Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The decisive leadership of respected Marshal KIM JONG UN

Just looking at the so-called criticism , in fact slander , the DPRK supreme leader Marshal KIM JONG UN by the Western imperialists particularly by the so-called "human rights " lobby such as Judge Michael Kirby ( one wonders what discoveries will be made about him after he dies ?) . Apart from being based on false testimony of so-called "defectors " from the DPRK , it is really motivated by the fear the US have of a strong and decisive leader. Marshal KIM JONG UN is being increasingly recognised as a charismatic figure with profound leadership abilities . To me respected Marshal KIM JONG UN is a leader who gets things done and is not afraid to criticize inefficiency and incompetence but more importantly he is a decisive leader who does not believe in unresolved issues or unfinished business. Some of the furore over "human rights " revolves around the liquidation of the head of the modern factionalist group , the traitor Jang Song Thaek , of course to hear the USA speak you would think no one was ever executed in the US and no one ever got shot by the US police ! . However the traitor had many warnings and what Marshal KIM JONG UN did was to act decisively to root out treason and did not leave issues unsettled . The DPRK will go forward to final victory under the resolute and decisive leadership of Marshal KIM JONG UN.

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