Monday, 27 July 2015

Some common cliches of anti DPRK propaganda de bunked

Glancing at the media when you look at reports about the DPRK you will see not only the same old stories used over and over again but also the same wornout over-used cliches like "isolated " , "repressive " , "Stalinist " etc . Lets examine some of them in detail :
"Isolated " . Well the DPRK has diplomatic relations with 164 countries including the UK and has 47 embassies in other countries . Visting the DPRK in 2012 and 2013 I found myself amongst thousands of foreign visitors from all corners of the globe. At the World Juche Congress I found myself on the same table as a former Ugandan minister . Just because the DPRK does not have relations with the US , Japan, Israel and south Korea does not make it "isolated " !
"Stalinist " , a weasel word used by Western journalists to equate the DPRK with alleged events in the USSR from the period of the late 1920s to 1953. However this conveniently ignores the fact that Korea is Korea and the Soviet Union was the Soviet Union. Stalin died in 1953 . Whilst the DPRK respects Stalin a leader , it upholds Juche and has a Korean style socialist system based independence and creativity , it is not a copy of the Soviet Union (or China, Albania, Bulgaria etc ).
"Repressive " also used over and over again . All based on bogus stories from "defectors" . Recently the DPRK granted a prisoner amnesty the last one being in 2012 so most prisoners will have served no longer than 2 or 3 years . In Pyongyang you only see unarmed police directing traffic .
"Dictatorial " in the lexicon of imperialist journalists simply means "we don't like you very much ! . In the DPRK goverment is actually elected with nearly 100% of the vote compared to many Western countries where some governments have been elected with less than 50% of the vote !. Those leaders in the third world who toe the line but have serious human rights problems are never called dictatorial by the Western media. Nor do they refer to India as a dynasty even though it was ruled by three generations of the same family for years !

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