Sunday, 1 May 2016

ASSPUK , JISGE and UK KFA Support DPRK Foreign Ministry Statement on bolstering nuclear deterrent

London 1st of May  Juche 105(2016)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK), the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE) and the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA)today issued a joint statement in support of the statement of the Foreign Ministry of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea issued on the 30th of April;
  The US imperialists  staged Foal Eagle and Key Resolve for 50 days threatening the sovereignty and existence of the DPRK  the land of Juche. As the statement of the DPRK Foreign Ministry correctly says " The war rehearsals were the largest-ever maneuvers hostile to the DPRK as it was manifested in the drills that the U.S. scenario and moves to physically eliminate the DPRK reached an extremely dangerous phase.
    It is tantamount to an open declaration of war against the DPRK that the U.S., kicking off the drills, undisguisedly revealed its attempt to mount a preemptive attack on the DPRK after discarding even the spurious mask of "defensive drills."

   Thus the DPRK, an independent and sovereign state, is fully within its rights to bolster its self-defensive deterrent. As people say "self-defence is no offence ! ".
    The six-party talks were reduced to a meaningless talking shop by the US imperialists . They are dead and gone ! The US has basically nullified the September 19th 2005 agreement so the DPRK is no longer bound by it.
  We support the stand of the DPRK to increase its nuclear deterrent everything the US stages war exercises threatening its sovereignty.

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