Wednesday, 22 July 2015

UK KFA on the 62nd anniversary of the Korean People's Victory in the Fatherland Liberation War


 London July 22nd July 2015

The UK Korean Friendship Association today issued the following statement on the upcoming 62st anniversary of the Korean people's great victory in the Fatherland Liberation War against the US imperialists.

                  The Fatherland Liberation War (Korean War) was provoked by the US imperialist aggressors on the 25th of June 1950 but ended in a great victory for the Korean people led by the great leader generalissimo Kim Il Sung, the all triumphant and incomparable brilliant commander .
                                                                                       The US imperialists went to great lengths to crush a small nation in east Asia, to crush a successful people's revolution. They mobilised not only the miserable south Korean Syngham Rhee south Korean fascist  puppets but also the troops of 15 satellite countries including the UK (to our shame and dishonour). The US imperialists used the most barbarous methods to try and beat the Korean people into submission so they could colonise all of Korea and turn into a strategic base against the Soviet Union  and  China. They heavily bombed the DPRK , massacred civilians indiscriminately , and used germ and chemical weapons . However neither barbarity nor overwhelming military might nor superior technology could bring the heroic Korean people to their knees as they were led by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung and had the Juche idea as their guide.
                   The guns fell silent the 27th of July 1953  as the US concluded an armistice without succeeding in their aim of destroying the DPRK . As the US general Clark who signed the armistice concluded it was an armistice without  a victory. The US imperialists had over 400,000 troops killed , wounded or captured in the Fatherland Liberation WarThe US lost more troops than in several war put together. Thus it was a truly massive defeat for US imperialism , the ripple effect of which  was to create a big upsurge in the anti-imperialist national liberation movement throughout the world.
                                         The DPRK though much smaller in size than the US won a great victory due to the Juche-orientated  military tactics of the great leader generalissimo Kim Il Sung. It was an example of a small country defeating a big power.
         UK KFA congratulates the Korean people and their supreme leader Marshal Kim Jong Un  on the 62st anniversary of their great victory.
                       Today 65 years after the the start of the Fatherland Liberation War the Korean  peninsula remains in a state of neither peace nor war. The Korean Armistice Agreement should be replaced with a permanent peace treaty and US forces withdrawn. The numerous proposals from the DPRK for a peaceful settlement should be accepted by the US and south Korean side
 UK KFA           

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