Saturday, 11 July 2015

KCNA Commentary Urges EU to Think Twice over Increased Arms Sale to S. Korea

Pyongyang, July 11 (KCNA) -- Air Bus has scaled up its arms sale to south Korea.
    It has recently decided to sell four air tankers to south Korea in the wake of its recent decision to sell hundreds of attack helicopters to the latter.
    What matters is that air tanker A330 MRTT is capable of operating not only with the U.S. air force but also with NATO forces in contingency and its operational sphere covers the whole Korean peninsula, some areas of China and Russia and even the South Sea of China.
    The decision on the introduction of the air tankers would reportedly bring about an inevitable change in the Korean peninsula-centered "operation conception" maintained by the south Korean puppet air force.
    EU countries, whenever an opportunity presented itself, expressed deep concern over tense situation on the Korean peninsula. The action taken by Air Bus, however, is an extremely base act of adding fuel to increasing tension and a dangerous one of disturbing peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and in the region.
    Arms sale is not just a commercial lever.
    Strategic arms sale to dispute-torn regions in the world, notably the Korean peninsula, has become a major lever for the U.S. and its followers to execute their foreign policy for aggression, dominate other countries and interfere in their internal affairs.
    As a matter of fact, Northeast Asia including the Korean peninsula has turned into the most dangerous hotspot due to Washington's hostile policy and policy of massive arms sale against the DPRK.
    Not content with turning the whole of south Korea into an arms market and exhibition ground awash with U.S.-made weapons, the U.S. has ceaselessly shipped its latest lethal weapons to south Korea.
    South Korea has been reduced to the world's biggest nuclear outpost, hotbed of nuclear war and exhibition and test ground for new type weapons.
    A nuclear war may break out any moment on the Korean peninsula with the highest density in the deployment of nuclear weapons, where latest weapons are being introduced in an unbroken chain.
    The present situation on the peninsula, which has turned into the world's biggest hotspot due to Washington's high-handed and arbitrary practices, requires all countries more urgently than ever before to think twice over any act of harassing peace and stability in the region.
    Nevertheless, EU countries are mulling selling four air tankers to south Korea, a grave war crime pursuant to the U.S. policy of aggression against the DPRK.
    EU countries have often pretended to make a great contribution to global peace and stability, trumpeting about "defence of peace", and are now zealously cooperating with the U.S. aggression policy. This is hypocrisy towards the world community and perfidy to peace.
    Does this behavior bring any benefit to EU members?
    They had better bear in mind that it will be necessary for their own good to refrain from such acts as escalating tension but pursue a policy helpful to ensuring peace and stability.
    Strategic arms sale is a main factor of disturbing regional peace and security. -0-

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