Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Generalissimmo Kim Il Sung, the ever-victorious iron-willed brilliant commander
A Great Chronicle
When July 27th comes, the Korean people extend the warmest greetings and glory to President Kim Il Sung.
President Kim Il Sung was a peerless patriot and an ever-victorious, iron-willed brilliant commander who defended the destiny of the country and nation and worked military miracle to be recorded in the history of struggle against imperialism by leading the Fatherland Liberation War to victory.
The last Korean War was a hard-fought revolutionary war unprecedented in the history of world war. During the war the heroic Korean people defeated US imperialism styling itself the "world's only superpower" by displaying heroism and a spirit of self-sacrifice.
The victory in the last Fatherland Liberation War was attributable to brilliant victory of ideology, faith, strategy and tactics and skilled art of command of President Kim Il Sung. It is the first and probably the last that feats in winning war performed by Kim Il Sung who brought about the second liberation day to open up an era of new upsurge of anti-imperialist struggle by crushing the US-led imperialist allied force.
Through the victory of the last Korean War, the world has venerated President Kim Il Sung as the greatest-ever commander and the DPRK is highlighted as heroic Korea that brought about the beginning of decline for the US imperialism.
Therefore, south Korean people regard the July 27 as the day of the myth of the "mightiness" of the US had been exploded and the day of great victory that dignity and sovereignty of the nation had been defended.
The south Koreans highly eulogize President Kim Il Sung an unparalleled, great person who defeated two imperialisms in one generation and the President is a matchless hero to be etched in the history of the Korean nation forever.
Now the south Korean people are confident that the Korean nation would emerge victorious as it is led by supreme leader Kim Jong Un, a brilliant commander of Mt. Paektu, noting that the destiny of a nation would be guaranteed by a great commander.

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