Thursday, 5 May 2016

Great Leadership Illuminating the Path of World Socialist Movement

The annals of the sacred struggle waged by the Workers’ Party of Korea are brilliant thanks to the immortal exploits made by the great leader of the Korean people President Kim Il Sung (1912-1994) who devoted his all for the build-up of the revolutionary Party and the victorious advance of the world socialist cause. Particularly his devotional efforts to lead the revolutionary parties to keep to the road of independence and socialism in the latter half of 80s and early 90s of the last century have been brilliantly written in the annals of the world socialist movement.
At the time mankind was in anxiety, suspense and frustrations on the destiny of socialism in the crossroad of socialism and capitalism.
He lost no time to encourage the revolutionary parties and people over the world in their struggle for socialism and lead them to victory.
   In July, 1991 he met a delegation of a European Communist Party, when he told them that the collapse of the East European socialist countries cannot be attributable to what they call the disadvantage of socialism compared to capitalism. Then he categorized the advantages of socialism to capitalism. He encouraged them with confidence saying that they have to reconstruct the socialist movement to counter the enemy. Giving them confidence he said: Cowards, go. Let us keep to the red flag.
He availed himself every opportunity to awaken them that the communist and workers’ parties aspiring after socialism had to hold to independence.
When he met the Chairman of the Communist Workers’ Party of Sweden in the end of June, 1992, he told him that in view of the historical lesson of the socialist movement it was very important to hold fast to independence in the struggle for socialism and every party had to advance along the road of socialism under the banner of independence.
When he met the Chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Belgium on June 30, 1994, he gave him valuable words worth a guideline in keeping to independence.
At the time the international situation was hard. The imperialists took advantage of the opportunity to stage a stronger reactionary offensive against the progressive forces.
The chairman thought that it is none other than President Kim Il Sung who could iron out this impasse and lead them invariably to the road of socialism and independence. Then he put everything aside to pay a visit to Korea.
In the talk President Kim Il Sung told: At present many people dare not abuse witnessing the Americans behave like an “international gendarme”. Some people are only eating crow while being held in contempt by Americans and hesitate to face imperialism for socialism in fear of them. We have to set ourselves firmly against imperialist nations. Although both the Workers’ Party of Belgium and the Workers’ Party of Korea are small, they steadfastly keep to independence. The smaller they are, the firmer the small nations unite to disallow the great power chauvinism and their high-handedness.
Therefore, the world socialist movement, inspired by his confident instructions for the revolutionary nations to hold to the independence and advance toward socialism could return to the march full of vigor tiding over ordeals.
Therefore, the progressive mankind is still praising President   Kim Il Sung as the outstanding leader of the cause of anti-imperialism and independence and regards the WPK, independent and ever-victorious in its over-70-year history, as a model revolutionary Party fighting for the independence of the people.

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