Thursday, 16 July 2015

Madness of Confrontational Maniacs

On June 23, the south Korean puppet regime, heedless of all Korean nation’s and the worldwide protests and denouncements, opened the UN "office on human rights in the north" in Seoul
The office, the puppet regime opened under the wire-pulling of US, is a “dumping ground” of misstatements from all kinds of dregs of humanity and also a cesspool of plots.
The “Report on Human Rights of North Korean”, fabricated by the US and south Korean puppet regime, is a mixture of perjuries from yellow dogs, the runaways who betrayed their own country and families.
Nevertheless, the puppet regime, insisting the inauguration is a “more effective measure centered on the spot”, “historic milestone” and “full support”, is behaving frivolously.
The south Korean regime has made desperate bid to enact “North Korean Human Rights Act” through this opportunity.
The farce shows wild ambition of the south Korea regime obsessed with confrontation with fellow countrymen and hostility towards it.
What is more enraging is that the puppet regime committed such rash act on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of publication of the June 15 Joint Declaration. This is none other than a downright challenge against the nation’s efforts to mend the inter-Korean relations and promote the national reconciliation and unity by concerted efforts of the Korean nation. And it is an anti-national act against the Korean nation’s enthusiasm and expectation for peace and reunification.
Condemning the puppet regime who inaugurated the UN "Office on Human Rights in north Korea" the plot-breeding tool against north Korea, the south Korean organizations of various circles are struggling vigorously.
On June 23, nearly 30 organizations of various circles including the South Headquarters of the National Alliance for the Country’s Reunification and the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions held a joint press conference in Seoul.
Asserting that the “human rights” issue is a kind of pressure and hostile policy against north Korea and it would aggravate discord and tension on the Korean Peninsula, they let loose their fury.
And the regime should close the office and take the road of reconciliation, cooperation and peace, they noted.
Meanwhile, the organizations such as the Association for Supporting Prisoners of Conscience of the Family Movement for Realizing Democracy and other civic bodies held a rally around the US Embassy demanding the shutdown of the UN "Office on Human Rights in north Korea"  and resignation of Park Geun-hye.
At the rally the speakers noted that the office was inaugurated with the object of hampering the inter-Korean reconciliation, unity and independent reunification.
The Park regime who committed the anti-national and anti-reunification crimes with foreign forces would face a stern punishment of the history, they warned.
The south Korean regime should close the UN "Office on Human Rights in north Korea" that incites confrontation of systems and jeopardizes inter-Korean ties and take the road of improvement of north-south relations without delay.

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