Monday, 27 July 2015

Greetings on FLW Victory Day !


Greetings to all Songun Idea and Juche Idea followers on the occasion of the 62nd anniversary of the Korean people in the Fatherland Liberation War against the Yankee imperialist aggressors . The victory was due to the outstanding military commanding art ,Juche-based military tactics and Songun based revolutionary leadership of the the great leader generalissimo KIM IL SUNG the sun of Juche , ever -victorious iron willed commander and gifted military strategic genius . The victory in the Fatherland Liberation War of the Korean people opened up a new era of anti-US,anti-imperialist struggle .The victory in the Fatherland Liberation made a great contribution to the world revolutionary movement . We Songun idea followers recall the indomitable heroism of the Korean people on this day . We are sure that final victory and reunification will be achieved under dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN !

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