Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The "Human Rights " Lobby Need to Shut up !

The DPRK has granted an amnesty for all prisoners effective from the 1st of August . Can you imagine the US or UK doing the same on an important anniversary ? No . Also it is important to note with the DPRK once a prison sentence is served people start afresh without having a permanent criminal record or stigma of being an "ex con ".
There is so much propaganda , hype and talk about human rights in the DPRK but in reality it has the best human rights position in the world . The number of actual prisoners is small and certainly not the hundreds of thousands claimed by the Western media and most prisoners only serve 2 or 3 years in prison . In 2012 a general prisoner amnesty was granted so the prisoners released on the 1st of August this year will only have served 3 years ! . Put fiction like " Escape From Camp 14 " in the bin and close down the so-called UN Human Rights Office in Seoul !

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