Friday, 24 July 2015

Bourgeois Academia's Assault on People's Korea

Prof Hazel Smith with south Korean puppet "Unification Minister 
With a lot of fanfare the University of Central Lancashire has launched a MA course on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea  to be headed by Professor Smith . This course   costs £5,000 per year which effectively rules out working class people from taking it !. Basically it is aimed at the bourgeois elite

The bourgeois media have hailed the course as increasing understanding of the DPRK . However Prof Smith slanders the socialist system of the DPRK and the single-hearted unity saying "its people are cynical about propaganda being used by the government." Clearly this course is a modern version of the old cold war academic institutions in the imperialists which carried out so-called studies of the socialist countries with the aim of actually undermining them. Such institutions were underwritten by Western governments and intelligence services . The hidden purpose of the course is to promote counter-revolution in the DPRK and break-up the socialist system.

Prof Hazel Smith is shown in the picture above  with the south Korean puppet "Minister of Unification " . The south Korean "Unification Ministry " is notoriously anti DPRK and is in fact an 'anti unification ' ministry and a base for anti DPRK operations of the more extreme and die-hard elements in south Korea.

Prof Smith herself has written a number of very  anti-DPRK books such as "Hungry for Peace " which slander the socialist system of the DPRK.  She even on occasion she attacked the Korean Friendship Association.She was also awarded a medal by the US. As well a Professor at the University of Lancashire she is on the staff of the US Wilson Center and was on the Honorary Committee of US NGO along with George W Bush and former US bureaucrats . For many years Smith was on the staff of Cranfield University which specialises in "security and resilience "(readers may wish to draw their own conclusion as to what "security " and "resilence" means).
Prof Smith is apparently a former Labour councillor is probably paid about at least  £61,000 (which is   16 times what an unemployed worker would get )excluding any expenses and benefits and the loyalties of her books . Another overpaid so-called "expert " on the DPRK earning easy money !
 Prof Smith represents bourgeois academia's assault on the Democratic People Republic of Korea and the Juche Idea and the new course on the DPRK will serve US and British imperialism.

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