Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Report of Conference about DPRK organised by KFA Spain and Juche Idea Study Group (GEIJ) of Madrid

Conference about the DPRK.
On Saturday, January 28, the Korean Friendship Association (KFA) and the Juche Idea Study Group (GEIJ) of Madrid, we organized a conference in Madrid about the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The act took place in the Center of Harmony of Tres Cantos, at 17.30.
We focused the talk on cultural aspects related to the trips made by the three speakers: Emilio, an expert on oriental cultures and a friend of Korea who traveled to the DPRK on two occasions, in 1987 and 1991; Mario, National Commissar of the KFA and First Secretary of the GEIJ of Madrid, who traveled in 2014; And Mikel, Official Delegate of the KFA and Director of the GEIJ of Madrid, who traveled to Korea in September 2016. The event was attended by about twenty people and was covered by KFA-Radio in order to carry out a special program on the meeting.
Mario made a short introduction, and after reviewing the history of Korea, he talked about culture, cinema, sport, art and science, among many other things. He pointed out the importance of the development of education and popular culture after the Revolution, and how the socialist economic base influences the superstructure. He told us about the International Film Festival, the Pyongyang Marathon and the Wonsan International Children’s Camp. He sugested the attendees to travel to the DPRK, a country unique in its characteristics.
Emilio recounted his experience focusing on spiritual aspects. He spoke about the affection with which he was treated there, as well as of the love of the Masses towards the Leaders and the Fatherland. He commented on the meaning of the work of the Koreans, who more than fulfill their duty they understand their work as a true mission. He also talked about family, nature, and about the dignity and the organization in the DPRK.
Finally, Mikel recounted how his trip was more politicized, introducing the attendees to the Juche Idea and the Songun Politics.
Then there was an interesting and lively round of questions and answers, which dealt with topics of the most varied: clothing, free time, ecology, woman, defense of the country, religion, medicine, martial arts, etc.
The act lasted until almost three hours. This activity also served us to celebrate the Lunar New Year, since after the talk we had a pleasant encounter with comrades and friends of the People’s Korea. It was an interesting and fruitful experience, sure to repeat in the near future.

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