjongilista Guide party thought and society created a new understanding of history On the basis of the Human Being, where the humans are owns of their destiny whatever they had to achieve their independence and Build the socialist and communist society.
While other socialist countries failed due to revisionism and opportunism system and lack of ideology and class consciousness among the popular masses . Korea resolved these problems by observing its limits and by developing the scientific socialism to the Juche idea and the conditions that the country lived . always having as main task the Ideology and creativity to achieve the collectivist unity against the individualism, dogmatism, flunkeyism, opportunism and revisionism and have always been victorious.
This idea does not deny the Marxism - Leninism or his legacy but both complement and in every country in the world these two ideologies must be understood and studied by the international communist movement against the dogmatic and opportunistic sectors to ensure a step forward in the construction of socialist and communist society.
During our visit we could meet and view many people a descendant of Korean residents in foreigns countries, As a Korean journalist living in the United States and supporter of the DPRK who has been 67 times in the homeland of Juche, or members Chongrion.
We were invited by the Mission in Pyongyang of the AINDF, with a cordial talk and lunch. They explained the heroic struggle of the South Korean people in Defense of reunification and against imperialist domination in the south. Many people who struggle on but nobody puts them on TV or Newspapers. Their struggle demostrate they Vanguard of the North Korean people and the role of AINDF in the liberation of the South and the reunifacion with the north to finally the Korean peninsula be ONE, sovereign and independent of the domination and propaganda imperialist today in day the US Army has deployed 300,000 troops and an arsenal of 1000 nuclear bombs.
We could visit several places showing that Korean people are one. Like for example the National Gift Exhibition . An impressive building contains the Worldwide Koreans Gifts to the leaders. Gifts from Korean resident in China Association, the chongryion, political people pro reunification in South Korea and ordinary citizens.
A large building which shows that Korea is and should be one.
We also visited the Frienship International Exihibition 300km from the capital passing villages and mountains where they could observe the progress and serenity. This place on the mountain is made up of gifts from around the world brought to the leaders showing that Korea is not alone.
After the same day we visited the Pohyong Budist temple, several buildings from 1042, the undisputed heritage of the Korean people, some of the buildings are new since they were destroyed by the imperialist bombing during the war. The monks of this temple during the war took up the weapons and followed President Kim Il Sung in the liberation of the motherland.
We also visited another two museums The Jonsung Revolutionary Museum, beutifull place located on the secret tunnel used by the KPA and comrade Kim Il Sung and comrade Kim Chaek during the Korean War. We visited the The Fatherland liberation War museum. With a new modern building and where you can see and think realistic who really started the Korean War.
We could visit Mangyongdae, birth place of President Kim Il Sund and the Cementery of the Fatherland liberation War Martyrs.
The Korean people defend their culture and historical legacy have as their traditions and culture as something unique unlike countries affected by capitalist globalization wich have lost their cultural heritage.
Korean society is like one family so we can understand the meaning of family and the Great Leaders as parents an served the people throughout their lives.

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