Saturday, 18 July 2015

KCNA Denounces U.S. for Conducting First Test Flight of Bomber Carrying New Type Nuclear Bomb

Pyongyang, July 18 (KCNA) -- The U.S. recently conducted the first test flight of a bomber carrying new type nuclear bomb B61-12.
    It was reported that beside the test conducted under the supervision of the U.S. Nuclear Security Agency and its Air Force, two more tests are expected within this year.
    The U.S. squandered a stupendous amount of funds every year for implementing its plan for modernizing nuclear weapons and is contemplating spending one trillion U.S. dollars for modernizing land-based missiles, SLBM and long-range bombers.
    The increased spurs put by the U.S. to the modernization of nuclear force are quite contrary to its talk about building "a world without nuclear weapons".
    After making the above-said initiative Washington kicked up much fuss, holding an international summit for nuclear security, discussing an issue of "nuclear disarmament" with Russia and opening to public the number of the stockpiled nuclear warheads in an effort to create impression that it was set to put it into practice without delay.
    This, however, proved fruitless.
    It is the unanimous view of experts that the peace and security of the world are at greater peril than ever before.
    This is attributable to the U.S.
    The U.S. declared that it would maintain "safe and effective nuclear deterrence" in March, 2010 after reneging on its commitment to decrease the role of nuclear weapons in carrying out its national security strategy. It also broke its promise to put an end to the production of nuclear fissile materials for manufacturing nuclear weapons. Even at this time it is keeping its nuclear weapons factories in full operation. It conducted a series of sub-critical nuclear tests and tests to examine capabilities of nuclear weapons by use of plutonium in September and December, 2010, February, 2011 and December, 2012.
    The U.S. staged madcap nuclear war drills against the DPRK every year by massively introducing nuclear weapons into south Korea and the waters off it. Recently its bombers flew even to Australia and staged a drill of dropping nuclear bombs, gravely threatening peace and security in Asia.
    The situation in Europe also remains tenser than ever before due to U.S. ceaseless nuclear war exercises with NATO forces involved and arms buildup.
    It was reported that the above-said test of B61-12 was aimed to replace aging nuclear bombs deployed in Europe with it.
    All facts go to prove that the U.S. remains unchanged in its ambition for building a unipolar world and it considers nukes as a basic means to carry out its scenario.
    The U.S. loud-mouthed elimination of nukes is little different from such sophism that a leopard can change its spots.
    The U.S. imperialists can never change its sinister design to dominate the world with its unchallenged nuclear edge.
    The appearance of various nuclear weapons states put an end to the era of the U.S. nuclear monopoly.
    The U.S., chiefly responsible for nuclear development and proliferation, is working hard to deter the nuclear powers from developing nukes and other countries from having access to nuclear weapons under such deceptive slogan as "building of a world without nuclear weapons" in a bid to realize its ambition for world domination.
    In its report on "quadrennial defense strategy review" in 2010 the U.S. clarified its stand to keep its nuclear arsenal till it attains its goal for building the "world without nuclear weapons."
    This goes to prove that the U.S. loud-mouthed "world without nuclear weapons" is, in essence, no more than a smokescreen to cover up its hegemonic ambition as it aims at the world dominated by its nukes.
    The U.S. should no longer talk about the "world without nuclear weapons" before mankind desirous of living in a peaceful world and immediately halt its criminal moves for modernizing nuclear weapons. -0-

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