Wednesday, 8 July 2015

BBC Lying About the DPRK Again


Once again the BBC is using stories from so-called "defectors " from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea . At least one of these Shin Dong Hyok admits to lying and a number of other such 'defectors' have been shown to be liars.

I have visited the DPRK 9 times since 1992 and I can tell you that this story is just ludicrous to to say the least. The DPRK's famous Pochonbo ensemble have released CDs of a number of famous non DPRK pop songs such as "Brother Louis " . Were they reported to DPRK internal security ? No ! . The Moranbong band have also included some international songs in their material such as a splendid version of Danny Boy . If your story was true then they would not be around any more . It is shocking that the BBC have chosen to repeat such blatant lies.
It is also very disrespectful and insulting of the BBC to broadcast and promote anti-DPRK propaganda stories on the day when it is 21 years since the great leader President KIM IL SUNG passed away. Possibly this is is breach of diplomatic relations

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