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Last Thursday 25th of June it was 65 years since the Korean war or Fatherland Liberation War as it is known. Who really did start it ? for generations people in the UK and other
Western countries have been brainwashed into thinking that the DPRK fired the "first shot " or "invaded the south " , though of course you cannot actually invade your own country (south Korea simply being half of a divided country ). Of course some go to far as to argue that it does not matter how started the Korean war , however a war that claimed millions of lives and involved huge armed forces does need to be accounted for and the blame apportioned .
First, lets look at the motives of the two sides . The DPRK was established only two years before the war , its goal was economic construction and improving people's living standards. The last thing it needed was a destructive and costly war. No group or section of society in the DPRK would profit from a war. The US on the other wanted to stop what it saw as "communist expansion " in Asia and decided on the doctrine of "rollback ", "a crusade to wipe communism off the face of the globe". The US arms manufacturers stood to make huge profits out of a potential war . Moreover there were fears at the end of the 1940s that the US economy was entering another slump, War is a way out of economic crisis as it creates high demand in the economy  and the unemployed put in the army.
       Secondly, Western historians purposefully ignore the fact that John Foster Dulles the US presidential envoy visited south Korea on the 18th of June a week before the war began and visited front line areas. Dulles visit and the outbreak of war a week later cannot be a coincidence. Of course Dulles went back to the United States and his luxury mansion but millions of Koreans died while he lived !

An analysis of the facts shows that the US imperialists did indeed provoke the Korean War . We draw your attention to the following books on the subject
The Korean War An Unanswered Question
Distortion of US Provocation of Korean War

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