Sunday, 19 July 2015

Social Equality in the DPRK - a comment from the JISGE Meeting

A truly great meeting of the JISGE on the 18th of July , one of the most successful ever ! Just to add to the reports on the discussions inspired the by the report-back given by our recent delegation to the DPRK . One of the topics that came up was social equality in the DPRK. Our delegate witnessed people like waitresses and drivers mixing with academics and high level officials. Our delegate reported that he saw no sign of snobbery , elitism or social exclusion in the DPRK. He also said that in the DPRK there is no difference between rich and poor , there is no such things in the DPRK as high class areas, middle class areas , working class areas or 'dare I say lumpen areas !" . The DPRK is based on single hearted unity which means everyone pulling together and working together this helps to overcome and eliminate social differences . The DPRK also pursues the line of revolutionisation, working classization and intellectualisation which will completely eliminate any lingering remnants of class differences. The DPRK is a thriving society because of the high level of social equality,.

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