Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Long Live the great leader generalissimo KIM IL SUNG


Tomorrow 8th of July is 21 years since the great leader President KIM IL SUNG passed so unexpectedly. This date is etched strongly on my mind . Myself and a good friend from the Juche Idea Study Group of England have travelled to the DPRK to study the Juche Idea at the Korean Juche Idea Academy in Manyondae District . The Academy was only 10 minutes drive from the President's birthplace .
We arrived around the 20th of June and left on the 2nd of July travelling back to the UK via Beijing .
During our visit we saw the image of President KIM IL SUNG in newspapers like "Rodong Sinmun " . Just before we had arrived President KIM IL SUNG had given on the spot guidance to some co-operative farms on the edge of Pyongyang . I remember seeing the picture of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG looking towards some irrigation balloons. It was also shown on tv. We also saw him on tv meeting foreign guests , the majestic melody of "Long live Marshal KIM IL SUNG would be played each time. One such foreign guest was Ludo Martens leader of the Workers Party of Belgium .

 We got back to the UK on the 3rd of July after a memorable and successful visit. We went back to our separate towns. Coming back to the UK wa a bit of culture shock after being in the DPRK where we had seen lines of disciplined schoolchildren going to school and a high standard of cleanliness everywhere .
Suddenly on the morning of Saturday 9th the BBC starkly announced the news that the great leader President KIM IL SUNG had passed away. At first I could not believe and thought it was lies or propaganda. Our delegation had been the last British delegation to be in the DPRK before the great leader President KIM IL SUNG passed away . As Juche Idea followers rather than saying "Rest In Peace " we say "THE GREAT LEADER PRESIDENT KIM IL SUNG IS ALWAYS WITH US !

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