Saturday, 21 January 2017

S. Korea Is Wretched Colonial Stooge of U.S.: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, January 21 (KCNA) -- South Korea has become target of derision of the international community as a pronoun of unprecedented shame and disgrace.
    It is a colony of the U.S. being talked about with scorn and derided by neighboring countries.
    The Washington Post and other world media call north Korea "genuine Korea" and describe south Korea as a political colony of the U.S. They say majority of young south Koreans admire north Korea but paint south Korea as a U.S. colony bereft of any political authority. They comment that south Korea is a "satellite state" of the U.S. and it is a military base which the U.S. established for invading the Asian continent.
    It is well known that south Korea has been reduced to the U.S. colony but it is something unusual that major media openly termed it a colony.
    Media also derided and jeered south Korea, saying its diplomacy has become a laughing stock; it is kicked this way by China and that way by Japan and snubbed even by the U.S. South Korea has turned into a drum beaten at will by China, Japan, Russia and the U.S. to meet their own national interests.
    This is a deserved comment on the Park Geun Hye group of traitors who turned south Korea into a prey of big powers and theatre for escalating confrontation by pursuing its sycophantic and traitorous policy against the national reunification during its tenure.
    In fact, China entered into economic retaliation measure against south Korea in protest against the deployment of THAAD while Japan is taking issue with the girl sexual slave statue set up before its consulate general in Pusan.
    The new administration of the U.S. already appointed its ambassadors to China and Japan but has not yet designated anyone as ambassador to south Korea.
    Without independence, one is bound to be beaten by everyone.
    Traitor Park offered sovereignty in all aspects to the U.S. including food sovereignty and environment sovereignty, to say nothing of those in politics, economy and military in pursuance of its sycophantic and traitorous policy, only to face maltreatment and cold-shoulder.
    It is greatly regretful for south Koreans to have elected her as their "president".
    The south Koreans can never get rid of shame and disgrace as long as they allow the group of anti-reunification sycophantic conservative forces as Park who seek a way-out in escalating confrontation with the fellow countrymen while failing to clearly understand who the principal enemy of the nation is.
    The south Korean conservative forces are now resorting to trick to deceive the public, with their ambition for stay in power, and the U.S. is working by hook or by crook to maintain its colonial system while meddling in the international issue of the Korean nation.
    The south Koreans have to courageously turn out in the pan-national action to foil the challenge of the anti-reunification forces at home and abroad going against the nation's desire for reunification. -0-

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