Thursday, 9 July 2015

KCNA Commentary Dismisses S. Korean Conservative Media's False Propaganda

    Pyongyang, July 8 (KCNA) -- The conservative media of south Korea are playing the role of a shock force in the puppet regime's anti-DPRK false propaganda.
     They are busy floating wild rumor about "instability of the social system in the north," talking sheer nonsense that "a deputy chief of the General Staff of the Korean People's Army fled to Seoul" and "somebody was executed."
     These are no more than sheer lies.
    The general officer whom the conservative media of south Korea described as "a defector from the north" is now commanding a construction project at the Masikryong Ski Resort to spruce up it better so that more cheerful laughter of people is heard.
     The story about "execution of someone" being floated by them as a "news from Ryanggang Province" is also sheer sophism.
     The false propaganda of the south Korean puppet conservative media is a foolish and base politically-motivated conspiratorial farce and an act of treachery aimed to create impressions in the world community that there are uneasiness and horror in the dignified DPRK in a bid to tarnish its image and break its solid single-minded unity.
     The conservative media of south Korea were reduced to experts on telling lies long ago as they put into the shade Nazis, the world's most wicked tricksters. They are no more than a group of traitors without equals keen on letting loose invectives blocking the improvement of the north-south relations, disturbing national reconciliation and unity and hurling mud at compatriots.
    Their vitriol disclosed their true colors as the worst swindlers and hack media persons who besmirch the world with lies and fabrications by discarding the mission of the press whose life and soul is justice and truth.
     The south Korean puppet Intelligence Service (IS) is behind their false propaganda against the DPRK.
     It is the trite method of the puppet authorities including the IS to orchestrate such poor farce by mobilizing reptile media in a bid to attain their despicable purposes.
    Typical examples of their false propaganda are the fictions that "Vice Department Director of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea Kil Jae Gyong sought asylum in the U.S." though he died long ago and his remains are buried in the Patriotic Martyrs Cemetery of the DPRK and its nuclear scientists "fled to a foreign country" though they are engaged in normal researches in their field. The conservative media vied with each other to float such fictions, pursuant to scenarios of the IS. They only became a laughing stock of the world.
    The recently floated fictions are part of their false propaganda.
     The Park Geun Hye group is busy conducting such propaganda against the DPRK on the basis of sheer lies fabricated by ultra-right conservative media persons in a sinister effort to create misunderstanding of the DPRK in the international community and thus justify the confrontation and "human rights" smear campaign against it.
     This time they hurled even conservative media women into the false propaganda to impair the dignity and social system of the DPRK. This is, however, nothing but a daydream of confrontation maniacs.
     The IS and ultra-right conservative media of south Korea will have to pay a high price for this ridiculous ruckus. -0

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