Monday, 27 July 2015

The End of Aggressors

I gained the unenviable distinction of being the first United States Army Commander in history to sign an Armistice without victory”
That is a confession made by Clerk, commander-in-chief of the “UN forces”, who signed the Korean Armistice on July 27, 1 953.
The U.S. put into the Korean front a huge armed force, numbering two million together, including one-third of its ground forces, one-fifth of its air force, and the greater part of its Pacific Fleet, plus troops of 15 of its satellite countries, south Korean puppet troops and even remaining troops of the imperial Japanese army.
The U.S. squandered more than 73 million tons of war supplies 11 times greater than it had spent in the pacific war.
The U.S., however, suffered an unbelievably great loss in the Korean War.
During the war 1 567 128 men including 405 498 U.S. troops were killed, or wounded, or taken prisoners.
The Korean People’s Army captured, or shot down, or damaged 12 224 enemy aircraft and captured or crushed 3 064 tanks, 191 armoured cars and 13 350 automobiles, captured, or sank or crushed 564 warships, captured or crushed 7 695 artillery pieces of different types and captured 925 152 small arms of different kinds, 21 245 071 bullets of different kinds, 489 260 shells of different kinds, 224 123 hand grenades, 14 449 mines and 5 788 communication devices of different types
The loss suffered by the U.S. in the Korean War was nearly 2.3 times greater than it had sustained in the 4 years of the Pacific War.
The U.S. newspaper “U.S. News and World Report” said: The loss suffered by the U.S. in the Korean War is over two times greater than all the losses it had sustained in its 5 major wars: Independent War, War of 1812, Mexican War, Spanish-American War and Philippine War.
The loss inflicted on the U.S. in the Korean War was not a mere loss, but the first ignominious defeat in U.S. history.
The U.S. had recorded only “victories” in its 100-odd wars in the history of more than 200 years of aggression. For the U.S. the Korean Armistice is little short of an instrument of surrender.
In spite of a miserable defeat by the Korean army and people in the Korean War in the 1950s, the U.S. and its south Korean puppets held a Victorious War Ceremony in July, 2014, ridiculed by all people.
Instead of feeling disgrace at the repeated defeats unprecedented in the world history of wars even in the new century, they held a ceremony, thereby revealing their miserable looks to the full.
As long as we are led by the great brilliant commander of Songun, the history of victorious wars and its tradition will be long to the DPRK forever, whereas shameful defeat will remain as an unchangeable painful inheritance to the aggressors.

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