Monday, 13 July 2015

DPRK Will Counter U.S Nuclear Stick with Strong Nuclear Deterrent: KCNA Commentary

 Pyongyang, July 13 (KCNA) -- The U.S. deputy secretary of Defense at a recent meeting openly talked about the U.S. plan for modernizing its nuclear force.
    He blustered that the 2021-2035 plan for modernizing nuclear weapons has already been worked out by the Pentagon and 18 billion U.S. dollars would be annually required to carry it out.
    Noting the Pentagon is pursuing the plan for "modernizing the three major parts of nuclear weapons" such as surface-to-surface missile, SLBM and long-range bomber, he added that it would take 30 years to carry out it and require a trillion U.S. dollars for this purpose.
    This brought to light the sinister design of the U.S. which has been loudmouthed about "a world without nuclear weapons."
    As known, Washington made the initiative on building "a world without nuclear weapons" for the first time in April, 2009, giving impression that it would set an "example" in building such world.
    Against this backdrop, Obama in a recent statement cried out for "opting to increase the force of the NPT."
    However, the U.S. has massively deployed nuclear weapons in various parts of the world including south Korea and conducted nuclear tests more frequently in a craftier manner.
    A brass hat of the U.S. army confessed that nuclear weapons factories of the U.S. have never been idle.
    Some nuclear weapons the U.S. claims to have dismantled are aging ones without any guarantee for its performance and hard to maintain and operate.
    Washington may advertise as if it had cut down the number of nuclear weapons in a small measure but their quality has so rapidly improved that it baffles human imagination.
    Nevertheless, it is putting political, economic and military pressure upon those countries bolstering up their defence capabilities to cope with its outrageous nuclear threat, deliberately pulling up them.
    This indicates that "denuclearization" much touted by it is, in essence, a scenario to force other countries to dismantle their nukes and make a monopoly of nuclear weapons.
    Now it is stepping up the modernization of nuclear weapons under the pretext of "threat" from the DPRK, Russia and China, etc.
    Needless to say, the U.S. scenario is aimed to contain the DPRK and its neighboring powers through its nuclear edge and thus dominate the world.
    The U.S. remains unchanged in its strategy for emerging the only dominator of the world by dint of nuclear weapons and its hard-line hostile policy toward the DPRK has become ever more outrageous.
    Under this situation the DPRK renews its unshakable will to counter the U.S. brandishing a nuclear stick with a strong nuclear deterrent only.
    The service personnel and people of the DPRK will continue holding fast to the line of simultaneously developing the two fronts and further bolster up the nuclear deterrent for self-defence as long as there remain on this earth the U.S. and its allied forces keen to stifle the DPRK. -0-

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