Thursday, 5 May 2016

Days of Vigorous 70-day Campaign

No Goal Unable to Take

   Some days before respected Marshal Kim Jong Un gave an on-the-spot guidance to a leading machine factory in the midst of 70-day campaign of loyalty for achieving an unprecedented success before the Seventh Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea to be held in early May.
 Seeing round various places of the factory he gave valuable instructions to turn the factory to a world-level machine-building base and took benevolent measures for bringing them into effect.
   He said that seeing the high revolutionary fighting fervor of the workers of the factory firmly determined to make presentations to the forthcoming Seventh Congress of the WPK, writing down their daily success in their loyal record book, he felt keenly that as long as he works together with them, there would be no goal unable to take.
 His instructions became an inspiring banner stirring up the enthusiasm for the creation of miracles and exploits not only of the workers of this factory, but also all the working people of Korea who rose up in the 70-day campaign.

Describing Bright Future

   Recently Marshal Kim Jong Un came to the field to announce the building of the Ryomyong Street.
 Looking to the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, sacred place of Juche, where father of socialist Korea President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il lie in state and Mt. Ryongnam where Chairman Kim Jong Il had made historic pledge to add luster to Korea he named the street as Ryomyong Street in the meaning that it would be built in a significant place of the dawn of the Korean revolution.
 Then, seeing the miniature of the street, a bird’s eye view and relief model, he gave valuable instructions on the issues in making the Ryomyong Street as a monumental creation. He said that with the ground-breaking we would display the might of Songun Korea which rose up to build a thriving nation with the self-reliance and self-development, strike the enemy with an iron hammer of the Juche idea and Songun Idea and give a fatal blow to its foul body.
 He vigorously appealed that with the completion of the project within this year we have to give the Korean army and people confidence in certain victory and optimism and display again the might of Korea marching forward to the bright future, the invincible tradition of the Juche Korea the world has never known and will never know.
 Looking up to the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un giving a grand conception of victorious future with the announcement of the construction of the Ryomyong Street the officials were firmly determined to become a vanguard in hastening the final victory of revolution by rushing in the speed of Mallima (a legendary horse running thousands km in a leap).

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