Sunday, 26 July 2015

Participants in War Veterans Conference Call for Greeting July 27 of Final Victory

    Pyongyang, July 27 (KCNA) -- The participants in the 4th National Conference of War Veterans in an appeal on Monday called on all service personnel, people and youth to bring about July 27 of the final victory in the spirit of defending the country displayed in the 1950s.
    Close at hand is the final decisive battle to settle accounts with the sworn enemy in the protracted showdown and have the flag of the Republic flying on the peak of a thriving nation, the appeal noted.
    Calling for bringing about July 27 of the final victory in the spirit of defending the country displayed in the 1950s, it continued:
    On behalf of the fighters on Wolmi Island who fought with only 4 artillery pieces against 50 000 enemy troops, the soldiers who destroyed themselves by jumping into the bottom of enemy tanks with grenades in their hands and the patriots who had smiles on their faces when they were standing on guillotines, shouting the slogan "Long Live General
Kim Il Sung!" we ardently appeal to the rising generation:
    Devotedly defend the headquarters of the revolution, the destiny and heart of the DPRK!
    Deeply trust and follow only Comrade Kim Jong Un single-mindedly, not abandoning revolutionary faith though you may die!
    All service personnel of the Korean People's Army!
    Perform distinguished services in the great war for national reunification like the brave warriors in the days of the past war who dedicated themselves to defending the beloved motherland and become heroic guards who can stand proud before your hometowns, parents and teachers!
    Let all people!
    Dedicate yourself to sprucing up your country to be more beautiful and stronger with your hearts burning with Kim Jong Il's patriotism, setting great store by this land defended and glorified by the President and leader Kim Jong Il throughout their lives!
    We, war veterans, keenly experienced ourselves in the flames of the war the justice and might of our Party's theory of giving precedence to ideology that an egg can break a rock if it is equipped with idea.
    As we had the death-defying spirit to defeat the enemy at any cost even by biting their throats, we shot down enemy planes with rifles and destroyed even a Yankee heavy cruiser that had boasted of being an "island" in the sea with torpedo boats.
    We, Koreans, made even satellites and nuclear weapons by our own efforts.
    Let's make the DPRK tower high over the world with our efforts and technology and resources!
    The beloved young people who represent the strength and dynamism of the country!
    The final victory like July 27 will belong to you.
    Don't forget even a moment with what enemy you are standing in confrontation!
    The enemy are working hard to make the youngsters of the DPRK yield to them through the spread of corrupt bourgeois life style as they failed to influence the latter with gunfire.
    Launch a revolutionary ideological offensive to deter the imperialists' corrupt ideology and culture from infiltrating into this land!
    Young people in the era of great Marshal Kim Jong Un should realize the cherished desire of the fellow countrymen and get the grudge of the nation settled!
    We request you on behalf of your grandparents mercilessly killed by the enemy, our comrades-in-arms who failed to come back from the southern coast and all war veterans and all other Korean people:
    When the time to launch a decisive battle comes, all young people across the country should turn out in a sacred war for reunifying the country to liberate the south at a breath and hoist the flag of the Republic on the top of Mt. Halla on Jeju Island!
    Display fireworks for celebrating July 27, the day of final victory, on the day of making a report on national reunification to the great leaders after blowing up even the U.S., the citadel of aggression!
    Let all service personnel, people and youth wage a courageous and stubborn struggle by displaying the might of the great unity of the army and people rallied close around respected Comrade Kim Jong Un and in the spirit of defending the country dating back to the 1950s and thus usher in July 27, the day of the final victory, without fail and accomplish the great cause of Paektu! -0

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