Sunday, 5 July 2015

Free medical care enforced during war thanks to President KIM IL SUNG


The universal free medical care system has long been in force in the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea. 


  People may not believe that the free medical care system was enforced in Korea during the hard-fought war more than 60 years ago. One day in January Juche 41 or 1952, the great leader KIM IL SUNG, ever-victorious, iron-willed brilliant commander, read a document presented by an official of the Ministry of Public Health. The document said a lot of fund was necessary concerning the germ atrocities by the US imperialists. KIM IL SUNG was in deep thought for a while and told the official: Now our people are fighting in all parts of the front and the rear, devoting even their lives to the victory of the war. What would we spare for such patriotic and devoted a people? Then he proposed enforcing free medical care system for the entire people. The moment, the official was surprised. He knew too well what an enormous money was necessary for the free medical care system. Looking at the surprised official, he kindly asked him about the situation of the public health. Hearing the official, he was lost in thought for a while and warmly said: Of course, the situation is difficult. But we should enforce the free medical care system to actively protect and promote the lives of our people. Nothing is more valuable to us than the lives of the people.
  Thanks to the noble loving care of Kim Il Sung who spared nothing for the people, Decision No. 203 of the Cabinet on enforcing universal free medical care system was made public on November 13, Juche 41 or 1952. On the historic day the ecstasy of the people was infinite and their elation struck terror into the heart of the enemy. Concerning the exciting news reported in Korea loud with uninterrupted explosions and engulfed in flames, world media said: "The United States is devastating Korea with a string of bombs, but Korea slapped the United States in the face with the great bomb 203 as powerful as ten A-bombs." The fervent love of Kim Il Sung for the people made it possible to enforce the free medical care system.
  It was a historic event that clearly showed the source of the great miraculous strength of the Korean army and people who displayed uncommon valour in the battles and gave full play to patriotism by shedding blood and sweat in the assistance to the front.

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