Monday, 2 January 2017

Only within 3 days of the outbreak of war

The United States of America and south Korean puppets launched an aggressive war against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on June 25, 1950.
The USA had kept the aggressive ambition on the DPRK following the occupation of south Korea.
According to the plan of aggressive war the USA extended south Korean puppets army into 160 000 and deployed 5 divisions armed with the weapons and equipments of the USA on the fore-front by June, 1950.
Muccio, the US ambassador to south Korea, vaunted that they would occupy the DPRK within only 3 days and Syngman Rhee puppet clique said that they would have a breakfast in Haeju, lunch in Pyongyang and supper in Sinuiju just before the provocation of the war.
The world concentrated on Korea with the anxieties since the first day of war.
President Kim Il Sung ordered to the entire army to frustrate the enemy’s invasion and immediately mount a decisive counteroffensive on June 25, Juche 39(1950).
True to his order the Korean People’s Army switched over to the counteroffensive, destroyed and drove out the enemy who made a raid on northern half of Korea and liberated northern part of Seoul including Yonan, Paechon, Ongjin, Kaesong and so on.
In confusion the USA dispatched more air corps and warships with the remnants of puppet army on the fore-front and made desperate efforts not to give up Seoul mobilizing the headquarters units of puppet army corps, educational institution of military and the police force and set up strong defense along the roads from Munsan to Seoul and from Uijongbu to Seoul.
President Kim Il Sung wisely grasped the plan of the enemy and selected the main attack direction as the western front centered on Seoul, the heart of the enemy, frustrating the ready-made ideas.
To his operational policy counteroffensive units of the People’s Army decisively attacked the enemy and destroy the defense line and broke through Uijongbu and the line in Miari.
By doing so they ensured the advance of units for the liberation of Seoul.
The small units and tank forces of the People’s Army rushed into Seoul following the retreating enemy and made a breakthrough for the advance of the units attacking the important targets and causing confusion in enemies.
President Kim Il Sung chose the H-hour for the liberation of Seoul as 5:00 a.m. on 28th of June for fear that the night action could destroy the life and property of the people and precious cultural relics.
The combined units of People’s Army entered the battle for the liberation of Seoul following his order, drastically pushed into Seoul and occupied main targets including the puppet Capitol building.
At last Seoul was completely liberated at 11:30 on 28th of June.
As a result the USA and south Korean puppet suffered from disastrous defeat to be expelled from Seoul within only 3 days of the outbreak of the war vice versa.
In the world history of war there is no example to switch over to the counteroffensive, roll back the tide of war and liberate the citadel of the enemy.
The bright victory of the operation to take Seoul is the brilliant fruit of matchless courage and grit and outstanding idea of military strategy and tactics of President Kim Il Sung.
Today the history and tradition of victory achieved under the leadership of President Kim Il Sung in Korean liberation war would be firmly succeeded by the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.

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