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Military Commentator Ridicules U.S., S. Korea's Farce of Painting Defeat as "Victory

    Pyongyang, July 31 (KCNA) -- Minju Joson on Friday carries an article of a military commentator critical of the U.S. and south Korea's shameful farce on the occasion of July 27.
    When the world sent hearty congratulations to the army and people of the DPRK, the U.S. and south Korean puppet group ran the whole gamut of gimmick to get rid of disgrace and infamy as wretched losers, the article says.
    The U.S. and south Korea resorted to a host of farces and burlesques to paint their setback and defeat in the Korean war as "military achievement" and "victory", the article notes, bringing to light part of those farces as follows:
    A farce in Washington began with an event called "memorial wall".
    The "memorial wall" was a "brainchild" of U.S. Congress to build a wall just as an endless long fence surrounding a cemetery as it was thought impossible to engrave all the names of the U.S. imperialist aggressors who were dead, crippled and went missing in the Korean war on a plane board.
    When the public was against the engraving of the names that totaled 36 574, the tricksters suggested an unusual event of "calling the names" in a bid to turn the public in their favor.
    "Name-calling" place was the "Korean War Memorial Park."
    The aged suffering from nightmares every July 27 had to gather there for four days to hear the names of the dead, rubbing their eyes and yawning.
    The tricksters decided to hold a ground-breaking ceremony for "the monument to entry into the Korean front" in a national park of San Francisco on July 11.
    The reason was that a "golden gate bridge" symbolic of San Francisco was the last thing the U.S. imperialist aggressors saw in their mainland before they were dispatched to the Korean war.
    The farce-makers also decided to hold a ground-breaking ceremony for a two-meter-high "monument to the battle in Lake Jangjin" in Virginia on July 27.
    The bitter defeat divisions of the U.S. imperialist aggressors sustained in Lake Jangjin during their northward advance, being seized by aggression and war hysteria, was a continuation of horrible nightmares unprecedented in the U.S. history.
    The number of those who were frozen to death in Lake Jangjin was much more than that of those who were shot to death.
    No wonder, survivors from the battle were so fear-stricken that they recalled time and again that the cold in Lake Jangjin was the most severe one in the world incomparable with that in the North and South poles.
    As far as the "heroes of Lake Jangjin" highly praised by the U.S. are concerned, they are no more than forlorn wandering spirits as their remains have long been left as food for dogs there.
    Park Geun Hye, to chime in with the above-said U.S.-sponsored farce, dispatched Kim Mu Song, representative of the "Saenuri Party," as her "special envoy" to the U.S.
    During his visit to the "village for warriors of services" in the U.S., Kim went busy flattering the U.S., making deep bows even with his nose close to the ground here and there, saying Koreans have an old custom of making deep bows in token of their "respect" and "gratitude."
    He even visited the Arlington National Cemetery, where others hesitate to go, to pay condolences to the dead in the Korean war. There he talked such nonsense as "invincible and unparalleled alliance" and "Washington political party diplomacy."
    Great irony is Park Geun Hye's behavior.
    Park reportedly seemed to be so anxious about her dropping behind Kim in the "race of loyalty to the U.S." that she even lost her appetite as honey-tongued Kim perfectly curried favor with the U.S. during his visit.
    The puppet regime has opened a "special exhibition."
    The thing that plays a leading role there is just a newly made piano.
    It is said that the piano's strings are made from rusty hedgehogs that had been set up along the 38th parallel by melting it.
    The puppet regime once made the "medal for veterans", a scrap iron medal, by melting pieces of "rusty hedgehog" that had been installed along the Military Demarcation Line.
    Ringing out from the piano with "rusty hedgehog" label, the only one in the world, will be only a funeral song filled with sigh resulting from ignominious defeat.
    The puppet regime also sponsored a "ceremony" to which it invited those of the U.S. allies that had participated in the Korean war and their 150 odd family members.
    There it conferred "orders of merits" upon four of them, living corpses who could remain alive as they took to flight pell-mell from battlefields of the Korean war they had gone to make a petty amount of dollars.
    The regime seemed to have calculated that such a farce might convert the nightmare of their defeat into a glorious "victory." Those who orchestrated the farce made no scruple of doing such base acts as to provide youngsters with the baton of defeat, as evidenced by the fact that it invited 100 odd school youth and children from the U.S. satellite countries to a "ceremony for peace camping" and incited war fever among them.
    The camping took place allegedly for "peace-making" but, in essence, it was one for eulogizing the Korean war as the sacred one for "defending freedom", "consoling" the souls of those who met ignominious deaths in an alien land and praising the "victory won at considerable sacrifice".
    The military commentator says that history is fair and immutable, adding:
    The bluffing made by the U.S. that it would occupy the whole land of Korea in just 72 hours turned into the sigh of loser who suffered only shame and defeats for 1 129 days, not just for 720 days.
    The U.S. activated one third of its imperialist aggression forces, one fifth of the air force, most of the Pacific Fleet, the mercenary troops of its 15 satellite countries, tens of billions of U.S. dollars worth of military spending and tens of millions of tons of war supplies but could not but sign the surrender document. Its history of defeat can never be rewritten.
    The more frantically the U.S. and south Korean puppet forces cling to the poor burlesque on the occasion of July 27, the more glaringly they would reveal their despicable nature as losers.
    July 27 will remain forever as the v-day of heroic Korea which created the myth of invincibility. -0-

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