Saturday, 4 July 2015

Dreadful MERS

Recently, the Mideast respiratory syndrome (MERS) is plunging the whole south Korea into uneasiness and horror.
The mortality (32 persons as of June 27, 2015) and number of infectors and isolators caused the economic crisis and thousands of schools and kindergartens were closed. And also the public service facilities were paralyzed and all events in south Korea including international meetings and sports games as well as cultural and religious ones were canceled. 
The World Health Organization (WHO) designated south Korea as “the 2nd place of the MERS incidence to be observed in the world”.
Several countries and regions warned their people to be cautious of traveling to south Korea.
The world mass media described that “The MERS incidence in south Korea is a cynosure of the world”, “South Korea is still suffering from a nightmare of ‘Sewol’ disaster”, “South Korea invited an international shame by the MERS” and “South Korea, the fear-gripped place by the MERS”.
The MERS prevalent in south Korea is an inevitable result caused by the incompetent and anti-popular policy of the Park Geun-hye regime.
Now the south Korean people of various circles condemned the Park regime, branding the MERS disaster as the second ‘Sewol’ disaster.
On June 5th, thousands of leaflets condemning Park Geun-hye were scattered on the roof of a building in Seoul under the name of “citizens desirous of democracy” and later on hundreds of them were scattered in the other area of Seoul.
So long as the Park clique, who has made desperate bid to prolong its regime, irrespective of the people’s livelihood, takes power the disasters such as the sinking of “Sewol” would be reoccurred.

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