Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Tinker , Traitor , Spy , Snob.... the real story of the former Minister Counsellor


The imperialist and bourgeois reactionary media are giving a lot of prominence to a former employee of the DPRK Embassy in London who went to south Korea
after embezzling a capital sum of money , selling state secrets and a committing a sexual offence. A lot of publicity was given to this bete noire in August and the traitor is appearing on south Korean puppet TV almost daily and his remarks are being repeated in the UK by the lying monopoly capitalist media .
    We in the Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK, Juche Idea Study Group of England and UK Korean Friendship Association  regard the traitor is a complete scumbag , who was in all probability working for the imperialist intelligence services , the international revisionists and big power chauvinists and the south Korean puppets for a very long period , maybe 10 or 20 years. After the traitor confessed at a south Korean puppet media news conference , that he changed his ideology a long time ago.
  Before we examine the life of this traitor one or two things need to be made clear. He was never "Deputy Ambassador of the DPRK to the UK " as continually repeated by the bourgeois media. No such position exists. Nor would the traitor have had any direct knowledge of the DPRK's nuclear and missile programmes. This would have been the domain of the DPRK's military and subject to secrecy so he could not have known such things.  The traitor had no knowledge of the current realities of the DPRK as he had not lived in the DPRK for 10 years.
  Recently the traitor revealed what we had guessed that he"a change of mind and ideology for a quite long time.”. In other words he really been working for the enemy side , for MI6, MI5, CIA  ,south Korean puppet National Intelligence Service  and whoever was prepared to pay this venal man.
    I can remember the traitor saying once at a planning meeting in 2006 or 2007 that part of his job was to analyse what the capitalist press was saying about the DPRK and how after reading it day and after day he almost believed the lies that they were telling about the DPRK.It is now apparent that he did in fact believe the lies of the capitalist press about People's Korea.
   At another planning meeting the traitor was very enthusiastic about markets in the DPRK advocating  more of them. Clearly he believed in the so-called "opening up" and "reform " of the DPRK. He had actually been educated in China and was no doubt under the influence of Chinese revisionism for a long time. Apparently he  has a nephew in China who is a businessman. The traitor was a capitalist roader and a revisionist.
  Curiously in the last two years that he was in the UK the traitor shed his reformism and  reinvented himself as a hard-liner and 'militant anti-revisionist' . Sometimes railing at meetings about British imperialism and the British ruling class , using language often stronger than the official DPRK media. This must have been a smokescreen to deceive people.
 The traitor lived a capitalist lifestyle .He belonged to sports club which in the UK  only the very rich and a privileged elite can belong to. Some of these clubs even prohibit membership of non-White people.The traitor liked to hobnob with wealthy capitalist businessmen and BBC journalists. He invited them to embassy receptions.They used to come and scoff huge quantities of food and drink. The traitor went to great lengths to court the BBC even though it  the BBC is very hostile to the DPRK, its coverage of the DPRK is usually full of lies and inaccuracies. The BBC is known to progressive people as the British Brainwashing Corporation. The traitor even went as far as to have meetings with the head of the BBC World Service and BBC journalist Stephen Evans. It is
well known that the external services of the BBC are staffed by MI6 (British secret intelligence service) and are the voice of British imperialism.
  The traitor was clearly a lover of the good life.I can remember when we held the book launch of my book "In Defence of Songun "  and I have bought a bottle of an Irish cream liqueur. He was most enthusiastic after drinking a glass of it and waxed lyrical saying that he would buy a bottle on the way back to the Embassy. The traitor was a heavy drinker and was seen on several occasions consuming large amounts of alcohol. The last time I spoke to him he shocked by saying how much drank a day.He seemed very curious about my drinking habits(which are of course very moderate).
  I can also remember a certain amount of hidden snobbery. As I said he enjoyed the company of capitalist businessman. It is true that he used to attend the meetings of the KFA , JISGE and ASSPUK as well as different fraternal parties. The party he seemed to be most pally with was the CPGBML , a party headed by a landlord and property owner of Indian origin Harpal Brar , which has a predominately middle-class membership(though not exclusively) and the leadership like slap-up dinners and fine wines. The traitor used to come to the New Worker office where I have worked since October 2014. Now this is in an old building and is a very humble place. Out of courtesy I used to offer him a cup of coffee when he came to the office , each time he would say "No thank you , I had a big coffee on the way ". I knew he was lying. Our coffee was not good enough for him apparently.
    The traitor was  an indeed most venal , snobbish and egotistical man.!
 One aspect of the treachery that has not been examined was his role of spying on DPRK solidarity organisations and Juche study groups. He attended virtually all our meetings and would often take pictures or film the meetings. On other occasions he asked for people's pictures of the meetings.It is now believed that in fact he was conducting surveillance on our organisations at the behest of the south Korean National Intelligence Service as well as British and US intelligence. It is a pity that there is not a courageous independent minded journalist who could raise the question about the traitor's intelligence gathering role for the the British state as well as south Korea and the US. Members of our organisations feel deeply betrayed and are concerned that information on them has been passed on to MI5, Special branch, CIA  and the south Korean National Intelligence Service. We have a right to know. Maybe Wikileaks could be put on the case. Really the labour and progressive movement should demand an investigation into his spying activities against honest and innocent British citizens.The traitor should be held to account for his accounts against our organisations.
  It may well be the case that the traitor was implicated in my own victimisation by the media and my former employer and also a nasty "Daily Mail " article on another pro DPRK person. In my own case I was subjected to disciplinary action by my employer and forced to take early retirement and exist on a small pension and part time work , the loss to me has been about £250 per week in income.Curiously when I took my case to an Appeal Board the employer witheld some of the evidence against me invoking 'legal privilege'.I now realise that this witheld evidence would have in fact pointed to someone inside the DPRK Embassy as really working for the other side.  
 The traitor also stirred up trouble and conflict between ourselves by forwarding a confidential email ,which exposed the anti-DPRK, anti-Juche activities of some members of this organisation, to a certain group. This resulted in conflict. I now realise that this was done on purpose.
  No sympathy or justification should be extended to this rat, this scumbag. He deserves the ultimate
Dr Dermot Hudson
Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England
President Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK
Chairman UK Korean Friendship Association
 UK Preparatory Committee For the 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu
Member Interntional Committee For the Study of Songun Politics.

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